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Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Low Down on Roger's Secret Mission

Woo, everypuppy and kittycat, it's me - Dave! Hang on to your collars; I've got BIG news!

For the past few days, Zim has shared with you the arrival of Roger, Roger settling in, and Roger learning about some of our rituals here at Ao4 HQs. Well, once he felt comfortable enough, he told Zim about the Secret Mission Huffle sent him on!

Zim came in to tell us about it and Mom hit the vid button! He was so excited, though, that he forgot himself and resorted back to his first language - Coyote. (To new readers, Zim had been chained to a tree for the first year and a half of his life and learned to sing from the Coyotes who talked to him. Once he adopted our family, Stormy taught him Siberian!) Anywoo, here's Zim with the news - and my translation into Siberian.

I couldn't believe it when I heard it, either! Woo!


PS: In case anyone is wondering what that is on the counter by me, it's a stack of new fabric for me and Mom. Here they are, after they came out of the wash:

Stormy had Mom iron them all when the thunderstorm rolled in at 0300 this morning. Woo, I can't wait to play with them! I don't think the photo does the colors justice!


  1. WOW! That's all I can say! Roger's mission is so genius, no wonder Huffle said it was top secret!


    PS. Thanks for translating, Dave. I don't speak coyote.

  2. I never would have guessed that's what Roger had in mind! We will be ready and waiting to help out whenever needed.

  3. Golly-Roger must have top security clearance!!
    Thanks for visiting our blog. Haarrooooo

  4. K(h)at is khorrekht!

    Pure genius!!

    I so enjoyed the woof-briefing about it!!!


  5. Anonymous1:25 PM

    Oh Zim and Dave! you deliever such good mission statements. We all understand and know exactly what is going on. And those FABS are FAB! We cna't wait to see what you, DAve, do with them!

  6. Wooooo! 10-4.

    Kayla and Maebe

  7. Ok, I'm not sure how we can get peanut butter smeared there, but we'll try anyway.

    Nice plan.


  8. We heard woo loud and clear! We understood both so that just reinforced the message!

    Kisses, King Sky boy

  9. Hi, friends!
    Hmmmmm.... I am not so sure I understood the mission but I know you will do it great!
    Kisses and hugs

  10. Wow, totally intense!! Roger's mission sure is very important! I'm glad Huffle sent him here for such an important mission!


    Pee Ess, sorry I haven't been around lately, my new baby is keeping everyone busy!

  11. See? I told you I couldn't tell anyone what Roger was doing. They probably wouldn't have let him out of the country!

    Huffle Mawson, Honorary Husky and Explorer Cat

  12. Stupendous!!! Terrific!!! Great plan!!! Over and out!! Roger!!! 10-4!!!

    The OP Pack

  13. Wow. The caninaturalist came running to the computer to hear the news. She thinks she is a coyote, so no translation was needed (but she appreciates the effort, Dave!).

  14. OMDOG who knew rats were so smart!!! Thanks for telling us, I am still a little rusty on Siberian but I THINK I get it.

  15. That mission was loud and clear. the Stoutino Pack are able and willing to help when and where needed.

  16. Whoa! That's a big mission!! Good luck Roger!