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Saturday, December 29, 2007

...And Since We've No Place To Go ...

...let it snow, let it snow, let it SNOW!

Ha roo, puppers! It's me - Zim! Thursday night to Friday morning, we got another round of snow! I'd say about 5 inches or so - it was great! My cool snow fort had been looking pretty sad, what with the melting and all. I couldn't wait to go out and work on it!

Here I am, hard at it:

I had the western wall pretty squared away, then turned to build up the southern end:

I was hard at work, then I sensed an intruder approaching from the east! Oh, no! It was Dave!

Hey, Zimmie!
Remember how you set me up with that whole "Boxers Day" thing?

Arrrrgh! I was only kidding, Dave! Really! Just a little joke! Lemme go! Lemme ...

And he did. Which was no fun at all. I love to rough-house with Dave!

Hey, where ya going?

Dave said he heard somepup coming, so we had to check it out.

Dave! Storm's coming to inspect my fort! We better get out of here; I haven't finished!

Zim better have this fort squared away!

I knew my fort wasn't up to par yet, so I high-tailed it into the house. Dave came with me ... just because. On our way in, I heard Storm calling for her XO, figuring she'd be doing something productive.

Ummm... yes, Stormy?
I was ...ummm... just checking to see if Oswald has a Snow Evacuation Route.
You know ... Safety First!

Oh, OS-WALD!?!?

Stormy was pretty satisfied with what Am was doing. I knew when she came in, she'd want to have some words with me about the condition of my snow fort, though. I knew I'd go back out and work on it later, but I'm a bit tired. If Storm comes looking for me ...

...you haven't seen me, OK?

Play bows,


  1. You're so lucky that you got snow! Ours is all gone, although the weatherman did say "maybe" Monday we'll get some!
    We love your mom's quilt in that last photo!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  2. Zim - our snow never turned up, it was promised but we had an early spring day instead!

    Your snow looks cool! Well snow is cool, so it looks good is really what I meant to say!

    We love the last picture of you!

    love and licks, Marvin xxxxx

  3. I think your snow fort looks pretty good! I sure wish we would get some more snow, but it keeps coming to you instead!

    Looks like Oswald's condo is nicely protected too.


  4. That's a nice pose with Dave! Your mouth wide open like that! It's great for humans to have pictures when they try to explain "Siberians play rough!"

    It looks like you used up all the small-s storms we sent you. The Human Assistant says the weather is going to wait to give us more. Until he finishes shoveling what we got. (Officially 7.8" Tuesday and 5.4" Thursday-Friday.)

  5. Oh my handsome Zim... It makes my mom smile to see you having your lead loosened so that you can Dave can rough house a bit. Just don't push it and do too much, k? I love how Storm comes in to make sure everything is in order. Oh, did Amber ever get a visual on Oswald to make sure he is doing ok?


  6. Dog...all that snow!! We wish we lived there. How are we ever going to build a snow fort with NO SNOW!?!?


    PS Mom said she loves your quilt.

  7. your secret is safe with me! its tough being a sibe!

  8. Anonymous5:01 AM

    Great hiding place - Storm is never going to see you there!

    Love the snow photos - don't think I can ever get sick of seeing you guys and the work on your snow fort - all sounds very complicated!



    Come on, come all...

    To the Corgi Lounge New Year's Eve into the New Year!

    (sleepovers welcome)


    Come on, come all...

    To the Corgi Lounge New Year's Eve into the New Year!

    (sleepovers welcome)

  11. Now I know what to get you for next Christmas...a gift card to Home Depot. I didn't you all were such great builders!
    Happy new year!

  12. I will not say a word to Stormy. My lips are sealed. If you need some help with your snow fort, just let me know and I'll come over.


  13. woofies All!!! hmmm what dog me didnt c a dog...me wood never tell on u zim...

    b safe,

  14. we are so very jealous of all of that wonderful snow! all we keep getting is rain and mom says we smell like wet dogs. D'uh.

  15. Ok, again not fair! We want snow! Looks like you all were having lots of fun.

    Woo woo, Kelsey Ann

  16. You lucky dogs! I would love to make snow forts, but its summer down here, and we don't get snow even in winter.

    Turbo Taj
    Border Collie

  17. How cute you are Zim!! Moving snow around is a lot of work so take as many breaks as you need. We wouldn't want you to get hurt or too tired and then en up sick!

  18. Looks like woo did your best on the snow fort despite diminishing supplies. We got out on the sled on Saturday. It was my first time and Mom was laughing at me....saying something about me being the strongest but needing to "figure things out". I not sure quite what she means but I spent some time thinking. I figured out that SHE should do some more pushing from the BACK of the sled!! I wonder what she will think of THAT "figuring".
    Great hiding spot too!! I'll never give you up!!
    Have fun at the pawty and have a furry Happy New Year!!