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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Sunday Salute - MaPaw!

This week, our Sunday Salute goes out to our friends at the MaPaw Siberian Husky Rescue and Referral Services, Inc. This group of volunteers is dedicated to placing Siberian Huskies from Eastern Pennsylvania and parts of New Jersey, Maryland and Deleware into wonderful, appropriate, loving fur-ever homes. They foster Sibes in their own homes and help teach other Sibe owners about the special needs we have.

Our buddy Magnum (pictured at right) writes the MaPaw Fosters' Blog; he does a great job, doesn't he? The good folks at MaPaw have reached out to help quite a few special needs dogs recently and could really use your support! Magnum blogged about some of those pups and gave one way you can help out - plus you can donate directly at the MaPaw site or shop in their store! They even have a line of Army of Four gear - so look for it!!! You could wear a tee shirt, drink from a cup or have a ceramic tile box with our pictures on it -- all sorts of cool stuff! - and support a great rescue group in the process!

Picture one of these cool bumper stickers on your Siberian Utility Vehicle (SUV) - it's Stormy's God Bless America! You could buy one of your own at the MaPaw store!

Dave's twin brother of a different mother Harley (at right) is a MaPaw pup! Harley has a blog of
his own, but he's been very busy and hasn't had time to (p)update it lately. Harley ... where are woo? :)

Princess Casey and Team Husky are also MaPaw-related bloggers! Check out their cool sites!

The MaPaw rescue group has been sponsoring and attending all kinds of great rescue events lately, helping educate the public about Siberians - and they've also been giving canine CPR seminars! If you live in the Eastern PA area, we highly recommend checking them out and sending your bipeds to one of their lectures! CPR - what a great skill to know!

MaPaw is also going to be having an on-line auction soon - we'll be sure to let you knowwhen that happens. They'll have all kinds of cool items for sale, with ALL proceeds going to help homeless Siberians! Dave has been helping our mom make something special for it! Ha roo!

In the meantime, please check out the fund-raiser on Magnum's blog, the MaPaw site, or their on-line store. You could even buy something special with a sweet Amber on it - and help support homeless Sibes!

Please support your favorite doggy rescue group!

There's something for everyone in the MaPaw store! Ha rooooo!

To the pups and bipeds at the MaPaw rescue group - thank you for all you do for homeless, needful Siberians!!! For finding homes for them, educating the public about us Sibes (and teaching canine CPR!), and getting medical care to those with special needs ... we salute you!

The Army of Four


  1. This is my favorite post yet. Hahaha. Seriously, though, thank woo so much for all your kind words and support, not to mention lending your beautiful images to some of our merchandise. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy- even more than usual.

  2. What a great organization!

    Please warn me though when you post these things. I had to divert Mama's eyes or she may adopt a doggie.

    I can't have that happen.


  3. This is an excellent Sunday Salute.

    We will check out all the details later, lots of information there to keep us going!

    Just wanted you to know we are back on planet earth!

    love and licks Marvin xxxxxx
    love and light Jeannie xxxxxxx

  4. I sure love MaPaw! My human always participates in the auctions for all the Sibe Rescue groups (like MaPaw and HTHNBR and TOTTSHR too) cuz she hates to see homeless and needy Sibes. Lately she's been helping a local senior blind husky find a home with the assistance of Northern Lights Sled Dog Rescue in Indiana. They are also very nice people!

    I will be sure to watch for their next auction, and will be especially interested in what your human will have donated!

    I purchased my Dave tile from their cafe press shop, and we all know how much I love IT!!


  5. Magnum: Hee hee hee! You're so funny! And handsome, too! Thank roo for ALL you do for our fellow rescue pups!

    Chelsea: Your mama can always do a "virtual adoption" and sponsor a pup in rescue! :)

    Marvin: Thank roo! Rescue groups work SO hard and they deserve all kinds of praise and wonderful things for what they do!!!

    Holly: We need collars that say, "I (heart) rescue groups!" What do you think?


  6. Excellent choice for a Sunday Salute Ao4!


  7. Ferndoggle-dogs! Thank roo!