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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Christmas Decor - The Smallest Trees

Hi everypuppy! It's me, Amber! The good news is you really can't see our ice any more. The even better news is that it's because it's covered in snow. Lovely, beautiful snow! It started falling at about 2130 last night and hasn't stopped yet. :) We'll get Mom to take pictures later!

Our very good friend Joey Stains left an interesting comment on yesterday's post about the sandwich/sand wedge issue. He said, "If you want to be TOTALLY confused, the local pub right by our house is called 'The British Open Pub' and on their menu they call the sandwiches, 'sand wedges'." Wow! That is confusing! We'll have to drive out there, putter around a bit, and find those sand wedges! Hee hee hee! (Marvin might like that one.)

We already showed you our outside Christmas tree and our Patriotic Christmas tree. Storm said I should show you our two smallest Christmas trees! They're both in the living room, with the Patriotic tree. Here is the very smallest one - it's on the fireplace mantle, above Mom's Folk Art Nativity quilt:

It just has some cute red berries (they have to be out of Zim's reach, as he loves fake red berries!) and raffia garland. Mom paired it up with a tiny pottery crèche and some pottery angels. Here's a close up of those:

She bought the angels from a potter here in Kansas; the crèche is from one of her favorite shops in Belgium.

We have another small Christmas tree on top of the TV cabinet. It's filled with tiny wooden ornaments - angels mostly from Germany and a few carved olive wood Nativity scenes from Bethlehem. A couple other angels are at the base of the tree, along with a little music box from Germany and a little thing that spins around if the candles are lit. As Zim explained last year, Mom rarely lights the candles; her larger spinny thing caught on fire one year. We'll show you that one later!

Here's a close-up of the music box.

It plays "Silent Night". Or perhaps "Stille Nacht", since Mom bought it in Germany. Hee hee hee!

On that note, I wish you love,


  1. haha that made ME woo about the drive and the putter! If you guys make it out this way don't come in the summer you dogs would melt!

    Your trees are great!

  2. Yer welcome for the snow! ::big Husky grin:: The Human Assistant was tired of it.

    Zot would eat the berries too. H.A. had to always watch her.

    But wow, you have so many trees! The ones on the mantle and TV must be hard to mark!

  3. How adorable the tiny trees are! Your mom has very beautiful Christmas things, guys!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  4. All of your trees are so pretty. And your mom has some really cool "pretties" from other countries. We enjoy reading about them.

    You'all will laugh at us. It's getting cold here and windy. Lows in the 40's. Us southerners think that's cold. You'all probably think that's warm, right?

    Husky Hugs, MayaMarie

  5. It's really cool that your mom has decorations from all over the world. They are all very interesting!

    Steve and Kat

  6. Bewootiful! We are supposed to get snow and some of the nasty snowy mix stuff. It was supposed to start at 7PM tonight and it's not on time! We at least want to play in some before bedtime!

    Woo woo, Kelsey Ann
    Can't wait to see your pics!

  7. Hi guys,
    We have been away from the computer again as it was mum's last week at school before the winter break! Anyway she is on holiday now so we told her we had to come over and check out what you guys have been up to. Your house looks so wonderfully festive both inside with all those wonderful Christmas trees and decorations and outside with the snow and lights!
    Jazz and Dixie

  8. OOH RAHH AO4!- I am a new reader to your blog and LOVE it. Being a military brat and my own son in the military too, well, you see why I felt so good to run across your blog. If I am not mistaken, I believe I saw a cap by one of ya'll that led me to believe your Dad is a full bird, is that right? I will be following you guys. Merry Christmas to all of you!!! Jamie PS Thanks for continuing to remind folks to pray for our troops. My son is beginning his 2nd tour in Iraq soon and those prayers are always appreciated!

  9. Anonymous12:27 AM

    Those tiny trees are beautiful!

    Can't wait to see snow photos and I'm glad the ice is going away.


  10. We got some snow here as well, but not much. Your trees are fantastic, your people have great taste :)

  11. coolness! i am hoping to get to see pictures of your lovely snow soon. i wish it wud snow here. all we got last nite wuz rain even tho the peepol said it wuz sposed to be snow. humph.

    i want to know why your mom has sheep in her nativity but no dogs? wut i always say is ware there are sheep there must be dogs... and if you haf dogs around then why bother showing the sheep?

  12. check out our blog from saturday, we saw a baby Sibe!

  13. That's beautiful! I'd sniff it while it was playing Silent Night. :)

  14. Such pretty Christmas decorations and trees!

    Glad the ice is gone and now you just have snow. Snow is much better!