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Friday, August 22, 2008

Decked Out

Ha roo, pups! It's me, Zim! Three days in a row - how exciting is that!?!?

When I signed off yesterday, I promised to share pix of our "coffee on the deck" morning ritual. We love going out there; our deck gets morning sun, so it's usually cool enough to hang out, smell interesting things, and keep watch over the neighborhood. And Mom and Dad get to have coffee. As most of you know, sadly enough, it's on the Forbidden Foods List for pups. Rats! (Oh, sorry. Not you, Roger.) But that doesn't mean I can't dream about having some!

Anyroo, the other morning, we all headed out. Dave got into position first:

He looks very laid-back there, doesn't he? But don't let that fool you. It's hard work, watching over the entire neighborhood! I also took up my normal spot, camouflaged by the top of our White Ash tree:

See how alert I am? You never know when Oswald might start hopping around in our yard! I have to be prepared to stare at him at all times!

Roger wanted to come out and learn how to do Coffee On the Deck with us. I tried to explain to him that it was VERY hard work...

...but he insisted he was up to the challenge. I decided to give the little guy a chance and focused back on the view:

I settled in, then assumed the Snooter Rest on the Railing manuever - a very challenging pose. Just thinking about it must have been too much for my pal Rog:

That's right. He keeled over from exhaustion. There was only one way to revive him! Dad's coffee!

It did the trick, and we were able to get back to work. I decided I'd best give him a paw up, though.

Here you go, little fella! Stick close to me!

Our neighborhood has NEVER been safer! Really!

OH! And he finally told me what his Secret Mission is! Dave will fill you in tomorrow!

Play bows,


  1. What a team!

    Me thinks the blog should be renamed!!

    Army of Five Digest!!!


  2. Anonymous11:32 AM

    Oh Zim! How cute! I am so glad that you have been able to teach Roger so much. The coffee cup, with Roger hanging in it and you licking your chops CRACKED MOM UP! Too cute for words!

  3. I read on Maggie and Mitch's blog about some lemon oat bars so I came to your site to check the recipe out! My Mom made some and YUM!!! She and Dad said the bars are good!!!!! Like you said, they are even better cold! Thanks for sharing the recipe. Plus.... since the bars are so crumbly, my Mom gave me a plate of her crumbs. Yay, I win!

  4. w00f's A04, hmm cant think of any better teachers on the art of the neighborhood watch program...

    b safe,

  5. Good reminder about the Forbidden Foods List.

    I could be jealous though. Mistress is sighing and thinks you are such a gorgeous dog. :(


  6. That looks like really hard work! Glad to see the coffee did the trick for Roger!

    Puppy slurps, Canyon

  7. I think you awe doing an amazing job..I wish you lived in my neighbowhood..Youw deck looks so vewy nice and the gentle cawe you'we showing wogew is just faboolous
    smoochie kisses

  8. omdog that pic of poor Roger on his back is too funny. You guys are pawesome. I believe Roger is going to be a 'working rat' in no time!!

  9. I propose that when Turbo becomes president he insists that the coffee bean people develop a Canine Coffee for us to enjoy on the deck in the morning.

  10. That seems like so much fun. Callie and Louie would not be so calm. They are always playing bittie face and wrestling. The definitely don't need any of that coffee...

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus, Louie and Callie

  11. I'm SO glad I sent Roger over there for you Zim. He looks like he is having the BEST time! He wouldn't have known about coffee because mum only drinks tea. It was very nice of you to give him a paw up too.

    Huffle Mawson, Honorary Husky and Explorer Cat

  12. OK, Mom laughed so hard at this post that Dad said he had to see what all this blog stuff was about. Even he chuckled - so it HAS to be funny.

    Looks like Zim and Roger really enjoyed their coffee.

    Woo, the OP Pack

    Pee Ess, Mom's still chuckling.

  13. Glad the coffee trick worked on Roger... go easy on the newbie, looks like he needs to work on his endurance a little!

    Woooo woo rar rar rar,
    Kayla and Maebe

  14. That is the way to enjoy a delicious coffee!
    Kisses and hugs

  15. You guys look so regal protecting your deck and keeping and eye out on the neighborhood, but where was everyone else?!

    M & I

  16. Anonymous2:49 AM

    Thanks for the forbidden foods list:)

    I can see a lot of team-work here. Has Mr. Mouse officially joined your brigade?

    Licks n Wags,

  17. Hi Zimmie,
    Isn't coffee on the Rat version of forbidden foods list? How lucky was Roger. I still try to sneak a sip when mum or dad aren't looking and mum has a fit! I think I'm addicted to the stuff.
    P.S. By the way you are doing a great job of showing Roger the ropes.

  18. Zim,
    Your deck would be the perfect place for scones and coffee. We are howling with laughter over the pic of Rog keeled over. Poor rat..not easy being a member of the ao4!

  19. Hey, Zim, our new foster, Chewy, seems to be a coffee lover too. He wanted some of mom's coffe, but she wouldn't share. No one messes with mom's coffee!

  20. Great job, Roger! I guess coffee isn't on the rat forbidden foods list. I wonder if they can have chocolate too.


  21. Very cute pics! Love the snooter rester, good use of the existing habitat.

    Woos & a-roos,
    Star & Jack