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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Zimmle Mawson, Explorer Pup

Ha roo, everypup and kit-kat! It's me - Zim! Did you see the cool pictures my best kit-cat pal Huffle Mawson posted the other day? Yeah, the ones of her out exploring the garden! Didn't she look cool!?!? I love exploring in our garden, too. Mom took this picture of me the other day and it reminded me of Huffle! Check this out!

Zimmle Mawson, Explorer Pup!

Ha roooooo! Cool, huh? Huffs and I have SO much in common!

After I explored, I decided I wanted to play with a Wubba! Mom gave me a choice of the camo one, or either of the two Steve and Kat sent us. I went for the green one.

Isn't it cool? (Just for the record, I'm NOT the one who put the teeth marks in the Wubba.)

I actually chased after it and stuff - I don't usually do that!

Ha roooo!

I really liked playing with it. Here is a cool action video of me!

When Mom realized I really wanted to play, she threw it a little further for me. Like I said, I'm not usually into chasing stuff, but I really had FUN! We did lots of throws and chases; for some reason, Mom has a hard time throwing and using the camera at the same time, so we just played for a while. She did take one more vid. Here I am:

As you can probably tell, I was done with the chasing stuff after that last throw. I decided to admire the view for a while...

I looked into the neighbors' yard and saw Oswald over there. I think he was watching me play. Does anypup or kitty know if they make Bunny Wubbas? He might want one.

Hey, Os! Yeah, it's a Wubba. Isn't it cool?

After I was done playing, Mom took a great shot of me. I already sent it to my gorgeous girlfriend Sitka; I knew she'd appreciate it.

Hey, babe!

Pretty irresistable, don't you think?

Play bows,
(AKA Zimmle Mawson, Explorer Pup!)


  1. Anonymous11:18 AM

    Oh my handsom Zimmle Mawson, ha roo! I loved your action shots, your fetch videos (wow, Dave has been teaching you some stuff), that awesome catch, and your "come on over" eyes photo. I am on my way. Mom saw an Oswald the other day but I have not see him yet.
    HUGS - your girl,

  2. Hi Zim!
    Wow, you were having lots of fun with your Wubba!
    We like fetching stuff too!!
    And those are GREAT pics by the way!
    Have a great day!
    Wags and licks,
    Maya and Kena

  3. Yowza...I love those action shots of you Zim! I need to get me one of those Wubbas. Maybe if I started behaving myself...


  4. I have to say, Sitka should find that shot of you pretty irresistable. Nice fetching and good idea not getting Mom too accustomed to that kind of thing.

  5. Handsome as ever, Zimmie.

    Has the grinding-teeth humom been playing with the green wubba too?

    Wags, the OP Pack

  6. We did see some very tiny puppy wubbas at Petsmart. Maybe those would be good for Oswald.


  7. I bet Huffle will want her own green Wubba!

    Woo looked soooo furry handsome - I bet Sitka's heart is still ALL a flutterin'!


  8. Ahhhh, Zim you are so dreamy!!!!

    TTFN, Meadow

  9. Hi Zim

    Enjoying your adventures!

    Can you please get your Mum to check her Yahoo email please.

    Love and licks Marvin xxxxx

  10. Hi Zimmie

    I sure think woo look very cute in that last photo.....very handsome and sweet!

    Hey Princey wants to know if woo and Huffle are related to the famous Antartic explorer Douglas Mawson? Prince and me were in a documentary about one of his expeditions, our Mom has the doco on DVD. We were run run running lots in the snow - it was fun:)


  11. Zimmmle Mawson, harooooo! We are SO best friends! What great shots of you. I don't have a wubba but I think I might need one now - I wonder if they make them in a kitty size. That last photo of you is a beauty!

    Huffle Mawson, Explorer Cat and Honorary Husky

  12. I am thrilled to make your acquaintance! Those pictures are lovely. I’ll come sniffing and digging later during the day.

    About the Sibe clock - You are welcome to add it to your blog:)

    Licks n Wags,

  13. Wooo Zim, looks like you were having a lot of fun. We had an Oswald in our vege garden today, eating one of mom's tomaters.

    D'Azul, Where Siberians Rule

  14. WOO WOO Zimmie

    You are so handsome - we just love watching the videos of you ! Keep them coming!

    Thor and Marco Polo

  15. Hi, Zim!
    It was so nice wtaching you playing with your Wubba!
    Kisses and hugs

  16. Hey Mr Pretty Irresistable! looks like you had a great game with your mum and the Wubba. I have been playing ball with mum every morning in the dog run but Dixie is not really into chasing things either.

  17. Hey, Zimmie! You make that wubba look pretty tempting to play with. Maybe one would be a good replacement for my poor ol free bee? Nah, nuthin can replace my free bee. But you sure look dreamy spectacular in that last picture.

    Those silly Oswalds keep coming into our yard. Mom's afraid that Shiloh will catch one someday.

    Snoses, Guinness

  18. Great videos, it looked like you were having so much fun playing with your mom. But I noticed that you Wubba's squeaker is broken.

    I recognize those modifications in the Wubba. That's how it started in our house.

    Princess Eva

  19. Harrrrr Matey Zim
    looks like you had a fun filled day Harrrrrr.dont forget to take a good pirate nap Harrrr.
    Cap'n Maverick the Pirate

  20. I bet Oswald would love a wubba, I haven't ever seen one that small tho!!

  21. What!?!?!?! Another Lab in a Sibe suit??? No more making fun of MY Davie after that little display!!!


  22. That sure is fun. Looks like you had a pawsome day

    ~ Girl girl

  23. My Ma is totally crazy. She has emailed your Ma again, don't ask Zim, please do not ask!

    I am off to look at the two rabbits in my garden now, sure beats listening to my Ma going on and on and on!

    A Totally Fed Up Marvin xx

  24. Zim!

    You stud! Woo! My sister Kiley the malamute is drooling over your last picture. Don't know if you like them larger gals?