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Saturday, December 08, 2007

Christmas Capers, Part Four

Woo! It's me, Dave! I hope everypup has been enjoying our helpful tips to get you through the Christmas holidays without getting in "trouble" (whatever that is). My lesson, in a word, is camouflage!

Some of you may know that Mom loves to cook and bake. At Christmas, she does all kinds of cool baking - like the Speculoos Amber told you about last year, or maybe the schnecken pictured here:

...or this other cookie called a Springerle. They're really labor-intensive the way Mom makes them, all that mixing, rolling, molding, cutting, letting them set, the baking, then the 3-month wait to eat them*... so that very first year she started making them, I felt it was my duty to help her. Sure, Zim was there to stare at Themixer but I helped, too.

(*Note from Mom of the Ao4: Yes, the taste develops if you wait 3 months before eating. The Ao4's dad jokes that instead of a timer for these cookies, you use a calendar!)

So... Mom was making a few batches, so she could share with the neighbors, and ran short on cake flour. Dad was out somewhere, so Mom pushed everything to the back of the counter, then went to the store. She and Dad got home at the same time, came into the house, and were catching up on the events of their days. It went something like this:

"You left everything on the counter!?" Dad commented.

"Yes," said Mom, looking around. "Dave was a good boy." (I used to do a wee bit of counter-surfing, you know.) "It looks like nothing's been touched."

"Where is he?" Dad wondered.

Then they looked and saw me laying right there in the living room, near the entry to the kitchen, looking totally innocent, snuggly and sleepy-eyed. I sent them a mind-meld message, "I'm right here, Mom and Dad! Just snoozing with my head on a nice, fluffy, white pillow!"

"Awwww..." Mom began. "Look at how ..." And that's about when she realized we don't HAVE any nice, fluffy, white pillows.... and that I was camouflaging a bag of powdered sugar I'd taken off the counter. Woo.

My pose was similar to this one, only with the bag of sugar where my cool Texas pillow is.

I couldn't resist. Mom knows I love a good pillow, so it almost worked. If only powdered sugar came in bags that matched our decor! Camouflage, pups! If you're caught red-pawed, camouflage! That's my advice for you.

And for the record, I didn't even put one tooth puncture in the bag! Woo.



  1. oh my Dave, I know now why you are my hero and I look up to you not only cos you are a Sibe in Lab clothing (I recognise your Lab ness you know! because I am part Lab!) but you did not put one tooth puncture in the bag of suger!

    Wow, Labiliciously clever!

    I used to chew and puncture everything in sight, including my Jeannie and my hoooman sister's shoes....but now I just take their stuff they leave around for me (so kind of them!) and store it in my basket. Kinda like filing I guess!

    oh and your Mum's baking sounds delicious too!

    My Jeannie is downstairs at this very moment as I bark up here to the computer, she is making a very elaborate Fish Pie.....we fear for her sanity when she does this 'cos once she cooked it and the recipe was violently scribbled over in the book with a note to never ever attempt it again!

    I am keeping out of the way, I will report back if we all survive!

    Camoflage, an excellent lesson learned there, thank you Dave!

    love and licks, Marvin xxxxx

    pee ess my Dad took pics of me today (they are on the blog now!) but he had the flash on the camera and I look as if I have glass shiny marbles for eyes! And Jeannie looks sort of stunned!

    Love and fish pie licks, Marvin xxxxx

    pee ess from Jeannie, the recipe is complicated, has far too many darn stages and does my head in totally, I need to go in rehab for even being pursuaded to cook this once more. But the family adore it when its done! xxxxxx J and M xxxxxx

  2. Oh, DOG Dave, that's fantastic! Excellent work! ::BIG, Big Husky Grin!!!::

  3. Wooooos, Dave, your goooooooood! We will keep the camoflage thing in mind. I need to improve my counter-surfing methods. I almost got away with a whole fish, but drats, it made a big smacking sound when it hit the floor, & I got caught!

    and a-roo from Jack

  4. Harrrrrr Dave

    The Cookies in the picture look great Harrrrrr.

    Cap'n Maverick the Pirate

  5. Oh Dave, you are sooo cool! You were so nice not to puncture the bag and eat it. Maybe next time your mom will leave a pillow on the floor for you so you don't have to make your own!


  6. Anonymous3:16 PM

    Oh Dave... this is a very good lesson. I don't think I have gotten as good in the camouflage department. I am going to take your advice and work on my skills!

  7. We definitely need to work on our cammo techniques, although I do have the counter surfing down to a fine art I haven't yet mastered successfully camoflaging my score, so it usually ends up being taken away before I get to enjoy it.
    Bama & the RHP

  8. oh haha that is great. I should have tried that when I got into the flour.

  9. Anonymous5:44 PM

    Camoflauge is a great idea!! That photo of you is great you look so snuggly!


  10. My mama says she wishes she could bake. She's trying, but she's not brave enough yet to try Kaloche, a childhood favorite of grandpa's.

    Maybe next year!

  11. WOW - woo are inkhredible!

    All along I thought you were a perfekht gent and now I find out you are like us after all!

    Woos and Wuv Handsome,


  12. Howrooo troopers!
    Chili here, with a message for Dave & the AO4 mom. Our mom recently decided that the first quilt she chose to make was really too difficult a pattern for a first-timer, and requires LOTS of hand-piecing to make the squares lay correctly. She has wanted to make our BoogieBoy a quilt for quite a while, and his room is all done in patriotic/Americana so while browsing on Ebay last week she came across some beawootiful patriotic fabrics and went ahead & bid, and won the auction. She's going to put her first project away for a while & find a somewhat simpler, beginner pattern so she can start on the kid quilt. The reason I mention all this is that when the fabrics arrived today (gorgeous!) there was an enclosure offering her a discount of 15% between Jan 1 & Jan 31. She's not going to be using this as she has enough fabs for the Boogie quilt, and her first thought was to offer it to you & your mom, or anyone she knows that might be looking for some new fabrics. It also offers a 10% discount to a friend that is referred during the same dates. If you are interested in taking advantage of these coupons, please email mom at hans822 at bellsouth dot net and she'll send you the website & code for the discount. We'd love to see someone use these since we don't need them, so spread the word to your quilting friends and let us know if someone wants them.
    Color & Design Husky bows,

  13. That's a great story Dave, I'll have to put it into practice!


  14. What a good try Dave! Remember Maximoose???? Well he was a foster at our house for awhile before he went to Magnum's house and he did lots of counter surfing. Mom and Dad were not used to this manuever since we are good pups and don't do that. He got one of mom's powdered sugar bags too! Bu he did break it open and spread it ALL over the kitchen....ha roo roo roo.

    Woo woo, Kelsey Ann

  15. Great advice Dave, I don't think I've tried that one, although I have worked along Amber's cute and innocent lines.

    And when I took my tomato to my sofa a few weeks ago I did not puncture it either. Nor did I get chance to eat it, so I think camouflage would have come in good there.


  16. Hmmm....I'm going to have to figure out how to camouflage myself to look like a Christmas ornament. Mom says I'm becoming addicted to "inspecting" the ornaments on the tree a bit too closely. I have no idea what she's talking about!
    P.S. I'll be posting about the growing pile of ornaments that need fixing very soon.