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Monday, April 23, 2007

A Giant Discovery!

Hold on to your collars, pups & pup-ettes, it's Zim - with my incredible discovery! So ... where was I on Saturday? Oh, yeah. I helped Mom run an errand, then we decided to drive around town a little on the way home. We wove through campus, then parts of town, then went past City Park. I saw lots of cool pups walking their bipeds, a few squirrels running around and then WHOA!!!!!!!!!

Great Balto, I've found him! Pull over, Mom! Please!!!

Can you puppers see him!?!? It's the GIANT! It's got to be the one we've been tracking for so long now!!! (Newer readers of the Ao4 Digest are encouraged to check out our previous adventures in the land of the Giant at the links here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here and WHEW! here.) As you can see from the number of links, we've spent a lot of time and energy looking for the Giant ... and now here he is! Right in the middle of City Park!

Mom pulled over and parked, as per my request. I got out of the car (with Mom on a leash, of course - we Sibes can NEVER trust our bipeds off-lead!), bounced at a couple squirrels, then went over to confront the Giant!

Hey... what's he looking at?

I wasn't one bit scared of him - even though he was so GIGANTIC and all. I mean - I think he was actually scared stiff! He didn't move or anything the whole time I was there. Yeah... I think he was petrified! Scared of the Z-man! Ha rooooooo!

Hey, Giant! Your weed-whacker needs sharpening.

Seriously. The guy was frozen with fear.

I'm not afraid of you, Giant!

I gave him my best "I Am In Charge Here" look, tried to lift my leg on one of his boots (though for some reason, Mom wouldn't let me), then went off to stare at the squirrels.

I told Stormy, Am and Dave all about him when I got home. Dave was more curious about smelling the little Bulldog Babe on me that I met at the vet's, but the girls were REAL excited about my discovery! Storm did some research on the internet and learned the Giant's name is Johnny Kaw and that he carved out all our rivers into the Kansas lands, invented sunflowers, and even controls the Kansas weather. (Yeah, well, he's got some serious 'splaining to do about THAT! I think our Weather Control Device is more effective than he is!) Anyroo, you can see all the other stuff bipeds claim he does at the Johnny Kaw hyperlink above. Sounds like he's responsible for all the cats around here, too! Hmph! I have mixed feelings about this guy - but I DO know he's scared stiff of ME!

We're the Ao4 and we're a force to be reckoned with! Ha rooooo! I found the Giant - and I have no fear!!!!!!

Play bows,


  1. Zim, you are my hero! I must learn how to do that trick of scaring things stiff!!!

  2. Holy Huskies Zim! That's some find! Woo Hoo!

  3. Wow! You are brave!

  4. Wowzer Bowzer Zim! You are so brave.....and he is soooooooooo huge......I am in total awe of your Sibe Bravery!

    Fancy just happening upon him, I like the picture of you by his huge boots!

    Zim The Fearless!

    love and trembling licks, Marvin xxxxx

  5. Holy Moly! He sure is a giant! I'm so proud of you Zim for puttin him right in his place!

    Love ya lots,

  6. Wow Zim! You guys have been trying to find the giants for so long! I'm glad you showed him who's boss though! I bet the others were really jelous you were able to sneak out with your Mom.

  7. Zim you are SO cool!!!!!!! We just love how the Giant was scared stiff!!! Completely frozen in fear of the Z-Man! And you weren't scared one bit! YUP you are just the COOLEST!
    China & Madie

  8. WOW Zim, look how tough and brave you are...making the Giant TOO SCARED TO MOVE! That is REALLY super impressive.

    Did you talk to him about leaving his stuff all over the place? After all, the ground isn't really the best place for candy corn!

  9. Anonymous3:42 PM

    Wow Zim, You ALWAYS find the awesome stuff! That is VERY cool!!!
    BIG Hugs, Sitka

  10. Excellent work Zim--making sure the Giant knows who *really* wears the giant pants in this world.

    Tell Dave thanks for the link to the cool fabric. I've "borrowed" my person's credit card to get some. Meanwhile, if you look at the pictures of me herding sheep this week-end, you'll see that the fabric makers did a really good job!

