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Friday, December 28, 2007

Indoor Games

Woo, readers! It's me - Dave. Things got a little busy here, what with Christmas and Grandma's visit (she liked me best, I just KNOW it!) and all. But I wanted to get back to what we did during the ice storm. You know, we really couldn't go anywhere or do anything with all the ice out there. It's not like snow; you can't play in it or make cool snow forts or anything! All we could really do was carefully walk out front with Mom or Dad, do our business, then come back in. We had to resort to finding indoor games to play!

I learned you can really only spend so much time playing with real dinosaur bones or Nylabones & Kongs, posing for pictures, or helping with major decisions in the Quilt Studio. Zim was still on pain killers for his back, so our Zoomies time was limited. While the power was out, Mom started playing with these pieces of cardboard. It intrigued me.

Whatcha doing, Mom?

She explained it was a game called "Solitaire". I thought you needed a computer for that, but apparently not.

Can I play, too?

Mom explained that by its nature, Solitaire is played alone but she suggested another game. This one is called "Poker". Zim was interested at first, because he thought it had something to do with poking someone and yelling, "Ha roo roo roo!" That's one of his favorite games. But Mom said this one is played with the pieces of cardboard. I was game!

She explained the rules to me and "what beats what" and everything. For our first "hand" - or "paw", in my case, Mom was all excited and said, "OK, Dave. I've got 2 pair - 10s and 5s! What do you have?" Woo. That sounded really good.

"I've got three of these guys with a 'J' on them. Is that good?"

What can I say, pups. I'm from Texas.

Read 'em and weep. Woo.



  1. Wow Dave! Mom says you're a pretty smart dog playing poker. She says she gets totally confused when she plays and is really bad at it.

  2. Anonymous10:39 AM

    Wow Dave.. that is a good hand...er paw! Sounds like some fun was had while you were inside! So, while you played poker, what was everyone else doing?

  3. Did you bet treats? That would be really good if you had went all in on your treats and won!!


  4. Ooooh, you're a card shark! You need to make some serious bets and start piling up the treats...or steak. :)


  5. Dave, you are awesome. Can we play in teams? If so, I want to be on YOURS! Once, people were playing Poke-Her at our house, and I really thought that I was just supposed to goose everyone!!



  6. Dave, you've got a great poker face. I'll be you could bluff your way to the big $$!!


  7. Woo Dave, you're good at that! You need to look into going to Lost Vegas! I saw that on TV once. You could win lots of money to buy treats and cool stuff like that! Maybe even some night vision goggle equipment to catch Oswald in the act.

  8. So, to all his list of special khwaulties - most importantly Hbbb's special guy - he's khard shark!

    Guess we have to start watching on ESPN-Woo for him!

    Wags and Wuv,


  9. Maybe you could play Zim and win his treats! That would get back at him for the Boxer thing. And you wouldn't have to jump on him and roll him and stuff that way.

  10. You should be on that celebrity poker show and show them a thing or two!

    Woo woo, Kelsey Ann

  11. ha ha! i think the hoomans will think twice before playing wif you again dave. of corse i thot the poking game sounded like more fun anyway.

    i need sum help. my bp wuz ahead in that christmas photo contest in his cute little elf outfit looking at my randy in the santa hat. but then a C-A-T entered the contest late and is winning it!! i need more votes to help my BP not get beat by a cat!

    luv ivy

  12. I know I sure like you best, so I'm sure your grandma felt the same way! Woooo!

    You are so talented Dave! You continue to impress me with all your varied talents!


  13. Anonymous9:18 PM

    Dave you'll have to come round and play poker with HD one day - it'd be so funny to see you beat him!!


  14. oh the cardboard thingys look good fun.

    I was worried you were going to sing/woo the song "Solitaire" at first.......I did not realise it was a game as well!

    We thought the Poker joke was funny!!!! Very funny!

    We have snow forecast today (Saturday). love and licks, Marvin xxxxxx

  15. Sorry you haven't been able to run about outdoors. But I bet you really like the cold weather!
    And you are right; we Texans play our own brand of Poker!

  16. Hey Dave, that's a great new game you've learned. Win lots of treats!!!

    The D'Azul Siberians