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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Blooms and a Guest in the Garden

Tail wags, pups! Storm here. Mom went out into the yard to take some pictures of the garden stuff that's blooming the other evening. First, out front for a better shot of the Redbuds:

then she headed out back. We all wanted to come with her, but she said she wanted to go alone in case she saw something interesting. Huh? Whatever. I was in the middle of something anyway.


She came back in all excited that the Old Fashioned Lilacs are blooming (pictured below) ~

and the Eskimo Viburnum (a dog-onal favorite of the Ao4) were about to pop open (ours don't look as nice as the ones at the hyperlink, but they might one day!), the TX Quince in the back are doing great, the Juddi Viburnum were starting to bloom (see below) and already smelled incredible...

AND she saw a little visitor under the deck. What?!? I must go greet any visitor! All of us Sibes must - it's part of the Social Butterfly aspect of our temperament! But then I saw a picture of the visitor ... and realized my sister and brothers MUST not know she's out there. And I should be kept on a lead around her ... but I have been known to simply wag my tail at others like her. Here she is:

Pretty cute, don't you think? Hey! Are you guys staring at her!?!? I know what you're thinking... now stop it! Don't even think those thoughts!!! Besides... she might know the Easter Bunny and she could put a good word in for you! And ..... she's our guest.

Have a great day, everypup. Tail wags,


  1. those flower pics Stormy, are sooooo beautiful! Jeannie says your Mama must have a fantastic camera to get those good shots!

    I like the way you are so fluent in the Latin too!

    I am going to call you Stormius Huskie Vibernum Variagum Doggieum Bloggerum from now on. You are soooo clever.

    We have a bunny in our garden here too, he is just a bit too fast for me though!

    love and licks, Marvinus Braveheartius Caninius xxxxxxx

  2. I LOVE chasing bunnies! Although your guest is much cuter than the bunnies I chase. The bunnies I chase are huge and funny looking. Dad says they're called Jack. Can you believe an entire group of bunnies all with the same name? That has to be confusing! Your guest must know the easter bunny since it's so cute.

  3. Cool! You should get your Mom a garden blog! I love chasing rabbits, but Madie has never gotten to...Mom says that is good though she doesn't want us chasing them anymore because one time I was with my friends and we ran off and I caught a jackrabbit! I was so proud and brought it back to my Mom and Papa and they weren't happy about it...parents can be odd. Anyway after that I was never allowed to chase them.

  4. Anonymous12:32 PM

    ohhhh BUNNY!! I love when they come visit my yard. I love the smell they leave behind. Beautiful flowers Stormy! I am glad you shared them with us!
    Hugs, Sitka

  5. Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeee-autiful flowers!
    Mom really likes the pic of the Redbuds.......very pretty!

    The Chocolate Easter Bunny Maddie :-)

  6. Hey Storms,

    What a lovely garden! Have you dug any holes for your Mom? If you do dig her a hole, I bet she'd
    plant a dogwood tree. Ha roo roo!


    P.S. Tell Zim I hope the Easter Husky comes to see him :)

  7. How come the Easter bunny came to your house early? Could you put in a good word for me and have him come to my house early too - maybe tomorrow! Thanks a lot!
    Love all the flowers!

    Love ya lots,

  8. Honestly I was thinking about eating the flowers too.

  9. Don't make me rescind your HULA certificate... I want to see the bunny eaten.

    (easter bunnies suck, they bring chocolate which makes us sick... they need to be eradicated)

  10. mom said she watched a show called Iron Chef and they did something really cool with a bunny...THEY ATE IT! Can I have your guest?!

  11. Ummmm, I hate to say it, but.....I'm with Meeshka. Bunnies are for chasing and eating.

    The flowers are extremely beautiful though! Our daffodiles have bloomed, but then winter decided to stop back for a visit, and I think they are going to die. :-( Our pretty bushes haven't bloomed yet, but I'll try to get some pics of them when they do.


  12. Hi Storm,
    Beautiful flowers and a yummy looking bunny, I haven't seen one of those yet but I know they're around. Puppy kisses, Sooky

  13. Oh those flowers are so pretty.
    And the easter bunny is visiting you guys? That's so cool. I hope the bunny brought you something nice.

    ~ fufu

  14. Marvinus Braveheartius Caninius: "Stormius Huskie Vibernum Variagum Doggieum Bloggerum"!!??!! I love it! It made my dad laugh, so I love it even more!
    Thanks for the nice words about the flowers!

    Kaos: "Jack", huh? Does he have reeeeeeally long ears? And extra long legs? I might have seen pictures of your bunny.

    China: Thank roo for your kind words on the garden. Mom's not as good at blogging as we are, so we'll cover the garden a bit for her.
    We don't chase the bunnies. Well... Amber has ... but now Mom makes sure there aren't any out in the back yard before she takes us out there now.

    Sitka: Thank roo! And yes.... I love smelling where the bunnies have been, too!

    Maddie: Thank roo! We love the Redbuds, too!

    Arwen: Ha roo roo roo! Dogwood. Good one!
    Got Zimmie covered for you! And he says "thank rooooo!"

    Maggie: I think the Easter Bunny is resting up here in the safety of our fenced-in yard. We'll protect her so she can rest up before making the rounds on Sunday!
    And of COURSE we'll put in a good word for you!!!

    Magnum: Uh... what do you mean, "too"? Stop staring at the bunny!!!

    Meeshka: We all have our little secrets. I like bunnies. :)

    Joe Stains: Oh NO!!! Was it the secret ingredient!?!?

    Holly: Thanks for the kind words on the flowers!
    And I know some things are instinctual ... but please don't hurt the bunny!

    Sooky: Thanks - and I'll bet you'll see a bunny soon!

    FuFu: Thanks! And yes... the bunny left little bunny nuggets all over that we LOVE to try to snarf up before Mom starts the "nononono!" thing. :)

    Tail wags all,

  15. hope all is ok with you Guys and Girls and your Mama! Missin' you lots, love and licks Marv in Sunny and Warm Scotland xxxxxxxx

  16. Hey Marvin! I just finished today's post - Stormy and Mom were at the vet's until a bit ago, so we got delayed. (Just a check up before her dental on Monday!)
    Play bows,

  17. Great pictures! Stormy, you are such a sweet girl! We hope hope we can grow up to be as kind as all of you at the Ao4, cause to us that looked like a "snack" for sure!
    Face Licks, M&M