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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Little Siberian Husky In Training

Ha roo, Storms here! Have you read our friends Butchy and Snicker's blog lately? They have a new friend named Toto who is a Yorkshire Terrier! When we lived at Ft. Riley, I gave birth to a Yorkie! I promised them a picture - so here I am with him:

He was a cool little guy and could jump all over me, go through my mouth, do whatever he wanted to and it was OK with me. He lived behind us and I had to stop and see him whenever he came outside! This was shortly after Mom and Dad adopted me; they knew then how strong my maternal instincts are! In addition to giving birth to him, I also gave birth to a Westhighland Terrier that Summer and a mixed breed girl named Polly.

The Yorkies and his parents (and Yorkie sister) moved to Texas - but they came to visit us here about six years later. After all that time of his biped Mom calling him a "Little Siberian Husky In Training" (or a Little S... well, do the acronym yourself... we run a family-friendly blog here...) I couldn't WAIT to see what he grew up to look like! Would he be a black and white like me and Dave? Or a red and white like Am and Zim? Hmm... here we are:

He didn't look like a Siberian at ALL! I had to admit he was a Yorkie and wouldn't really grow up to look like me, despite being a Little Siberian Husky In Training for so long. At least I gave birth to REAL Siberians (Amber, when she was 4 months old, and Zim, when he was a year and a half old) and then there's Dave. Ha roo.

The rest of the Ao4 were very accepting of my former puppy and his sister when they came to visit. We were VERY well-behaved! Here's everypup after a nice, long walk. The Yorkies were carried - for some reason, they couldn't keep up. Go figure. They also didn't seem quite as calm as we were afterwards. What to make of this?

Left to right, that's Zim, Dave, the Yorkies, Amber and me. Bipeds have been fuzzed out because we didn't ask permission to post the picture. But honestly ... who's going to look at the bipeds anyway?

Hope you enjoyed seeing my former puppy!

Tail wags,


  1. oooh Stormy - I really enjoyed reading your links in this post, especially the one about how you all got here! It was very interesting, I did really think for a moment on reading the post you had given birth to a Yorkie!

    Must get my eyes tested I think!

    I think it is lovely you have such strong maternal instincts!

    One of my pals is a Westie, her name is Tich, but she barks at me a great deal sometimes, Jeannie says it is "infernal yapping!"

    As you say this is a family-friendly Blog so we won't go any further into the subject of Jeannie and Westies who YAP TOO MUCH!

    I love your tales of the history of the AO4! Keep on with it all!

    ooooh and we were a bit worried about the fuzzy headed bi-peds, but we understand now!! Lovely pics.

    Now I will go back to red faced Jeannie who is battling with something called a Video for my Blog. She does get herself into a spin with these things you know!

    love and licks, sorry this is such a long comment I have just realised! Just really do not want to learn any more "bad" hoooooman words at the moment. "Little Siberian Husky In Training" phrase seems to be in use quite a bit here at the moment! Marvin xxxxxx

  2. That's so nice of you to be so nice to those Yorkie's! I consider them chew toys or snacks. I don't do very well with little dogs for some reason.

    They are very cute though!


  3. Oh, Stormy, you are such a wonderful dog! So well-deserved is your leadership role with the Ao4.

    I too am very friendly toward the small ones. Perhaps it is also a maternal feeling? Certainly I feel protective of my flock when I see the active large dogs in our vicinity.

    A lovely photograph of you four and the Yorkies. I especially like the grass.

    Best wishes,

  4. Hey Stormy,
    I know a Yorkie from the dog park. His name is Hamlet. Sometimes I prefer to call him Omelet.

  5. Marvin: I was sure I gave birth to him until I saw him all those years later. There are two Westies who live near us, but Zim is the only one who has met them. Zim is VERY tolerant. These guys yap a lot, too.
    Good luck with the video!

