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Monday, December 10, 2007

The Great Outdoors

Ha roo, pups. It's me - Zim. Storm said I could respond to a couple of the comments our dear friends left on the blog over the past few days! In fact, we're going to start doing that in posts rather than in the comments section!

When we posted the pictures of our snow for Auntie Sniggy the other day, our pal Tubey noticed that there weren't any paw prints on our deck. He wanted to know if we went out to look around. We hadn't at that point, but we sure had left our mark all over the front yard ... if you know what I mean! Ha roo roo roo! When I did go out to look out at the back yard, guess what? It wasn't all smooth and "pretty", as Mom calls it. Oh, no. Somebunny had been mighty busy back there! Check this out:

Do you see the prints coming down the hill and under the fence? Here's a close-up of what's INSIDE our fence.

We do not hop around and leave prints like that! Oswald and all the residents of his condos "broke snow" back there before we could even get to it!!! And starting I think Friday night, we got hit by an ice storm, so now we aren't even allowed out there! (There are a lot of slippy deck stairs to get down there, so we just go straight out the front door instead.) It's bad enough that Oswald and crew ate all of Mom's plants this spring, summer and fall, but now they're trashing our lovely snow before we can! Cotton-picking cotton-tails!

The bee-roo-tiful Malagal Holly complimented us on the lights out back (thank roo, Holly; Dave and I supervised!) and asked, "Do you have any pictures of the front of your house all lit up?" We do, Hol, but pre-snow. They aren't the best photos, as Mom seems to have a problem taking pictures in the dark, but here you go!

Cool, huh? It looks even better in the snow. Can you see the candles in the four main windows? (The two on the left, then in the two arched windows.) Here's another look.

Dad had to get up on a really tall, tall ladder to put the one in the window above the door. The sill the candle sits on is about 15-feet high. Fortunately, it has a light sensor in it, so he doesn't have to climb up there to turn it off and on. I'm sure Stormy is the one who recommended that.

Here's a look at the area on the left. It's snowflakes!

We did those last year, too. Stormy supervised, which is why they look so cool. Now that the lights on the ground itself (Storm had Mom and Dad lay net lights underneath the snowflakes) are coated in snow and ice, they look even better!!

We're due to get hit with more ice this afternoon. We love snow, but this ice is getting really old. We can't go anywhere in this! As Mom says, "It's pretty bad when the Sibes are slipping!" Yep, even our fur-wheel drive can't get us through ice. On the positive side, it's been as much as 20 degrees colder here than in Siberia lately! That doesn't seem to make the bipeds happy ... does anyone understand that one?

Play bows - and stay safe, fellow mid-westerners!


  1. oh they are the bestest pictures of your beautiful house and the pretty lights and all!

    So sorry to hear about the ice, Jeannie hates walking on icy roads and pavements, she says I always pull her over!

    We love the candles too. We put our tree up today, not the proper tree, but the one which goes in our front porch. Jeannie tells me it is a Firey Hopped It Tree.

    Not sure what that is all about, but the pretty lights twinkle on and off and its all shimmery, do you think she means Fibre Optic?

    oh and what a darn cheek those bunnies have wrecking your pretty snow.

    love and licks, your friend, Marvin xxxxxxx

  2. pee ess good idea on the comments thingy, it is a lot of work replying to each one individually, I get sore paws and a sore head just thinking about it all!

    Good idea!

    love and tired licks, Marvin xxxxx

  3. Oh it looks so lovely and Christmassy! We got some rain last night and all rushed out to pretend it was snow...that is as close as we will get to it in Alice Springs, Aus.

  4. Wow...it all looks so pretty. Sorry about the ice...I can't even imagine it...I'm pretty cold now I don't know what I would do if there was ice involved!!!

    Lots of Licks, Ruby

  5. Anonymous3:07 PM

    Wow Zimmie... your house is lovely lit up at night. Hey, my granna has those same snowflake lights in her yard. They are so pretty!!!


  6. Anonymous5:40 PM

    Beautiful photos and we hope that once the ice storm passes you get to go out and break your own snow before Oswald and his crew get there first

    Stay safe too.


