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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Sleeping Ammy

Hi everypuppy! It's Amber! I'm so glad you liked the "hot, cross bunnies" joke I told Zimmie! Hee hee hee! I just love that one! Did you know my nickname is "Zichick", which is Ukrainian for "rabbit"? It has to do with the growth spurt my ears and legs went through when I was a little girl ... but anyway, I like bunny-related things!

Stormy said I was up for posting sleepy pictures. I do a lot of the same poses as everypuppy else - but mostly I like the Side-Layer. Like this:

That's the Side-Layer on the Bed, Brown Eye Up. Here I am on our very cool Ao4 quilt in just about the same pose:

It's very comfy. It's better than the Doggy Doughnut for watching everypuppy else. I always like to stand guard over my pack; it's what I do. I especially like laying on the landing where I can see everypuppy. I do the same thing wherever the pack goes - and we usually all have to be where I can see us all - bipeds and Sibes alike! I have to know that everyone is safe!

This one is downstairs - it's a Side-Layer with the Paw Tuck. I like tucking my paw under me like that.

Lastly, here's a Side-Layer in the Living Room, Blue Eye Up. It might look the same as the Brown Eye Up to you, but it's really very different.

Really. I get a whole different perspective this way.

Have a happy day, everypuppy! And make sure you stop by tomorrow - Davy has written a new Haik-woo!



  1. Ammy, I think me and you have a lot in common! I like to sleep in all kinds of ways but I too am mostly a side-layer and I do paw tucks as well. My purpose in life is to serve and protect my Mom. I stay by her side, where she goes I go, I must be near her or at the very least able to come to her aide at a moments notice! I also protect the home from any potential threats or intruders.

  2. Hey Amber,

    You look comfy! I like the Side Layer with Paw Tuck. A little asymmetry helps the ZZZs, I think.

    Good naps,

  3. You are so cool Ammy! We love your sleepy pictures.

    I like the description you use of how you like to keep guard over every pup and biped. that is real nice!

    love and happy licks Marv xxxxx

    also like the words describing your sleep poses.....I really only do the froggie doggie and the doughnut.

    will have to experiment!

  4. Kat is a side layer too. I prefer the reverse froggie doggie. Anyway, I am really glad to hear that you get called nicknames related to rabbits too. I have big ears and while they are starting to look okay, for the longest time, I looked really silly. Mom called me her little rabbit. So now I know that you and I have something in common!


  5. Anonymous4:59 PM

    I like the side tuck too! It is fun! You are so pretty!!!
    Hugs, Sitka

  6. Those are very sultry photos.

    Is there a special someone in your life? Perhaps trying to get someone's attention?


  7. I like doing that paw tuck too but then mom untucks it because she seems to thik it cannot be comfortable. what does she know!!

  8. Oh Ammy, you do look so very comfy in the Side Layer pose. I do that quite oftem myself!


  9. Hi Amber,
    Thats a comfy looking pose! We usually only lie like that in summer when its hot! After all your pose posts and knowing all of ours I got to thinking - how many different poses do you suppose there are?

  10. Ammy, you look so sweet & peaceful when you sleep. I do too...but then I wake up and the bipeds realized I've foiled them once again!!!


  11. Hi China! We DO have a lot in common! I'll bet your mom and dad really appreciate you being such a great watch puppy! You are VERY sweet to do that!

    Hi Rafe! Thank roo - the Side-Layer with Paw Tuck is VERY comfy! You should try it - you'd look VERY handsome!

    Hi Marvin! I do like to watch over our pack. My great-brother Booter taught me how to do it - I can even say "BUFF" like he used to! Nopuppy else here barks but I do if I see danger! Just once, but I only do it if it's important!

    Hi Steve! You're a very handsome little rabbit! :) I like that we have something else in common!

    Hi Sitka! Thank roo - you are so very pretty, too! I hear my brothers saying that all the time!

    Hi Chelsea! Hee hee hee! Me? Sultry? You're so sweet! I like a lot of boys!

    Hi Joe! That's funny that your mom untucks your paw! It's COMFY tucked in!

    Hi HOlly! I find the Side-Layer to be VERY comfy! I'm glad you do, too!

    Hi Jazz! Hmm... Stormy said there are an unlimited number of cute poses - because all puppies are incredibly cute! :) I hope you and Dixie like Davy's Haik-woo!

    Hi Lola! We're ALL sweet and innocent, aren't we? Hee hee hee!

    Love to everypuppy,

  12. Hi Butchy & Snickers: I'll bet you look ADORABLE doing the paw tuck!