    Holly: One day, the female Yorkie was sitting on Mom's lap and Dave came up (slowly) to sniff her. She GROWLED and SNAPPED at him - can you believe it?!?!? Dave just pinned his ears back and walked off, with his feelings all hurt. Mom gave the Yorkie back to her biped right away and ran to Davy. He gots tons of hugs, "good boy!"s and a cookie! That Yorkie wasn't exactly real smart - she was smaller than his HEAD! Dave's a heck of a nice guy.

    Dear Tansy: I think you and I have a great deal in common! I love all puppies! And like you, I feel like I have to protect my "flock" when we're approached by other dogs. I don't want anyone to hurt my puppies! Even if those puppies are all bigger than I am! :)
    It's almost time for green grass again!

    Althea: Hamlet? That's cute! Do you play with him at all?

    Tail wags,

  6. What a great story! I have a herd of six Yorkie cousins! They don't like me much - they bark and freak out whenever I move. If I sit still, they are OK. I like your Yorkies better!

    You are such a good girl!

  7. Hey that's cool you had so many puppies. haha Hey how did you like Ft. Riley. We might be moving there (depending on dad's knee surgery and what the army says) so any info you could give me would be nice.

  8. Dear Stormy,

    We really like reading all of your stories! I'm not too sure about Yorkies but they look like they could be fun.

    That's a great pic of all of you!

    Thrawn from The Brat Pack

  9. Hey Storm, I wanna be a Siberian Husky In Training too...
    Are you the one lying down in that last pic. You look so happy smiling. :) You must be so proud of your puppies

    ~ fufu

  10. ya really, what bipeds!

    today when mom and dad were driving they saw to sibes running with their mom and a SCHNAUZER! what a funny group that was!!

  11. Hi Stormy,
    Those sure are some cute Yorkies, You sound like a very loving and caring Husky. I have never seen a yorkie but there was a weiner dog in my puppy class and I liked to play with him. Puppy Kisses, Sooky

  12. Hey there Storms,

    my ma grew up with a little Siberian Husky In Training. This was in the Pre-T-T age, so I never met the little....well, you know.

    And I think you've done a great photoshopping job on the bipeds. Far more interesting when their faces don't get in the way.

    Chow for now,

    Tin Tin xo

    Oooh, and don't tell anyone, but we voted for ya in one of the awards.

  13. Storms, you must be proud of all your puppies. You are such a good mama.

  14. Cubby: SIX Yorkies? Oooh, that's gotta be loud. I hope they learn to be nice to you!

    Butchy & Snickers: Yeah - isn't there a saying about "as tenacious as a terrier"? All the ones I've known have been mighty feisty!

    Peanut: Thanks for visiting! And I LOVED Ft. Riley! When Dad retired from the Army, we stayed right next door to post - so the bipeds like it, too!

    Thrawn: Thanks! When the Yorkies did their version of zoomies - or tried to - that's when Mom put us on-lead. They really look too much like prey when they run. We did a lot of "avoidance" things when they visited.

    Fu Fu: You are so sweet! Yes, I'm the one laying down, smiling! Thanks for noticing. I was so happy in that picture! And YES, I am VERY proud of all my puppies!!!

    Joey: A Schnauzer and two Sibes? That sounds like a joke ... Two Sibes are running down the street with a Schnauzer...

    Sooky: I'm really a tough girl ... but have a soft spot for puppies and anyone who's hurting. Mom doesn't really believe I'm a tough girl ... but I AM! I'm the pack leader - I have to be! It's nice that you made friends with the weiner dog!

    Tin Tin: Glad you understand about the bipeds! Ha roooo!
    and thanks for the v-o-t-e!

    Magnum: Thank roo. I work hard training my puppies! Mom had always promised that once I learned how to trust and share and a few other things that she'd let me have a puppy of my own. That's how I got Amber! And she is a DELIGHT!!! So is Zim! And Dave... is a heck of a nice guy. Ha roo roo roo!

    Tail wags,