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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Package for Us!

Woo, everypupper! It's me - Dave! Guess what?!? We got a package in the mail yesterday!

Mom was out running errands and stuff, and when she called home, Dad said, "The guys got a package from FRANKIE and MADDIE!!!" Oh, WOO! I was so excited, I gave Mom two small kisses when she got home! I'm not normally like that - I'm a snuggly guy, but not a kissy guy! Mom let us open the package! It was exciting ... I saw a bee-woo-tiful pink envelope with MY name on it!

I followed along while Mom read it to me. It was to me from Frankie!

There is a heart sticker at the bottom, after she wrote "Luv, Frankie" and I licked it. She sent me this incredible hat!!! It's got an embroidered design of a very handsome black and white Siberian! She said it's for ME but that I can let my dad "borrow" it when and if he needs it! That's mighty thoughtful, isn't it? Dad saw it and LOVED it and since I love my dad so much, I decided to let him try it out.

Dad and me

I have to say, it looks better on him than on me. It also looks great paired up with his MaPaw sweatshirt, doesn't it? Good color choices, Dad!

I look a little worried in that picture, don't I? It's because everysibe else was all excited and were running around trying to get in the picture! Here - check these pictures out!

See what I mean? I think Storm was ready to jump Zim in that last one. Zim and I were talking to each other, and Amber was coming in to referee. Mom said, "OK, you guys! There's something else in the box, too!" We were all so excited!

First, there was a bee-woo-tiful card with a picture of Frankie and Maddie the Chocolate Labra-bunny on it!

Aren't they gorgeous? Ammy wanted to see the picture, too. Here she is:

This is so pretty! I'm glad Maddie didn't have to wear a babushka!

Storm and Zimmie looked at the card and just loved it, too, but Mom didn't get a picture. Guess what else was in the box? Some incredible peanut butter treats!!! Mom checked the ingredients and gave us the green light to have one! Oh, pups, I can't begin to tell you how much all four of us LOVED it! (Mom said "only one", but I could eat the whole bag!!!)

It was hard for Mom to get a picture of us enjoying our treats, so I said maybe she should just keep giving them to us until she got a good one. Unfortunately, she didn't buy into my advice, but you can't blame a Sibe for trying! Here's one of the ones she took; she stood up on the stairs to take it:

Storm and Amber in front, Zim and me in the back

I must have been wooing at her to hurry up. I can't remember. All I could think about was how YUMMY those treats were and how really sweet Frankie and Mads were to send them!

We love the card and the letter and the hat and the treats! And we love Frankie and Maddie!!! Thank woo, girls!



  1. Anonymous11:20 AM

    Wow Dave ... Frankie and Maddie sure were nice to send you all such awesome prizes! Your dad looks pawsome in the hat! And again, a wonderful photo of all 4 of you!

    Oh, the photo of Storm about to pounce on Zim is hysterical!!!


  2. OH Dave - as always, woo are soooooo khute!

    I never doubt why Hbbb is sweet on ya!!



  3. Wow, what a cool hat!! And I think it is very nice of you to let your dad "borrow" it! I got some treats too, from Mayamarie, and mom wouldn't let me eat them all either. Although I sure tried!


  4. oh oh oh oh, Franke and Maddie and Peanut Butter treats all in one darn post.........

    Jeannie says she is hyper ventilating what ever that might be....but I khow she adores Peanut Butter, she has been known to eat it with a teaspoon outta the jar .........

    But you also mentioned Frankie and Maddie...they are real sweethearts.

    Thank you so much for this post, it made me happy and Jeannie is now scouring the food halls here for peanut butter. Yum!

    Love and tired licks, Marvin xxxxxxx

  5. Mom had to peek in her closet to make sure her MaPaw sweatshirt is still there. She has the same one! That's a cool hat to go with his cool sweatshirt.

  6. What a happy Husky household! And one of those neat jeans quilts in the last picture!

    Thanks for sharing with us!

  7. Hi Dave.
    Lucky boy! You have some good friends in Frankie and Maddie. Very nice of you to share your presents with your dad and siblings too. We just love it when your mum gets such great group photos as that last one.
    Jazz and Dixie

  8. Christmas time and all the treats and surprised is SOOOO much fun!

    Woo woo, Kelsey An

  9. Dave,

    I luv that last picture of the Four of you, while you are saying "woo woo' hurry up!
    Your Dad looks totally cool in the hat, you are so nice and loving to share with him. And it does look awesome with his MaPaw sweatshirt!
    We are so so so happy you like the pressies.

    And Maddie says tell Ammie that she is very glad that she didn't have to wear any babushka for the pic..... Scarves were pushing it to the edge already! Believe it or not, they made it through the photo shoot in one piece.

    Woo Woo Woo

    Luv and Merry Kissmass to you all,

    Frankie & Maddie
    Frankie and Maddie

  10. Harrrr Dave
    Cool hat I bet it looks good on you to Harrrr.
    Cap'n Maverick the Pirate

  11. What a really cool hat! And treats! That's the best kind of mail!


  12. Anonymous1:08 AM

    Your biped did a great job getting you all in the photo like that you look amazing!


  13. your Dad looks great in the new hat. what great friends to send you all those treats too!!

  14. oh I think the pictures in this post are your best ever Dave!

    Peanut treats sound wonderful! I love peanut butter so I guess I would like one of those, how kind of Frankie and Maddie to send them to you!

    I am late with all my comments, my Jeannie says she only has one pair of hands and there is so much to do for Christmas, but I am not impressed, I mean I have four legs and I manage to eat, walk and sleep!

    Love and many licks, Marvin xxxxx

  15. in fact, I am so darn efficient, I have even made TWO different comments on your post!

    How amazing is that?!

    ;0) xxxxxxxxx

  16. sometimes Jeannie does not know whether she is coming or going at this time of year, she is hooooooman I guess so we have to forgive her.

    I meant to bark that the hat is very cool too!

    Your Dad looks soooooooo sweet in it!

    Marvin xxxxxx again!

  17. woo hoo! treats for my favorite army! it is so nice to get a package!

    i got a package from the evil brown man yesterday cuz i skared it out of him. and i took a package from under my indoor tree to rip up in the back yard but i kinda got in trubble for that.

  18. Woo Dave~
    Looks like the package angels are all over the Midwest these days. Glad you let your Dad enjoy the hat too!
    Let me know if woo and Zim need any extra paws if that snow gets too deep down there is Kansas!

  19. Aw, those are some wonderful group shots. :)

    We're glad you got a present from a lovable friend.