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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Boxers Day!

Woo, everypup. It's me, Dave. Guess what? Our grandma and her friend are coming to see us today! Us boys have never met her ... I sure hope she likes us!

Anywoo, this is going to be short, as we're pretty busy helping Mom. A Sibe's work is never done!

Before I get back to to it, Zim told me it's a special day for many of you out there, so I wanted to take just a minute to wish a happy Boxers Day to Peanut and Lola and Penny and Cubby and everypup. That's so cool that you have your own special ... woo. How come Stormy is ha rooing at me? And why is Ammy giggling?

I should have known Zimmie was setting me up! He'll pay for that later!

Happy Boxing Day. Woo.



  1. Anonymous7:48 AM

    Woo Wooo Happy Boxers Day!!! Oh Dave... how could anyone not like you boys!!! I am sure your grandma is going to LOVE you and Zimmie! I hope you all finish helping mom and have a great time with grandma.

  2. Happy Boxers Day! You know, when I'm President, each breed will have its own holiday!

  3. Good luck meeting your grandma. Our grandma loves us so I'm sure yours will too. How could she not?


  4. I think us boxers should have our own day but so should every other doggie breed. Your grandma will love you guys. Have fun with her.

  5. Whew! I was gonna say if there's a Boxers Day I want a Husky Day! I can't imagine anyone not liking all of you. They'll love you so much they won't wanna leave. You might have to share your bananas with them.

  6. boxing day for all englishmen who go outnin the noonday sun.....

  7. oh wow! Happy Boxers day to you all too! Hope you boys are all wearing your Boxers in honour of the grrrreat Boxer Day!

    love and laughing licks, Marvin xxxxx

    How could a Grandma never like you guys?

    My Grandma loves me, but she don't perhaps like my Jeannie so much.....but thats another story.

    In a few days I will put a post on with the photo of the gift one of my hoooooman bruvs got my Jeannie for a laugh.....it is a toy Voodoo Doll dedicated to her Ma In Law.....

    Suffice to say, My Jeannie loved it, and the pins for some reason!

    love and Christmas licks, Marvin xxxxxxxxxxx

  8. Haroo Dave

    Boy that was a pretty mean trick for Zim to play on you...have to admit it's funny though!!!

    Hey I was wondering if you could help me with something - do any of you super intelligent Sibes at the A04 know what 'obsessed' means?

    Mom says me and Sum and 'obsessed' with our new neighbours - check out our blog to find out more. Please help me understand our Mom!!!


    Woo Woos

  9. That's no way fur anydog to treat Hbbb's special fella!

    And just fur that, I bet Grandma is going to like WOO best -

    Another female to fall fur Dave's charms!


    Wags and Wuv,


  10. Surely your Grandma will love all of you. Very funny about boxers day, very funny.

    The D'Azul Siberians

  11. Hehehehe...very funny! I like Turbo's idea...let's declare a National Siberian Day!

    Woo woo, Kelsey Ann

  12. Don't feel bad my darling Dave! I was thinking the same thing as you!


  13. Hey Dave! Thanks for the well wishes. We were so wrapped up in Christmas, we forgot all about Boxers Day.

    Good thing in our house...every day is Boxers Day!!

    Penny & Lola

  14. I am sure that your Grandma will like you!!! That was a good one, boxers day. heh

  15. Anonymous2:51 AM

    Happy Boxing Day to you guys too - and your grandma and her friend will absolutey LOVE you all!!


  16. Dave, I thought it meant humans had to wear boxers instead of ... whatever else. ::shrug:: One dog can't know everything!