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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Sunday Salute - Luna!

Previously ... on the Ao4 Digest ...

"Ram-a-lamb, where are you?"
The nutcracker delivered the horrid news, "The reindeer kidnapped her!"
"Oh, no!"
"Please help me - I'm being held captive in the Library by some errant reindeers! Help me! Help me, please!!!"

This week, our Sunday Salute goes to Amber's very own cosmic cousin, Luna! Yes, Luni is sweet, charming, lovely and innocent (...and has a certain affinity for silly jokes). But, as Luna said herself, "Nobody messes with my cosmic cousins!!! I am sweet and innocent but don’t mess with my cosmic cousins!!!" Amber turned to Luna right away! No one would suspect her!

When Luna received Amber's plea for help, she sprang into action! After she got the pictures of Amber being held by the reindeer, she sent an email right back to her, saying, "...You tell them I have the other half of their family here and if they don’t let you go I’m going to resort to something really bad with their brother, sister and parents! I have 4 of their family members! Tell them, Ammy, tell them!!!!!!!!! Hurry and get back to me and let me know if that works. If not, they will get a hostage photo as well!"

Luni is so brave! Here's her next communiqué: "Amber, did they let you go? Did they? Tell those lil' reindeer I have their family hostage until they let you go! You tell them! Tell Zimmie to show them these pictures and tell me if they let you go. And if they stop standing on your head.
Love, Luni
(P.S. No reindeer were harmed in the shooting of the attached photos)"

(We're pretty sure her mom made her put that last part in ... she loves all animals!)

That's right ... I've got their family members ...

Stop struggling! The only way you're going to get free is if your family members release my cosmic cousin!

Zim wrote Luni back, "...The pix of you with those reindeer hostages are SURE to buy Am's release. Those blasted deers! I can't believe they're doing this to her!!! I'm going to deal with those guys and show them the pictures of OUR cosmic cousin with their family members. You are so brave to have our backs like this!"

Zim sent the pictures to the reindeer, then headed back into the Library. He got some intel from the Nutcracker as to their exact whereabouts, then, knowing they'd be stunned after seeing Luni's pictures, he sprang into action!

Sneak attack .... Zimmie-style!

And he got to her!

Unhand ... umm, unhoof my sister, you reindeer!

The hostiles are down! Make a run for it, Am! Meet me by the tree!

While Zim made sure those reindeer were secured ...

Amber high-tailed it to the other side of the room, happy and relieved to be free!

(Pant, pant, pant!) I'm free!

"I can't believe how brave my cosmic cousin Luni was, helping gain my release! She's just so wonderful! Thank you, Luna!!!!"

Am was exhausted after the ordeal, but Zim wrote Luna back, "Luni! She's FREE! It worked, and we couldn't have done it without YOU! Yes, go ahead and release their family - the crisis is over!"

I'm free! I'm fr... hey... what's this guy looking at?

That reindeer better watch his step. Our buddy Echo knows what to do with his elk. Uh... we mean "ilk"!

Luna, if not for you, Amber wouldn't be free today! Who knows what those reindeer would have done to her!?!? For helping gain her release, for so bravely rushing to the aid of your cosmic cousin, we salute you!

The Army of Four

PS: We salute Echo and his bravery, too! Thanks for guarding our six, buddy!


  1. Anonymous11:15 AM

    Oh thank goodness for Luna (and Echo) for the efforts in capturing the family!!! I am so glad Amber is safe and sound!!! Zim's sneak attack is awesome!!

    Way to go Luna - we salute you for helping get Amber released!


  2. WHEW! Thank dogness everyone is just fine....safe and sound. My AO4 Trooper training came in handy. I will release my hostage immediately.
    P.S. I'll ask Dad to glue his antlers back on.

  3. Yeah!


    Glad Miss Amber is FREE to go play some reindeer games in the SNOW!!!

    Wags and Wuv,


  4. Hey Aof4,

    Another great Sunday salute as usual. And guess what, looks like our friend the foster dog is going to follow in Dave's footsteps. Thanks for planting the idea in my people's minds.....

    Happy holidays
    Pippin and crew

    (and a special fanny wiggle from the red boy dog to the red girl dog)

  5. Heaving sigh... I was all ready to come to Amber's rescue by kicking some reindeer butt, but I see she's already been saved. Guess I can't wear the headband anymore (see my blog)


  6. What a relief! I'm so glad Amber has been freed just in time for Christmas!


  7. Oh we are so glad Amber is safe. Great thanks to Luna.

  8. you guys sure know how to tell a suspense filled tale, I was on the edge of my seat! I can't believe how brave Luna is!

  9. you had better be careful, we had the war of the worlds and people were wondering how real that was, now we have reindeer (can we really believe santa's most trusted being in a plot involving amber/?) it was very real to us platoon of four

  10. Wow! What an adventure! we're wooing t;hanks that Am was rescued & everydog (and deer) is ok. Luna was a big help, she's sounds tough. and zim's sneak attack pic is way cool!
    Wooos & A-roooos,
    Star & the Jack a-roo

  11. that was the very best hostage takeover ever! The reindeer in duct tape was especilly effective ( and hilarious!) and Zim springing into action was priceless! haROOOOOOO!!!!!

  12. Oh we are so glad Amber got away from those reindeer. I was reading this story to little Bella and we could not wait to see how Amber would be rescued. Good job. Now Amber is safe for Christmas!!!!
    Husky Hugs, MayaMarie

  13. Thank goodness! I was ready to come down there and squish some raindeer butt! Glad to see you are all safe, and a huge thanks to Luna for helping to save you!


  14. Wow, she does look at lot like you Amber, but you are prettier! Woo!


  15. Luna Rocks!

    sorry I am late commenting, the internet has been bad today....we kept having to shut down the computer!

    Jeannie says we have to be quick cos otherwise our comments dont get on your blog.

    Rushing Marvin ..............

    pee ess so glad Amber is safe!

    love from Cold and Frosty Scotland with the best full moon in the sky over our house ever!

    Merry Christmas you Guys!

    Marvin and Jeannie xxxxxxxxxtyping real fast here before computer fails!