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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Update on the C(un)IA

Hi everypuppy, it's me - Amber! I hope everyone had a lovely Valentine's Day. We did - we totally enjoyed everypup's greetings and wishing everypup else a love-filled day!

Before I get to today's post, I'd like to point out that not only did we get a few flurries this morning (about 1/2 an inch worth!) but it's colder here than in Siberia. I think our Weather-Control Devices in the sidebar area might finally be working! Rooooo!

Mom took me out front to go potty yesterday afternoon, and I keyed on something. Everypup and the bipeds know that when I focus, there is SOMETHING out there. Remember my squirrel-spotting ability? I see everything. So like I said, I saw something yesterday, sat, stared, and refused to move.

Here I am, not moving:

I can't move. I see something.

Mom got behind me to look between my radar ears to see if she could see what I did.

Amber Alert!

It's there, by the wall. Can you see it? Let me zero in on it a bit:

CAT! From the Cat (un)Intelligence Agency -- the C(un)IA, no doubt! Just when we thought they'd gone into deep cover!

I hope our friend Chelsea reads this; she asked about our progress just the other day! How serendipitous!

I stared at it until Mom said she couldn't feel her fingers anymore - bipeds seem to be uncomfortable when the temps are in single digits (Fahrenheit) with even lower wind-chills. Myself, I was quite comfy. Anyroo, the cat saw me and took off. He knows the Ao4 is on the job!

Have a happy day, everypup. And keep on the look-out for cats!



  1. Excellent work Amber. We must be surrounded by the C(un)IA. Its a big area though and their lines may be thin. As always we will hold our line.

    Sgt. Preston, from the field

  2. Good eye, Amber, the C(Un)IA will not be able to infiltrate while you are there to keep them at a distance.
    8 tries to get this comment to post. Blogger!

  3. What an intense stare you have there! Good catch! Way to run off those infiltrators!


  4. Amber, you are ever so vigilant! You are so patient as well. Any member of my flock would have Run! to move that Cat. Your economy of motion and its effectiveness is to be emulated. Alas, not by me, it's not my nature.

    Respectful woofs,

  5. Hi Amber,

    I'm kind of late, but I hope you'll still be my Valentine. Us red dogs gotta stick together.

    Good work spotting the cat. You can't be too careful


  6. Happy Belated Valentine's Day to the Army of Four!
    The Blogger God didn't want us to post for some reason.
    Miss Stella

  7. zdyzbivKat in the snow...
    Kat in the snow...

    WHAT A GREAT Amber alerter you are!

    Still don't trust those Kats...
    Nope, Never

    Luv Maddie and Frankie

  8. Sorry, I think a KAT hacked that last post and added that

    So Sneaky Mr. Kat, who taught you how to type?

    Hmmmmmpf, told we don't trust them!

    Mads and Franks

  9. Good job at spoting the cat Amber. I bet the cat was spying on you guys

    ~ fufu

  10. SGT Preston: Thank roo! We will hold here, too. They're on the ropes, I just know it!

    Magnum: Thanks! I can spot a C(un)IA member at 100 meters! Nothing gets past me!

    Holly: Thanks! Dave went out and looked for him later. I told Storm and the boys all about him!

    Tansy: Thank roo very much! My nature is to be very quiet and stare. And if gets close enough - POUNCE! Hard to do on a 6 foot leash... but not impossible!

    Hamish: Thank roo and I would love to be your Valentine! :) You are so HANDSOME!


  11. Miss Stella and Bruce: Thank roo and happy Valentine's Day!!! It's never too late to wish happy things!


  12. Maddie and Franks: No! You're right!!! Never trust the kitties! Stormy and Zim still say you can be FRIENDS with them... just don't trust 'em. Look what one did to your post, for rooing out loud! :)

    FuFu: Thank roo and I think you're right - it was a spy cat!


  13. oh no! that cat was CLOSE. Mom saw that snow stuff, check out my blog! she didnt bring me any, though :(

  14. Joey's back! YEA!