  7. we are so worried, first freda from the delta bunny wants to know why we can't be tolerant of bunnys, and then there is the bunnification of benjamin and now oswald hopping all around the place, we the ex platoon of four and the putz are going to combine forces into a new blogmcalled BUNNYS ARE EVIL , WE KNOW THAT SOME WILL JOIN US, OTHERS WE MAY TURN OFF AND WE WILL HAVE TO GO UNDERGROUND ON easter

  8. Harrrr
    Great job on your house with your lights Harrrr. they are not all over the place and it makes it very calm.
    Cap'n Maverick the Pirate

  9. Bewootiful! Be careful on the ice...that stuff is no fun for sibes or humans!

    Woo woo, Kelsey Ann

  10. Very cool lights. We have ice too, lots of it.

    Your friends at D'Azul

  11. your house looks VERY nice! we like all those candles! we have those at our house too but they aren't 15 feet in the air that is for sure!

  12. Your lights look so pretty! Thank you for posting them!

    I can't believe Oswald messed up your pretty snow like that! How rude!

    We are suppose to get ice tonight and snow tomorrow. Going to be nasty. Stay safe you guys!


  13. Your house looks really pretty. Are you all doing okay in the ice? Our Missouri grandparents don't have any electricity because of the snow. Too bad they don't have fluffy fur coats to keep them warm!

    Steve and Kat

  14. We're still under about 2 feet of snow here. Which I DID NOT inelegantly trip in at the park today. No.

    How dare Oswald mess up your pretty snow! I hope that he has a very, very hard time with the ice, that they ruin his condos and that he loses all his tenants!


  15. Wow, your house looks very very pretty!
    I'm sorry the rabbits wrecked your perfect snow ... they're really stupid animals. Gotta love to chase them though!

  16. Oh Look at all of those pics of the decorated house that the AO4 lives in! You guys must have so much fun in all that snow when you can go out in it. Jeeezers and my Mom thinks I am so silly just wanting to capture every cold moment at night on the concrete below the cold winter crisp and stars.
    She wants me in the nice warm doggie bed! I am loving this cold weather we are having here in So Cali, getting it while its goooood! You guys are so luck to walk out of your house into that white stuff!
    Frankie Grrrl

  17. Hi-Woo Zim,
    Yur house is so bewootiful with & without the decorations! I can't stand ice either. Mommy keeps a watchful eye on us in the side run cuz she is afraid that Juni & I will slip on the wall where we love to sit. She is so afraid that we'll fall & hurt ourselves like her Shanna did. I want snow back!!! Not the cold wet rain we've been getting in PGH.

  18. I can not believe Oswald and his friends. They really have moved in. Your house is decorated so pretty, inside and outside.

    We hope you'all are okay with all the snow and ice. Be safe.

    Husky Hugs, MayaMarie

  19. Ice is good for chewing if you can get thin pieces of it. Not good for walking, for sure.

    Oswald was sure busy in that yard!

  20. Hope you guys are ok and haven't lost power from the icky ice storms out there.


  21. We love your snowflakes lights and your candles! They look great!

  22. "Cotton Pickin Cotton-Tails", howrooroo! You can send 'em to us, we'd love to chase 'em round the yard for a while, and we don't have any pretty snow for them to mess up.
    We've been thinkin 'bout y'all when we hear 'bout the ice storms, hope your pack is staying safe and aren't TOO inconvenienced by the nasty not-snow weather.
    Tell your mama whenever she gets a chance on the coupons, no rush, they're good to the end of the month, we just hate to have them go to waste so she or any of her quilting friends are welcome to them.
    Christmas kisses,
    Bama & the RHP

  23. Your house looked pawsome!! It's been raining lots at my side but no snow. On dear, I hope I'm not the only sib that's not getting any snow

    ~ Girl girl

  24. That rascally rabbit! He sure does know how to tease all of you. Your house looks bewootiful with all of the wonderful snowflake lights. We do hope you're okay since you got that nasty ice storm. Was there a setting that wasn't quite right on your weather control device??

  25. I sure hope you get your electricity on soon! I miss you guys! Stay warm!


  26. Are you pups surviving the ice storm alright? I should ask if your parents are surviving. You're huskies, so I bet you're doing fine!

    Steve and Kat