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Saturday, February 17, 2007

My Reward!

Hi everypuppy! It's me, Amber! Like Davy told you, I was a very good girl at the vet's Thursday. I knew I'd get a reward, I just wasn't sure what it would be. Then Stormy looked out of one of our cool look-out windows yesterday afternoon and said, "It's here!"

Check it out, pups! It's here!

I wasn't sure what she was rooing about, but then Mom and Dad bundled up and hooked us up and out we went! Here's Dave:

Woo. I thought Dad just shovelled the driveway. Look at all the snow!

It was BEE-ROO-TIFUL! And it was still coming down! Here's Zimmie, catching snowflakes on his nose. Silly boy!

Oooh, this is fun! Got one! Try it, Am!

But I was ready to GO, GO, GO!

Let's GO!

We had a great walk in the snow. What a nice reward after my hard day!!! I just LOVE it!

I hope everypuppyelse who wanted more snow got more snow!



  1. Your snow is so so so so pretty!

    We are feeling better!

    Life is good! Your Blog is fandabi dozi

    Your pictures are ace!

    always cheer us up!

    love and scottish licks Marvin xxxxxx
    Jeannie xxxx

  2. Hey Amber,

    We have more snow today too. Love to sniff in the drifts. Winter is great.

    Do your paws ever hurt? Mine did last week. It was below zero. You are natural snow dogs, though. Guess you're okay.


  3. Hey Ammy!

    That's so great you got some more snow! We got a little more last night too, but also some really fast wind! Between 40-50 mph!

    Was good "hanging out" weather for us.


  4. Hey Ao4,

    Rafe asked the question we were wondering about. How are your feet when it gets so cold? We haven't had snow around here in a couple of years but, if we did, the only running we would do would be back to the door to get into the house!

    Roxie, Sammy & Andy

  5. Marvin: It was VERY pretty... but now that it's warming up a bit, someone has been taking it again! :(

    Rafe: My feet do OK as long as I'm in snow or on ice. But if the people from the City have put chemicals on the street and we cross it - THAT can make my feet hurt. I don't think our ancestors in Siberia had to deal with road chemicals; we were designed to be snow and ice friendly -- not chemical-friendly! I would love to race around in the snow with you and your pack-mates!

    Holly: We got the high winds, too! It was very blowy!

    Dachsies: We were designed for this stuff - just not the chems, like I told Rafe! If we're outside, Mom and/or Dad are outside, though - so it's not like we're out here for hours on end! :) Our pack sticks together - bipeds and quadrupeds alike!


  6. We have a beautiful warm, sunny day here today in Scotland! Blue skies and the spring bulbs are out.....

    No snow.

    Just a wee bit on the hills across from us.

    love and spring like licks
    Marvin xxxxxx

  7. just popped by to say we have just voted for you in the Awesome Blog Award Poll.

    And my Pa, Keith, has voted for you as well.

    Two votes for the Fandabidozi Army of Four! From all of us here in Bonnie Scotland.

    love and competitive licks, Marvin xxxxx

  8. Marvin: You are way too sweet! And your bipeds, too! I would lick all of you on the nose if you were here.
    We will post about the blog awards tomorrow = encouraging everyone to check the blogs and vote for somepuppy! Thank you for your support, Marvin - it means a lot to us!

  9. Nah, they said we were going to get more and we didn't. Weathermen are such liars! I'm glad you guys had fun though!

  10. Hi Guys,
    Nice snow pics. You guys look great surrounded by the white stuff! We are still waiting here in Tokyo.
    Jazz and Dixie

  11. Indy: Our Weather bipeds often get it wrong, too. They should learn to call me first!

    Jazz and Dixie: Thanks! We LOVE the snow! Do you think you'll get some still this year?


  12. Good deeds should be rewarded! Congrats on such a great snow!

  13. Thank roo, Cubby! It was really lovely - but now someone came and took almost all of it. :(