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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Haik-woo #35

Wooo! It's me, everydoggie! Dave! As Amber promised yesterday, I have written a new Haik-woo I'd like to share with all of you. Just to re-cap, a Haik-woo is my own Siberian version of the Japanese form of poetry called haiku. Haiku is three lines of non-rhyming verse, 17 total syllables: 5 in the first line, 7 in the second, and 5 in the last. In Haik-woo, it's the same thing - except the last word is always "woo". That's my favorite thing to say, so I finish every poem with it. Woo.

It's been a long time since I've been inspired to write a Haik-woo, but the great sleepy poses everypup has been posting are really something I can relate to! They're all so bee-woo-tiful! The Beagle Babes, as Zim calls them, Jazz and Dixie, just looked SO warm and snuggly ..... that, well, without further ado... I give you Haik-woo #35:

I hope all of you like it. Jazz and Dixie have also inspired me to go take a nap ... so I wish you all a great day!



  1. Awesome Haik-woo, Dave!

    The Brat Pack

  2. Lovely Haik-woo Dave! Jazz and Dixie seem such lovely pups; honoring them with a poem is so thoughtful!


  3. Anonymous1:37 PM

    Beagle Bagels! i love it! You are so talented Dave!!!

  4. Hey Dave

    That be such a nice Haik-woo.

    Swedish Selena the Viking Pirate

  5. Brat packers: Thank woo. I had Haik-woo writer's block for too long!

    Dear Tansy: Thank woo; you're very kind! Jazz and Dixie look so snuggly - don't they?

    Woo, Sitka! Jazz & Dixie coined the phrase "Beagle bagels" themselves - I just put it into a Haik-woo.

    Selena: Thank wooooo!


  6. Excellent Dave! And poetry is tiring, so go take your nap now, immediately!

    From a fellow Poet! love and rhyming licks, Marv xxxxx

  7. i luv your haik-woo dave! you are the best. i think i want a nap now... or maybe a bagel. woo!

  8. Excellent Haik-woo my dearest Dave!!

    Beagle Bagels. Sounds like a snack. They sure look awfully comfy!


  9. Dave,

    You have to put a Haik-woo book together. You know, the very best of...

    ofcourse they are all so good.


  10. this is a FABULOUS haik woo!!!!!!!!

  11. Great Haik-woo Dave. I love the beagle bagels too. :)

    ~ fufu

  12. Oh Dave,
    Thank you so so much for writng that wonderful Haik-woo about us. We felt very honoured, warm and fuzzy! Mummy was so excited when she saw it she emailed Daddy at work immediately to tell him to check your blog!
    Thanks again
    Extra big licks today from
    Jazz and Dixie

  13. P.S. Dave we just checked out the link to all your other Haik- woos. They are great! You really should put them together in the form of some kinda postcard book/calendar etc and maybe you could sell them to raise money for rescue pups.
    Well done,
    Jazz and Dixie

  14. Marvin: It's exhausting work, isn't it? And thank woo!

    Ivy: Thank woo so much. Ooooh, yeah ... a bagel!

    Holly: Thank woo. The last Haik-woo I wrote was about YOU!

    Chelsea: You are so sweet!

    Joe Stains: Why thank woo!

    Fu Fu: Thank woo. And yes, aren't the girls adorable!?!?

    Jazz and Dixie: I'm so glad you like your Haik-woo! Thank you for letting me use your pictures!!! You two are so very inspiring!
    I'm going to have to consult with Stormy about this book idea!

    Thanks again, everypup. Luv,