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Friday, December 07, 2007

Christmas Capers Advice, Part 3

Tail wags, pups! It's Stormy today. Ready for my installment of Christmas Capers advice? It's a little lesson I learned the first Christmas in my furever home. I was about 2 years old. Unfortunately, we don't have a picture, but here's one from a few years ago that I like:

And my lesson? Scented pinecones don't taste as good as they smell. Enough said.

The following pictures are for our Auntie Sniggy, down in Georgia! She wanted to surround herself with memories of Kansas in the snow. Mom stuck the camera out the back door and shot these:

That was straight out the door to the deck. The next one is a little to the right:

Kansas isn't normally that bleak-looking, it was just a grey day! Here are a couple night shots!

Cool lights, huh? I tasked the boys to help Mom and Dad put them up. Inside the screened-in part of the deck, we have a little tree on the table, too. Here's what that looks like at night:

Our dear Aunt Sniggy is a great friend to my mom. One of Mom's best memories of Aunt Snig is the two of them walking their pups together in the snow while Dad was deployed on Desert Storm. These pix of us from yesterday are sure to bring a smile to Auntie Snig's beautiful face!

Dad with Dave and Ammy, above

Zim and me, declining Mom's request to look at the camera

Then Zim decided to make a snow angel. Check out the look on his face. I think he forgot about his shaved tummy!

Yikes, that's cold!

Perhaps we should have posted that as another lesson learned. Ha roo roo roo!

Tail wags to all and snowy Kansas wishes to Auntie Sniggy,


  1. once again tremendous picture, youse dogs must have a love for the land because all we see are beatiful pictures of dogs and lands, lands and dogs, love yer tree, our kennel is covered with christmas lights loves the platoon of four

  2. I noticed no paw prints on your deck! Did you get to go out there and look around?

  3. Oh we have enjoyed all these Christmas Capers. I'm practing my innocent look. And this snow angel thing? That looks so fun!

    The pictures are so pretty from your deck. Thanks for shaing with us huskies that have to have the husky air on in December.

    Husky Hugs, MayaMarie

  4. Hey Army dawgs, it's the day to remember Pearl Harbor. The Human Assistant's dad joined the Navy after the attack.

    Poor Zim-Zim! I hope he's doing okay!

    Please thank Amber for posting on my blog! It helped convince H.A. not to completely shut me down. We still have to find a way not to spend hours and hours on it, but....

  5. Thanks for that advice Storm! I'll avoid the pinecones at all cost. Mom's always got lots of smelly things around and I usually keep my distance. They make me sneeze!

  6. I already knew about the pine cone thing. I found that out on a camping trip. I got so excited about being outside and camping and picked one and started cheing. It hurt and tasted nasty!
    We're supposed to get snow tonight or some time this weekend. I've very excited. I love Zim's picture of the shaved tummy in the snow. You guys are so funny!!!!

  7. What beautiful pictures. Good advice about the scented pinecombs. My human almost bought some at the Christmas Tree Shop the other day but thankfully she thought better of it (it would have been too tempting for me).

    Oh! And that Snow Angel pic is fabulous! We love it!

  8. oh my Stormy, did the scented pine cones make you puke?

    I guess it would have been scented puke but even so not very pleasant......ooooh sorry to be so graphic there but I feel your pain.

    I have eaten and thrown up everything in my time.

    Your snow pics are adorable......

    We have snow forecast for tomorrow, Jeannie is sooooooooo over excited, she loves it when it snows especially as the house here is full of Christmas supplies so we can live off them if we get snowed in!

    love and snowy licks, Marvin xxxxx

  9. oh and your lights and trees are so boooootiful.

    Bananarama Licks, Marvin xxxxx

  10. thanks for posting the pics of the snow, that is as close as we will ever get to it! Tanner ate potpourri once and he didn't seem too thrilled.

  11. Howroo, our mom & dad love the patriotic tree, it's SO beewootiful! Unfortunately we had already learned the scented pine cone lesson the hard way, along with the potpourri lesson. Why cant it taste like it smells? Oh well, maybe the 8 tiny reindeer will taste better...
    Bama & the RHP

  12. Wow, that looks a lot like Nebraska right now!! Don't you just love all that snow?!!!

    Your lights and tree look sooo pretty! Do you have any pictures of the front of your house all lit up?

    Mom still hasn't gotten around to putting our tree up. Something about being too busy. I think that's just her excuse for just about everything lately!

    I have a new snow video posted, come check it out!


  13. Anonymous1:38 AM

    What a beautiful view you all have from your house!!

    HM loved the pics of you in the snow - she says there's nothing like seeing sibes enjoying the snow - me I just think it looks like fun!!


  14. Anonymous3:13 PM

    Woooo to Aunt Sniggy!!! Wow, that American tree is beautiful! Where is the screened in porch? the 1st level of your house???

  15. Oh man we should have moved to Kansas when dad had orders for there. We could have played in the snow but NOOOO he had to hurt his knee and then get orders to Louisiana.

  16. I love the lights! And congrats on the snow!

  17. Great pictures! That snow looks really fun. And now I can say that for sure since I have actually seen some snow!