    See ya

  11. Yeah Zim, you finally found the Giant. So he's not that scary after all. You think he's a spy for the cats?

    ~ fufu

  12. Success! We knew you would track down that giant eventually! Zim, you are so brave and good job scaring the giant to where he wouldn't even move. We wonder if he is stil there or if he was finally able to move again.

    Roxie, Sammy & Andy

  13. Hey Zim,
    Glad you finally found the giant, Boy is he big and you are so brave to walk right up to him.
    Puppy Kisses, Sooky

  14. Holy-Moley! That's one big scary dude! I would have barked & barked & barked & barked &...you get the idea. I'm not brave like you, Zim.


  15. He is really BIG!!!You arent one bit scare? You're so brave!

    luv Amber!!

  16. Wow Zim, you certainly are brave! I'm sure after you "tried" to mark him, that he was even more scared stiff of you!

    He reminded my human of Paul Bunyan, who she use to visit every summer when she was a kid in Brainerd MN.

    Congratulations on your find. Now you can keep an eye on him!


  17. Dang, that's big! A few years ago on our vacation to Florida, we saw a building that shaped like an orange. It's in the city of Kissimmee. See it at http://roadsideamerica.com/salad/orange.html (first picture on right)

    Tierre (the human)

  18. JoeyStains! Your hero? How COOL! Come on over - I'll teach you all KINDS of cool stuff!

    Echo: Can you believe it!??!

    Lex: Thank roo!

    Marvin: He WAS huge! And right there, in the park! Isn't that wild?!!?

    Maggie: Thank roo!

    Kaos: We've been tracking him forever! Imagine, just seeing him out the car window like that! Ha ROO!
    Everypuppy was pretty cool with me getting to go. We share well.

    China & Madie: I am named after a drill sergeant, so I HAVE to be brave! It's only natural!!!

    Marley: It was so cool, little pup! I wish you had been there!

    Sitka: I was so excited when I saw it! I forgot to pay attention to how to drive! Maybe next time!

    Pippin: Ha roooo! Yeah, I showed him that PUPS RULE!!!
    Dave is glad you like the Border Collie fabric! And you look INCREDIBLE herding the sheeps! WOW!!!! You're so FAST!

    Fu Fu: If that guy's a spy for the cats, they aren't going to learn much! He was a real stiff!

    Dachsies: Thank roo for your kind words! Storm said she doesn't think he's going anywhere any time soon! HA ROO!!! I musta scared him good!

    Sooky: It was real exciting. So was seeing the squirrels!

    Lola: I'm not a barker, I'm more of a stare-er. You should have been there - you wouldn't be scared if we were together! I'll bet you're plenty brave!

    Amber: He was SO HUGE! But nah... I wasn't scared at ALL!

    Holly: Lots of bipeds think Johnny Kaw is that Paul Bunyan guy but he's different. He's the Kansas version and doesn't have an Ox for a side kick.

    Tierre: Hey, that's some orange! Very cool! They have our giant on that site, too - put "Johnny Kaw, Manhattan, KS" in the search box! How cool!

    Play bows, all!

  19. wowie mister Z! you are one giant-scaring machine. i haf never seen anything like that before. there wuz a giant pink bunny down the street a few weeks ago but that bunny didnt haf a giant weed whacker.

    i am glad you skared him stiff so he doesnt start roaming around and maybe come to my house! yikes!

  20. Zimmie the Fearless! That giant knew better than to mess with you. He probably thought you couldn't see him if he didn't move. Stupid giant. Belly Rubs, Tasha & Eva

  21. Ivy: WOW, a giant BUNNY!?!? We've seen a giant cat, a giant birdie, and now the giant himself - but never a giant BUNNY! Oh, I'd just have to sit and stare at that!

    Abby: I try my bestest to be fearless! I've even gone head to head with the VACUUM!

    Tasha & Eva: Thank roo! You think maybe he was playing 'possum? I better go back to the park and see if he's still there!

    Play bows,

  22. Scared him stiff. That is great. He should be scared of you. If he is responsible for cats then there is something wrong with him.