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Monday, December 17, 2007

There's Snow Business Like Snow Business...

...like snow business I know!

Ha roo, pups! It's Zim! Yeah, you probably thought it was Amber's post given that title, didn't you? Ha roo roo roo! OK, she helped.

As Amber told you, we got a bunch of snow on top of our ice. Snow is a whole lot more fun that ice! My favorite thing to do is to make a cool snow fort. It takes a lot of skill and hard work - here I am in action!

Mom said my fort is pretty. Pretty? Mom ... a fort is not pretty. Cool, yes. Pretty, no. Sheesh.

After fortifying the area at the end of the driveway, I decided to work on it up toward the house a little. Here I am, taking a quick break.

Then I decided to pose for a picture. Mom just loves this shot:

I do look cool, don't I? Then Stormy, Supreme Commander of the Ao4, decided I should quit slacking off and get back to work.

SGT Zim! Get back to work!

She meant business! Here's how our meeting went:

It was a highly productive meeting, as you can see! I got right back to work on our fort.

OK... let me just reinforce the area around the tree...

A Sergeant's work is never done!

Play bows,


  1. You are very good at building forts. We didn't get the snow we were supposed to. Instead the snow we had started melting and now my backyard is a muddy pit. Hopefully we'll get snow so I can try building a fort, too.

  2. Anonymous11:01 AM

    Oh my handsome Zimmie! You look awesome building your snow fort! I am very proud of your work. Yes, Storm has to remind us to get to work... but I AM VERY pleased with the playing you did with her. It is good to see that you are able to twist and turn like that with your back. Makes me smile :) (mom too).

    LOVE the photo of you sitting on the snow. It will be printed and posted on my fridge so I can look at you when mom is gone to work and the PC is locked up.


  3. You are an expert fort-builder, Zim! We got snow in PGH yesterday. Maybe our mommy will let us do some fort building after she gets home frum work. [But, won't be as expert as yurs, though!]

  4. Your advanced fort design skills are quite impressive Zim. I would love to practice mine but we have a small problem.....NO SNOW! Sorry - I need to control my anger a bit better than that.
    A very disappointed ECHO

  5. Wow, you do such a great job at fort building!!

    Stormy sure meant business! I love how she just jumped right on you! Looks like fun though!


  6. Nice work. Looks like your feeling good too! Must be all that cold weather!!!

    Lots of Licks, ruby

  7. Anonymous2:19 PM

    Good work with the fort - looks like you take construction very seriously!


  8. Stormy's not cutting you any slack, huh? Well, the army runs on its sergeants!

  9. Zimmie!

    Your such an excellent highly skilled fort builder! I had no idea that could even be done!
    Well you knows we don't get the snows around these parts, so I just
    absolutely loved these snow pics and videos. Stormy looks adorable in the picture of you and her. Mom says she just want to take her
    and snuggle with her. I think you should hire yourself out as a Fort Contractor! Harrrroooo, but pick me up first, k?! I could be your apprentice..........Woo

    Frankie Grrrl

  10. Zimmie, you need to share the snow with us! not just the ice & cold, but SNOW!!!!! we wanna built forts too!!!!!!

  11. AWESOME job you guys.
    A big man with a white beard and a very loud laugh may emerge from your fireplace in the middle of the night. Don't bite him.

    Wishing You All Merry Christmas
    A Happy New Years,

    Lot's of Lick's

  12. Good job Zimmie! Wish we had some snow like that! :-(

    Woo woo, Kelsey Ann

    Santa Paws- Please bring us some snow!

  13. Thanks for showing us how you make your fort!! Stormy really keeps you guys in line!!

  14. woofies Ao4!!! pawsome work on building dat fort, Zim!!! heehee u know girls dey gotta have the last word...

    b safe,

  15. Great fort Zim! I can't believe your mom called it "pretty". Does she know nothing about forts? I thought she has lived her life associated with the Army. She should really know better. It's a good thing that you're there to set her straight.


  16. Hi Zim you super clever pup! Building a snow fort all by yourself! That is way too cool. How about your tootsies - did they get cold?
    Jazz and Dixie

  17. Woo Zim!!
    Great fort!! Sure glad your visit to the medic earlier has you feeling so good that you can tackle those efforts.
    Woos out to the rest of the Troops.

  18. oh Zim I feel like I have been absent for ages!

    Wow, your Stormy sure keeps you in line!

    lovely vids, lovely post, and lovely shots of you all!

    and lovely snow!

    We been minus 10 degrees these past few days, but I have not to exercise much so have been watching (sadly!) outta the window here in Bonnie and freezing Scotland xxxxx

  19. Wooo! We love the snow fort! Plz let us know if you need the southern command of the AO4 platoon to come help you dig out a bunker or foundation, we LOVE to dig!
    Bama & the RHP

  20. Wow...that Stormy is a bossy little thing, huh? Maybe we should hook her up with Sherman!


  21. Oh that looks like so much fun! All we got was a little snow and then lots of ice, not much fun to dig in, but Jack likes lying on it.
    Star & Jack