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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Ice is NOT Nice...

...unless it's coming out of the dispenser in the door of the magic cold box. Trust me.

Woo, everypup - it's me, Dave! I've been working hard keeping the bipeds safe and warm - especially the "warm" part. Snuggling is one of my special skills, so I've been very busy!

Anywoo, Stormy said I should put some more pictures up of our ice storm, then we'd get back to normal blogging tomorrow. Mom made a cool bag for Dad that she and Zimmie want to show you. Be sure to tune back in!

OK... here are some front yard shots from last night! This is right after the lights popped on.

Even though I don't like the ice, it is pretty! Here's what the front of Ao4 HQs looked like.

And here's another look at the front door, a little later during the night. Careful not to get smacked in the head by that tree!

Here I am, over by the snowflake lights. You can see by the look on my face I wasn't thrilled out there. It was really slippy! The yard is snow, then about an inch of solid ice, then a dusting of snow.

Here's what things looked like out back this morning. You can see the Giant's new castle out there, and the power lines with the ice all over them.

Sadly, lots of people here in our city still don't have power. The power company spokesbiped said it could take up to 10 days! I hope they have Siberians to help keep them warm! They also caution that as the ice melts, and limbs fall, we could lose power again. Woo.

Here are daytime pix from today! Here's the front yard.

Kind of like Narnia, isn't it? And you can see all our footy-foot prints (and Oswald's) all over the yard. Speaking of whom ... here's a cool, artsy close-up of his main living area.

Looks pretty, doesn't it? Oswald has his own igloo!
That's it for today. Please keep those without power and the people working to restore it in your prayers! It's mighty cold for bipeds. Oh! And the biped weather forecasters are calling for us to get 3-6 inches of SNOW tomorrow! Hmm... I'm going to wait and see what the more-accurate Siberian meteorologist has to say. She's never been wrong!


  1. Wow that iciness looks really really scawie!!! Please be careful out there and keep those bipeds warm!!!

    Lots of Licks, Ruby

  2. The ice does look pretty, but we know that it is dangerous. Keep up those snuggles Dave. It's a hard job, but you can do it! Do you help the bipeds color coordinate their blankets to their jammies? hee hee

  3. Wow, that one picture looks like burning bushes!

    Can you bring them inside to keep you warm and save on heating bills?

  4. That tree is really pretty, but it looks really cold. I really hope we don't get weather like that here! Mom's hands will be cold all the time which means my belly would be cold all the time (that's what my post for today was about).

  5. What amazing pictures! We can look at them in the summer when it's a bazillion degrees and feel cooler. We will keep all those working very hard in our thoughts and send Sibe Vibes their way.

  6. I agree ice is not nice. We got some of the not so nice stuff today. Be sure to come check out our Moosicle.

    Woowoo, Kelsey Ann

  7. Such pretty pictures, too bad the ice caused so much damage.

    Oswald has such a pretty condo!


  8. Anonymous8:01 PM

    Wow Dave... that tree by the front door looks dangerous all frozen. You could poke your eye out if you don't be careful! Your mom did a great job taking photos!!! We hope that you all continue to be safe and warm. We will keep those powerful thoughts heading to you and to all of the other people too!


  9. wowo it really does look super pretty, but we are hoping all those folks without power have fireplaces and lots of blankies

  10. That truly looks like a "Winter Wonderland", too bad it really is so dangerous and scary. We're keeping all the workers in our praywers, as well as all the Siberian deprived bi-peds. Woo are a well prepared pack, between having 4 toasty Sibes, and a quilting mama. Plz be super careful outside walking on the ice though, we don't want to be reading 'bout any "slip & fall" accidents! Stay cozy, AO4, warm Florida hugs coming your way.
    Bama & the RHP

  11. Brrrr~ It looks really freezing out there.. I hope the bipeds get their power back soon.. *Hugs*


  12. I believe that you'll be warm and cozy to snuggle up to Dave. :) It sure looks very cold outside your house
    ~ Girl girl

  13. Anonymous4:25 AM

    That ice is absolutely amazing - nature is beautiful but so powerful too.

    We hope everyone has power soon -that must be awful to have no heating when it's that cold.


  14. Wow, that looks so cool! Too bad ice has to be so slippery :(

  15. Wow, look at all that ice! Has it melted yet?


  16. Very pretty! Be careful walking under those trees, especially when it warms up a bit!

    Star & Jack