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Saturday, February 24, 2007

Amber's Vet Trip Pix

Ha roo, everypuppy! It's me - Amber! I hope everypup is having a really happy Saturday!

As you might remember from a post Dave made last week, I had a vet appointment last Thursday. It was really, really long and the bipeds there were all just as nice as can be to me, but it was a very long day! Anyroo, I had to go back yesterday to repeat one of the tests and I must have done very well on it because there was lots of hugging and smiling going on and today Mom still keeps hugging me. It was an exhausting day again, mostly because I had to keep "vocalizing". I sang what Stormy calls The Sad Songs of Siberia. It's important that we let our feelings be known to all!

I did some exploring this time and took the camera, so you could see the cool set-up. The waiting room is really huge, but there was nothing too interesting there, so I didn't take any pictures. Here's the exam room I was in, though.

See the computer? I guess it's so pups can log in and check their email - - or maybe I should have posted to the blog!??! It was too high up for me to reach, though, so it must be for Great Danes or somepuppieselse who are tall. I'd have liked to log on and at least read some of your blogs, but I couldn't reach. Still... it's nice that it's there so the Great Danes and stuff can check their mail.

And here I am, smiling. Sort of.

I looked across the hall and saw an interesting sign on one of the other exam rooms. (They all have reinforced glass windows, so we can see out and don't feel closed in or anything!) I tried to get a picture of the sign, but couldn't hold the camera still enough. Then I saw the very same sign on the counter in MY room! Here it is:

Wow! I wonder why? What are the cats doing in there? And does this secret "Cats Only" thing have anything to do with the C(un)IA? Doesn't that just make you wonder!?!? I asked Stormy about it later and she said she thought it had more to do with limiting the spread of diseases or something like that -- but you never know!

The really cool part was on the way home. Yes, mostly because we were on the way home ... but check out what I saw when we got to the traffic light by the fire station!

Can you see through the windshield? It's people on horses! Here's a zoom-in!

Oh, it was exciting - they were all over the place! There is a big rodeo going on at campus and the horses and the people are everywhere! It was very exciting!

Then we got home and everypuppy was happy to see me and I was happy to see everypuppy and we all went on a big, long family walk. And that's my trip to the vet's!

Love to everypuppy!


  1. HI Amber!

    We hope everything at the Vet turned out ALL Good! Yes?!
    Anyroooooooooo, Did you see any Kats logon to the puter? Being they are sort of agile and all they would just do that sort of thing, we just KNOW it!

    Never trust them......thats our Oath to live by! They are very very sneaky.....

    Luv and best Vet visit hugs!
    Frankie Girl and Maddie the Chocolate Bunny

  2. Hi Frankie and Maddie!
    YES, everything was REALLY, REALLY good! :) Thank roo for asking. You are very special friends to all of us.
    I didn't see any cats log on, but there was cat STUFF everywhere! Maybe Monday I can post more about that! Yes, that's a good idea! Stay tuned.

  3. OH that is odd that there was a Cat's Only sign we wonder if it's C(un)IA trick too...maybe a secret cat society meets there...you never know.
    OH and thank you for visiting our blog and adding us to your links we added you all too. That is cool that your Dad was in the Army too! Our Papa has been in the Army for 17 years. Mom has a photo of China in Papa's boots we'll have her post it on our blog soon.
    China & Madie

  4. Sounds like everything went very well at the vets for you!! That is very good to know. Seniors are very special, and need to be treated extra special. Abby is like that since she is 12. She loves going to the vet!

  5. Hi Amber!

    Your trip to the Vet sounded soooooo exciting, I really enjoyed all the detail there.

    Hope your visit resulted in good things for you too!

    I have to go back apparently very soon to the Vets, to check out my fatty lumps and liver function once more. I will try to get some pics for you! I will certainly watch out for evidence of the C(un)A......

    I have had visitors since we last spoke, a Dalmation and a Cocker Spaniel, apparently they are coming to stay with me very sooooooon! Although not at the same time!

    love and many licks, Marvin xxxx

  6. China & Madie: Oh, that picture of China in your dad's boots is GREAT! You ARE an Army pup!
    I saw something else on campus that you might be interested in - I'll post the picture Monday!

    Holly: They were VERY nice to me - even before I was a "senior"! I've been going there ever since I was a little puppy! Abby doesn't look a day over 8! :)

    Marvin: How soon do you go back to the vets? We'll be praying for you and sending you good thoughts!!!
    Oh... did you like the Dal and the Cocker? There is a Cocker who lives near us. We don't know his name, but we call him Joe Cocker. Get it? (It's a pop music thing...)
    Hee hee hee.

    Love to everypuppy!

  7. I hope you are okay and got a clean bill of health Amber! And don't worry, my face is healing real nice, you won't be able to see the scar because of my fur!

  8. Indy: I'm glad your owie is healing well - and you'd still be incredibly handsome, visible scar or not! :) And yes, thank roo, I DID get a clean bill of health! :)