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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Where's Amber!?!?

Ha roo, pups, it's me - Zim! With some distressing news! Thanks to the intervention of a very dear, bee-roo-tiful and brave friend, everything turned out OK ... but ... well ... here's what happened!

Amber and I went downstairs to the Library/Media Room to help Mom put some finishing touches on the big tree down there.

Hey ... check out these ornaments, Am!

I turned my back for an instant ... and Ammy was GONE!

Ram-a-lamb? Where are you?

I couldn't find her anywhere! I searched high and low, but to no avail. Oh, no! What could have happened!?!? I looked all over the place and saw this guy:

The Nutcracker! He stands guard over the Library/Media Room - maybe he saw what happened!

Hey, Nutcracker!? Have you seen my sister Amber?

Then he told me the horrid news - the reindeer kidnapped her!

Oh, no! The reindeer got her!?!?

He said he saw them take her but couldn't do anything but stand there and watch it happen. Don't hold that against him; I think it's an occupational hazard.

Not knowing what else to do, I went upstairs to see if they'd allowed her to send out a message or anything. It was then that I saw the pictures. Brace yourselves, pups. They're scary!

Here they are, overpowering her:

Look at how scared she is! Obviously, they blind-sided her! Here she is, fighting back as best she can -- remember, she was out-numbered!

Must ... break ... free!

But they were too much for her:

She sent this message out:

It's me. Amber. Please help me - I'm being held captive in the Library by some errant reindeers! Help me! Help me, please!!!
PS: Here's the proof. [Photo above.] Don't they usually hold a newspaper in front of their captive to show the date? Hrmph. Silly reindeers!

Want to know who she turned to? Somepup no one would suspect would be an agent as bold and daring as Jack Bauer himself! Somepup who is normally so much like Amber ... sweet, charming, lovely, all things good and kind. Unless that pup's pack is messed with! Tune in tomorrow for our Sunday Salute and see how we won Ammy's freedom!

Until then - play bows,


  1. oh my, poor Amber!

    Perhaps if she tries telling them some of her jokes, they may just have to release her!!!!!!!!!! 'cos they will be laughing sooooo darn much!

    What a fright you must have had!

    and Errant Reindeers as well, they are definitely the worst sort in my view. Mind you it could have been even worse, she could have been held captive by Vegetarian Reindeers. Then she would have been in a pickle.

    Can't wait till the next instalment!

    From one naked chest boy to another, love and licks, Marvin xxxxx

  2. OH NO! This is horrendous! Are you taking a collection for ransom? I'd be happy to donate my Nylabones and all my treats for my poor, poor Amber! I'll even throw in my collection of ornaments - except the reindeer one. That wouldn't be good!

  3. I simply cannot let a fellow trooper go missing and do nothing! Check out my Blog! I have a message for her captors!

  4. Ammy I am sorry I have not been by and not rescued you from those silly reindeer.

    Mistress would not let me blog for a while :(

    But I am always here for you.

    Just roo.

    Love Pippa xx

  5. I'm sure its some type of revenge thing for our taking over of the sleigh. Herds of renegade reindeer with nothing else to do. I'm sure they're also into drugs and graffiti now.


  6. Could Santa have special plans for Amber and she'll be flying with him and the other reindeer on Christmas eve?

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  7. woofies A04!!! oooo me got to check it outs tomorrow and c iffin u all gets amber back...its ok amber, me iz shure the A03 will find and rescue u...

    b safe,

  8. i am so glad that you mentioned that amber is alrite now. i wud haf been beside myself wif worry otherwise! can't wait to hear of the exciting rescue!!

  9. omdog this is more exciting than a cliffhanger on TV!! I am going to go check my house for reindeer!! yikes!!!

  10. Oh no! Amber! You guys have to save her before your mom notices that she's gone!
    Louka who is worried

  11. Anonymous4:47 PM

    Oh my goodness! I can not believe Amber has been captured. Those pesky reindeer! Maybe we should eaten them a few weeks ago???


  12. amber, must break free, must break free, ivy syas must go must go on....what brave dogs, errant reindeer, evil sqyrilles, bunnification of benjamin, platoon od four with their expensive christmas presents....what is the world coming to?????i see know end in sight.....

  13. we always knew those reindeer were up to no good with those reindeer games. it comes from overdosing on christmas cookies & carrots. We're on the job if you need reinforcements

  14. Oh Amber!! I hope you escape!


  15. Let me at 'em, let me at 'em!! I will swallow them with one big Malamute chomp! They are perfectly bite sized for me!


  16. She's buried under all the SNOW!


    Snow forts fur all!!!



  17. Oh no! Call for back-up immediately.....it looks like they are torturing you by telling funny jokes! We can't wait to see how you got out of this one.

    Woo woo, Kelsey Ann

  18. Thank dog you've told us is came out okay or we wouldn't be able to sleep waiting for the news! Those reindeer look mighty dangerous! We can't wait to hear how Ammy escaped!

    Roxie, Sammy & Andy