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Sunday, December 02, 2007

Sunday Salute - Camp Follower Bags!

Today's Sunday Salute goes to Tia Curtis, of Camp Follower Bags! Mrs. Curtis is a designer of one of a kind BDU bags - you know we love everything BDU! She specializes in making unique bags for you out of your Soldier, Sailor or Marine's old uniforms!

Dave and Zim Salute Camp Follower Bags!

Historically, camp followers were families who followed their husbands and fathers into war. Often, they would support the troops by cooking, mending clothes, and doing laundry. We think the name Camp Follower Bags is the perfect name for Mrs. Curtis' company, as she provides a wonderful service for what she calls her "fellow Camp Followers." She says of her own Camp Follower Bag, "I remember how much my silly bag meant to me when my husband was in Baghdad...I am sure it will be as important when he goes back (whenever that may be). I hope they give other Military wives as much comfort!" We're sure they do! What a great way to keep a reminder of your special warrior close to you!

A collection of different bags and a Camp Follower quilt

Each Camp Follower Bag or quilt that Mrs. Curtis makes is an original, made from only the best materials. She says, "No two have been alike. Each one is as unique as the lady I sew for." She even names her bags after these special friends! She also makes bags for civilian ladies who just want "a glorious little hand bag to sport around".

Check out this darling picture of her mother-daughter Becky Messenger Bags:

Mrs. C pairs up the uniform fab with fun designer fabrics! What a great idea! Take a peek inside this Cathy Bag!

It's got a changing pad and wallet in there! Here's the outside:

What military spouse or daughter wouldn't love one of these bags? Or quilts!?!? We love this one:

Mrs. Curtis does such lovely, lovely work! Our favorite part of her business is what led us to ask her if we could do this Salute. It touched us deeply - and made Mom get those salty wet things in her eyes. They're called the Hero Bags - she makes them for the widows and wives of fallen and severly wounded service men. We read on her web site, "On the whole these bags are free of charge to the widows. A portion of each bag I make is set aside to cover the cost of fabric for these bags. I also get donations from Amy Butler and Westminster Fibers for my Hero Bag cause." She also says, "The Hero bags are the most meaningful bags I make. I love them. They break my heart each time, but in the end I think it is worth it." Her generousity in sharing her talent, time, and business with these special women is such an incredible gift! Thank you so much for your kindness, Mrs. Curtis!

Mrs. Curtis is a former Army nurse, an Army wife, and is raising three lovely Army brats! In addition to her Camp Follower Bags business, she writes a blog! You can also check out her gallery at her Flickr site.

Mrs. Curtis, for all you do, and especially for your lovely, generous gift of the Hero Bags, we salute you! And we thank both you and your husband for your service to our nation!

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  1. Very cool! Good call for a salute!

  2. hi tucker, also dave, zim etc....bags what an interesting topic for dogs to discuss...i also need to be reminded(we) of patriotism...that is really the reason the army fo four are our idols, they always have something to say for our troops(both human and dog) and we should think of themeveryday.... we try too...loves the platoon of four sadie sandy speeding duke

  3. Mom says she is going to get in touch with Mrs. Curtis and get herself one of those bags out of my dads old uniform so she can carry it around while he is deployed.

  4. Anonymous7:46 PM

    Wow! This is such a special salute! We just checked out her website. I wonder if civilians (like mom) can get some of the "army" style bags since we don't have any suits to send? Humm.. I need to check more into this...

  5. HI..It is me, Tia of Camp Follower Bags. I have tons of spare legs in the closet if you want a bag, but don't have uniforms or soldiers (sailors, airmen or marines) to call your own. You can carry part of a uniform from a fine service member. Too easy! Thanks for all the support, This has been very fun! Cheers! Tia

  6. what a great idea! the bags are really nice but the idea behind it is even nicer!

  7. Wow. I will have to share this site with my friends who have loved ones in the military. What a fantastic idea!

  8. Mrs. Curtis is one special lady to make such a great thing for people that serve our country. We love the bags, they are very "hip" looking.

  9. What a heartwarming, kind thing for Mrs. Curtis to do. Thanks for sharing her with us. We give her 2 paws up!

  10. oh another worthy Sunday Salute, we always look forward to your Salutes!

    We are sorry to be late commenting, but we had bad day with having to pay lots of money, in fact, too much money, towards the car my hooooman bruv wrecked.......

    More on my blog later, but as my Jeannie says, in the scale of things, what does a silly car matter?

    More important is the service to our nations of the armed forces for keeping our world free!

    love and loyal licks, your Pal, Marvin xxxxx

  11. Great salute! Mrs. Curtis has a great thing going, the bags are very cool.
    Our dad works on the Naval base, & we live in Naval housing, so we have lots and lots and lots of soldier-heros all around us! Our friend Moon (a handsome black & white sibe) up the street is a "navy dog". His people bought him from a street vendor when they were stationed in Guam. He says he likes it much better here cause it gets nice & cold.