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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Work, Work, Work!

Hello, everyone, it's me - Cammie.  As Zim mentioned yesterday, I've been working in the Studio with my Mom lately.  She posted on her blog last night about the new bag concept we've been working on - you can read it here.  Basically, we're taking grocery store plastic bags, fusing them together to make a tough fabric, then are making more bags.  Truly, the whole thing makes my head spin a bit, but I was recently made Head of Security, so it's my duty to be there.

She posted some pix of them on her blog, but I thought you might like to see some more.  Yes, my duties as Head of Security seem to include modeling.  Does that seem right to you?

This bag is one of the first ones we made:

Modeling is exhausting work!

Since you can see PetCo written on it, I think it should be used for something for me and Zim!

The modeling gig isn't all bad. For my first day's work, I was duly rewarded:

"Is that an Aunt Shelli cookie?!?!"

My Aunt Shelli sent those treats and I just love them!

I get to post about the next day's bag before Mom does because she designed it JUST for me! And Zim. Check it out!


It's another little zippie bag, with a bone-shaped carabiner clip to attach to my leash! Wait a sec...


Remember that sad Bulldog who's down here in the Studio? I think he's looking at me.

Anyway, Mom put a little divider section in the bag, so one side can hold more bags (we all know what those are for!) and the OTHER side ...

"Oooh!  A Zuke's!!!  I love those!"

TREATS!  It was delicious!  Being Head of Security (and doing some modeling on the side) really pays well!

I did feel bad for my friend the Bulldog, though.

"Here you go, little guy.  Try posing with this; maybe you'll get a Zuke's, too!"

For details on this bag, check Mom's blog later today.  For now, I'd best go have another round of zoomies and wrestling with Zim, then it's back to work!



  1. Wow your mom is really inventive!!!
    stella rose

  2. Those are impressive bags! But WOW, Camo, Head of Security?! Already?! I'm so impressed! You're just zipping up the ladder there at AO4 Headquarters.

  3. good job Cam. we love those bags!! the ones for the leash are a great idea.

  4. Those bags are really neat. It will be interesting to see how the "fabric" holds up over time.


  5. It's tough being head of security and modelling too Camo. We are so glad to see you were properly rewarded. Hmm and where was Zim while you were in the studio? Had he legged it in case he had to model a bag too...LOL. Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  6. LOVE your mom's bags... very creative.

    We saw some that were CROCHETED from STRIPS of bags.. THE were neat too.

    We are all about recycle the SHOPPING bags here on the hill.

  7. Lactic bag fabric is pretty strong stuff. Our town doesn't even give out lactic bags anymore
    Benny & Lily

  8. Camo, you did a great job modeling that cool bag and we're really glad you got treats for your hard work!

  9. Cammie, Your mom is so very creative! I also love the Bone carbiner-so cute! I've never seen one like that before and that is a great idea to hold those bags we take when we walk our furbabies.
    Going to your mom's studio now.
    Happy Zombies!
    Noreen & Hunter

  10. You make an excellent model. The duel-purpose bag is very cute, and a wonderful idea!

  11. You are just the most beautiful working girl I think I have ever seen. And that bag is oh so cool.

  12. Camo, you are a beautiful and very elegant model, I must say. I love the purse, what a great idea, your Mom is super creative. I love the treat part best of course and you totally earned yours.

    Loveys Sasha

  13. What I great idea! So inventive. :)

    Woofs & huggies, <3

    ~Bailey (Yep, I'm a girl!)