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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Sunday Salute - Rookie

This week, our Sunday Salute is to the pup we refer to as our great uncle - Rookie!

We promised our friends Jazz and Dixie some pictures of one of the beagles in Mom's life, and thought it would make a good Salute. After all, growing up with beagles in her life is one of the things that made Mom into the puppy-lover she is today!

Mom's first beagle was Sam, and the pix we found of him are really fuzzy - we think they're from when cameras were first invented or something. Ha roo roo roo. We did find some cute ones of Rookie, though! Here he is, as a wee baby in 1973:

That's Mom holding him; she was just a puppy herself! She cleverly cropped herself out of the picture before allowing us to use the picture of Rookie. Hmm. Anyroo, he was born in Rockville, Maryland, and first lived with Mom and her family in Northern Virginia.

Here's Rookie a few years later, in Hampton, Virginia, when they moved there! He looks very pensive, doesn't he?

Here's one of Mom's favorite pix of him - and her! - at "Dog Beach" on Ft. Monroe, Virginia.

Mom was in college by then and loved to come home to her family (who by then lived at Ft. Monroe) and spend special "alone time" with Rookie. Can you believe they have a beach there called "Dog Beach"? How cool is that!?!? (Oh... and that's an aircraft carrier heading home to Norfolk, VA, in the background!) Mom was home for Christmas Break for that picture.

And here's one more shot of Rookie; here, he is playing backgammon at Ft. Knox, Kentucky, with Jackie Blue - the Siberian who owned Mom's brother and his wife! (Jackie Blue was the first Sibe Mom knew and loved!)

We're not sure who won the game, but obviously Jackie is blowing on the dice for luck! Or trying to eat them. Whatever works.

Rookie (and Sam and Jackie Blue and all the pups in our mom's puppyhood) - for teaching Mom how wonderful pups are and helping train her - we salute you!

The Army of Four


  1. Awwww! Yeah, Beagles are a lot like Huskies personality wise - very smart, vocal, escape artists, and not trustworthy off leash!

    Hey, we live in Gaithersburg, MD, not far from Rockville!

    Amber, you made me blush! I want to see puppy pictures of you guys!

  2. They are wonderful pictures of Rookie! Beagles are beautiful dogs, I have a friend called Molly who belongs to the Beagle Pack! You guys would love her because although she is a Beagle she "Woooos"! We always know when she is about the park as we hear her wooooing!

    We love puppy pictures, more, more and more please! We Like the Puppy Pics of your Mama toooooooo! A well deserved Sunday Salute!

    ooooh and we have a place called Norfolk in the UK, it is a long way from Scotland and Jeannie says it is very, very flat!

    My Jeannie went to a Car Boot Sale today (a bit like a garage sale??) and she tells me she saw a Husky who was so beautiful, the Husky was queuing up with his Mama for a burger from the Burger Van!!

    ps she went to the Car Boot Sale because she is looking for a kiddy stair gate, our new guest is coming next week and I know I cannot go upstairs, but he doesn't have that rule! This should be fun!

    love and licks to you all, from Marvin xxxxxxx

  3. oh rookie is too cute!!

  4. I like Rookie's pensive look. He looked very intelligent!


  5. Hey everybody. We live at knox right now. On post probably in a house that your humans lived in while they were here. hahaha. I like it except in the summer when it is to hot for me to go outside. Those pictures of Rookie are great.

  6. Droolz! Beagles are my very favorite dogs ever! Every time I see a beagle I just loose my little fur-covered mind! My mama doesn't weigh very much and she has to brace herself and grab onto the nearest tree to keep me from galloping over to visit EVERY beagle I see I love 'em so much!

  7. Oh those doggies look nice... Rookie look very serious playing that game there.

    ~ fufu

  8. by the way, I remembered to add you guys to my blog's link list, I hope that's okay!

  9. Rookie is so cute!!! My old female human's aunt and uncle raised beagles, and she says they were always fun to play with. One of the smartest dogs she knew as a kid was Barney, a Beagle who could do lots of tricks (for a snack, of course) and lived to be 18 yrs old.
    At her library now, there's a Beagle named Llew who is in the Read to a Dog program there. Llew is THE MOST popular dog with the kids.
    Miss Stella

  10. Hi Guys,
    Thanks so much for sharing the story of your mummy's beagles with us. We liked the photos too - Sam and Rookie were so cute. I agree with Indypindy's first comment and would possibly add "will do anything for a snack" ?? let me know if we are right on that one. We haven't any Huskie friends here in Japan to play with. But maybe one day we'll meet one or two and get to know what Huskies are like. YOu guys sound very cool.
    Jazz and Dixie

  11. Indy: We will gather up some puppy pix and post them later in the week! We looked at yours again. (sigh) You are SO handsome!
    Beagles are ALL that, Mom says!

    Marvin: There are two beagle/dachsie mixes who say a friendly "ha-loooo" to us when we walk past their house. They sound a lot like beagles and Mom just loves to hear them!
    I hope the husky at the sale got a burger!

    Joe: We think so, too!

    T-man: He hung out with mom's brother's Sibe a lot - so he was BOUND to be real smart. Ha roo roo roo!

    Peanut: Ha roo! Maybe you DO live in the house Mom lived in! Mom and Dad got married at Ft. Knox and had the reception at Mom's (grandma and grandpap's) house - so Rookie got to go to it!

    Nanook: A beagle used to live on the corner of our street and I had a crush on him! He and I were puppies at the same time. He moved away and I miss him!

    Fu Fu: We wish Mom could remember who won!

    Nanook: Yes! Thank roo for the link! We added yours, too!!!

    Miss Stella: Our mom will ALWAYS have a soft spot in her heart for beagles! She says they're very wonderful - so it's no wonder Llew is very pupular! :)

    Jazz and Dixie! Mom says beagles are more snack-oriented than Siberians. We find that hard to believe, but she says it's true!
    The pictures are Rookie - all the ones of Sam are pretty messed up and wouldn't scan. We'll look for others of him that might be clearer. Did you see how Rookie's head was so dark and lightened up? Have your markings changed a lot, too?

    Love to everypuppy,

  12. Awww, so cute! Nice pictures, you guys.

    Our hometown is near Fort Lee and almost 2 hours away from the Norfolk area.

    Tierre (TY-ree)
    (the human)

  13. Hey Tierre! We know Ft. Lee real well! Dad was there for Temporary Duty (TDY) several times - and when Mom and Dad were married they were there for 6 weeks! They lived in Hopewell.
    Tail wags,

  14. Awww, lovely puppy pics :o) Rookie looked like such a dude, playing backgammon too eh? Brainy, we are (not- just ask Gabbi!)
    Slobbers xx