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Friday, December 14, 2007

Cool Sack!

Ha roo, pups! It's me, Stormy! Hey, remember Tia Curtis of Camp Follower Bags? Right! We did a Sunday Salute to her a little bit ago! She put a tutorial up on her blog about how to do a really cool lunch sack! Mom couldn't resist - she thought it looked so cool! Here is the one Mom did:

The drawstring feature is so cool! It's built into the pant leg of the BDUs, so the work is already done for you! Mom decided to line hers - here's a peek inside:

She made it for Dad. She thought this would be handy for all kinds of things, especially out on the golf course! He has a bag about this size he keeps old golf balls in, so she thought he could use it for that or for any other stuff!

We were all talking about what Dad could put in it; Zim loves to inspect things, so he gave it a thorough going-over, then decided it also makes a good pillow.

Drill SGT Zim, hard at work

Then Dave mentioned some of the golf stuff he's heard when he helps watch golf on TV. He said maybe since Mrs. Curtis calls it a lunch sack, Dad could keep a sandwich in it.

"Dave, I don't think sandwiches are part of the golf scene!"

Dave said he hears the bipeds talk about "sandwiches" all the time on TV golf, how it can help get the golfers out of bunkers or hazards or other challenges ... so just to be sure ... Zim was going to stick his snooter in the bag to see if Mom put one in there.

You never know ...

Then it hit me. "Dave!" I ha rooed. "You mean 'sand wedges', not 'sandwiches'!" Ha roo roo roo! I think Amber might have played a little joke on Dave ... or maybe Dave's been hanging around that little punster a lot!

"Come on, you guys It's 'sand wedge', not 'sandwich'!!"

After they left the room, I decided I'd best be sure.

I'd hate for a good sandwich to go to waste!

Many thanks to Tia Curtis for sharing her tutorial! Mom said it was loads of fun and really easy to follow! And Dad loves his bag! Mom can't wait to do more!

Tail wags,


  1. Storms!

    I would keep checking for sandwhiches! You never know if Amber is playing a joke on you.
    Tell your mom she did a wonderful job on the bag. She is so very talented. My Mom, not so much :-)

    To Amber...Ammie did you see my laughing picture on my blog, it's back a couple of posts?? My Mom thinks of you when she looks at it......

    Luv,Frankie Grrrl

  2. mom says she needs to learn how to sew so she can make one of those for all our boys little plastic army men and vehicles

  3. Stormy!! Tell your Mom that we are just continually impressed with all the neat stuff she does!

    And I hope that the sandwich fairy leaves you a sandwich in one of those bags :)


  4. That is a really cool bag. The best part is it's camo colored which is my most favorite color! I wish my Mom wasn't so bad at sewing so she could make me a cool camo bag. I'd make her put real sandwiches in it though.

  5. Did you dad volunteer his pants for the bag?

    That's pretty cool, and he can use it in so many places. You guys sure did a great job of inspecting it too! I like the sandwich thing too!


  6. woofies A04, dat bag iz soooo cool, heehee my mama cant sew a stright line...dat ice lookies bad, stay safe u all and keep each other warm...

    b safe,

  7. What a cool bag! Mom could use one like that, too!

  8. Great JOB!!! I love the lining too. Your ice storm looks so pretty. It will be about 109 here today. Yuck. Have fun making many more bags!

  9. Very cool! Make sure you keep checking for sandwiches. They may try to sneak one past you!

    Woo woo, Kelsey Ann

  10. Howrroooo, love the bag! Mom says she wishes she had more real bdu cammo stuff so she could make cool stuff like that, or send for one of those pawsome camp follower bags, but she only has 1 pair of pants & one jacket and she's just not willing to cut them up yet. Plus she loves dad's old bdu pants, says they're the most comfortable pants she's ever worn & he can't have them back, howrrooo. She also wanted me to ask if your mom has any patterns for a really simple but beawootiful machine pieced quilt pattern for a queen sized bed. She found a couple that she kinda likes, but nothing that really made her excited, and she wants our patriotic BoogieBoy quilt to be extra special, but easy enough for a beginner like her not to mess it up....I know, she's asking a lot for someone that cant draw a straight line with a ruler, heehee. If not, that's okay, she's gonna keep looking, she has several books but most of them are for hand-piecing cause she didn't have a machine when she first got interested.
    Sorry for the long comment,
    Kisses Kids,
    Bama & the RHP

  11. What a cool bag! I would want it to be full of Sandwiches too.


  12. Coming here after being sad sure feels good. I love your posts, guys!

    Carolyn, writing tonight cuz the kids are too busy jaw wrasslin'

  13. Anonymous8:47 PM

    Wow Storm! Your mom sure did a great job on that bag!!! Mom will have to go over to Tia's site and watch the video. Oh, mom is now the proud owner of the Patriotic Molly AND a French Bag :) Oh, I have to say, the photos of my ZIM are awesome!!! I love his snooter!


  14. if you want to be TOTALLY confused, the local pub right by our house is called The British Open Pub and on their menu they call the sandwiches, sandwedges.

  15. Howroo Stormy!
    Plz do our mom a favor & ask your mom to send her a note by email so we have your address. Mom LOVED the pattern your mom showed her, but has a couple questions & doesn't want to clog your blog....
    She actually already typed your mom a long note in reply to the email notice we got about your comment, then realized that she didn't have an address to send it to.....silly mom!
    Bama & the RHP

  16. I thought the same thing as Holly. Does he walk around now in pants with one long leg and one short? ::big Husky grin::

  17. Anonymous5:13 AM

    I'd be checking for sandwhiches too - you never know with bipeds they are a strange lot!!


  18. oh that was very funny!

    Thank you for your kind get well wishes, I went to the Vets again this morning 'cos Jeannie was worried about more swelling, but the Vet said I was just "swell".....that is one for Amber!!!!!

    No worries!

    More tomorrow, Jeannie been having blog probs, my banner went wonky but she thinks she has sorted it now, but she is a bit cross eyed from staring at the computer for so long.

    I hope your Dad enjoys his Sand Wedges......

    love and laughing licks, Marvin xxxxxx

    xxxxxx Jeannie xxxxx

  19. Do sand wedges fit in the bags? Come to think of it. I've never seen one.

    They're probably pretty small, huh? It shouldn't take much to wedge sand apart!

  20. coolest bag ever! my randy wants one! the only problum is he already has two lunch bags and never uses them so i dont think he will be getting another one. tee hee!

    luv ivy