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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Sunday Salute - Dogs With Blogs!

This week our Sunday Salute goes out to Dogs With Blogs! It's the 1-year anniversary of this wonderful group of dog bloggers from all over the world! Our friend Pappy has put together an incredibly creative video to mark the special event and our very dear friend Marvin has written a great poem to commemorate the anniversary! These are just some of the ways our fellow dog bloggers are celebrating the day!

This wonderful group was started by our dear friends the beautiful Miss Opy, Charlie the Big Dog, and their bipeds Brooke and Greg of Sydney, Australia! Dogs With Blogs is now over 400 dog bloggers-strong! Incredible! We love the friendship and support this group provides - plus Greg's technical support! He also designed our Ao4 logo!!!!! DWB supports dog rescue - procedes from sales in the DWB store go to support Monika's Doggie Rescue in Australia.

Dave encourages fans of Opy and Charlie to go back and read the Haik-woo he wrote about these very special pups at the links provided!

We are pleased and proud to be members of DWB. For all you do - Brooke, Greg, Opy and Charlie - we salute you and DWB!

The Army of Four


  1. Yeah DWB! We love you!

  2. Anonymous3:08 PM

    I completely agree! I think DWB rock!!!
    Hugs, Sitka

  3. You Four.....have your Sunday Salute on the button, on the nose, just right!

    Dogs With Blogs we Love You!

    Take care, lots of love Marvin xxxxxx
    and Jeannie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    A well deserved Sunday Salute!

  4. Great post, you guys! Visit DBOL's new site at http://dbol.wordpress.com. I moved to WordPress after I accidentally cut out my entire Blogger template. It's a long story, but visit my new site, anyway. I'll still be using my Google account to leave a comment on your site.

    (the human)

  5. I don't know how we ever existed without DWB! It's simply the BEST!

    Love ya lots,

  6. We agree too Aof4--I mean really, we would have never known how interesting you Sibes are without DWB. Thanks for the shout-out to our friends at DWB

  7. If it weren't for DWB, we wouldn't all be such great friends! They most definitely deserve this wonderful salute! 2 Paws up!


  8. Great salute and very deserving. Without DWB, we wouldn't know you or any of the other 100 or so other friends we have. We have more online friends than Mom thanks to DWB!!

    Roxie, Sammy & Andy

  9. Yeah Charlie & Opy did a great job starting DWB.

    p.s Stormy, I like how happy you looked in the cookie pic in the previous post

    ~ fufu

  10. Awww shucks guys - thanks for such a wonderful Salute. We love our little (well, growing rapidly) community - you are all very special to us - doggies amd hoomans alike :)


  11. I second that Opy

    Thats a lovely tribute you guys - Thanks!!!

    Luv Charlie

  12. Great salute!! Without DWB we probably would't have started our blog. DWB made it very easy. Its just a great group of pups and humans! We are sooo jealous of you guys getting treats in the mail. The only things we get is those cards that say we have to go to the v-e-t! Bully Rubs, Tasha & Eva.

  13. Peanut: Hooah!

    Cubby: DWB rocks!

    Sitka: Yowzers! You said it!

    Marvin: What's on my nose? (Ha roo roo roo!)

    Tierre: Thanks for letting us know about the new site! We changed your link in our sidebar!

    Maggie: DWB is the glue that helps us come together!

    Pippin & flock: And we couldn't have gotten to know you and your incredible herding talents and how cool Border Collies are!!! We let our favorite vet tech know about your blog and how you go chase sheeps and all. I hope she checks you out - she's owned by two Border Collies!

    Holly: LOTS of paws up! DWB is great!

    Dachsies: DWB is a great place to make friends! Like YOU!!!!!

    Fu Fu: They've done an EXCELLENT job, you're right!
    And Stormy said to say "thank roo". She was SO happy!!!

    The Bea-roo-tiful Miss Opy: We love you guys!

    Charlie: You guys are the BEST!

    Tasha & Eva: It sure wouldn't be as FUN without DWB! How would we have met YOU?

    Play bows, everypup!