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Friday, February 23, 2007


Ha roo, everypup! It's me - Zim! Did you see Fu Fu's blog yesterday? He got some really cool treats called yogurt drops. Mmm, they looked good! Then I surfed over to Charlie the Big Dog's blog and saw a VERY cool video of him and the bee-roo-tiful Miss Opy getting yogurt!!! It reminded me that we LOVE yogurt, but haven't had any in quite a while. I thought if I posted pix of all of us, that Mom might get the picture (so to speak) and give us some!

Here I am: And here's the Deeve:
Here's Ammy:
And here's Storm:
That one of Storm is one of Mom's favs. She's bound to take the hint after seeing that one!!!

Wish us luck! Play bows, pups!


  1. Best of luck, Zim! We had a dab of yogurt on our breakfast this morning, delicious! What I also enjoy is drinking the remains of Kefir (liquid yogurt) from a cup. I cannot finish it, though. Our Renzo does - he has Storm's technique! Perhaps it's a flock leader's prerogative...

    Sunny days,

  2. I just love yogurt. It is almost as good as ice cream or orange sherbet!


  3. Oh thoses photos are so cute! (Our mom things you guys are adoreable).

    Our mom won't give us yogurt - but she does give us CHEESE !

  4. Geez - everyone is getting yummy things but us! We're going to push Mom to let us try yogurt too!

    The Brat Pack

    PS Love the pics!!

  5. Sophie likes peach yogurt the best. But any yogurt will do in a pinch. Well, it doesn't even have to be a pinch.

  6. ooooh I have never eaten yoghurt! What does it taste like?

    I am not allowed dairy products.....according to my Bi Peds - if I have them I do a Joe Stains on the flooring...........sssssh! don't tell anyone I said that of course!

    Love the pictures!

    Marv xxxxx

  7. Yogurt is also good for your tummy and it's digestion of your food!

    My brother Samuel LOVES yogurt! He sits and stares at whichever human is eating it. It is imperative that he gets to clean the container! If you forget to give it to him, he gives you the claw as a reminder!


  8. OH we wish our Mom would give us some yogurt too. You all had a good idea to put pictures to let her know!
    China & Madie

  9. I want yogurt now and I don't think we have any.

    Mama can't eat it cause it makes her go stinky farts but, don't tell her I told you.


  10. Yuuummmm! We have never had yogurt but it looks wonderful. We do get a spoonful of cottage cheese on our breakfast and our dinner. We love our cottage cheese. And Mom says it is good for our skin and coats. Since we have nice shiny coats, she must know a little bit about it.

    Roxie, Sammy & Andy

  11. Dear Tansy: It hasn't worked yet, but I won't give up hope! I've never heard of Kefir, but if it has your endorsement, it must be delicious!
    Is Renzo your flock leader? Stormy is ours. She's very smart and caring and a great leader!

    Charlie K-C: It's sooooo yummy, isn't it?

    Jessie & Jake: Mmmm, cheese. That's great stuff, too!

    Thrawn: Yogurt is yummy! I hope you Brat Pack guys can talk your bipeds into giving you some!

    Sophie: We like the cherry best. Or strawberry/banana. Yum!

    Marvin: Never? wow. Is there a Humane Society in Scotland that we can report Jeannie to? ha roo roo roo. Just kidding. It tastes kind of like ice cream, only not as cold and not as sweet. Dave loves the cherry kind; he says it reminds him of the smooshed crabapples on the sidewalk that he loves so much.

    Holly: Samuel and yogurt sounds like me and cappuccino. Ha ROO! Sadly, coffee is one of those "forbidden" foods. I'm glad yogurt is on the "good" list!!!

    China and Madie: I hope you guys can get some! We get about a whole teaspoon each - isn't that great!?! We love it!

    Chelsea: Hmm. Maybe yogurt is best avoided in your house, then. Or your mom could get some just for YOU!

    Dachsies: We've never had cottage cheese. We'll have to ask mom to get some for us; I'll bet we'd love it!

    Play bows,

  12. oh yogurt is the best thing evvver!! we can smell yogurt from a mile away and when mom and dad are eating it we run up to them and get this SO EXCITED look in our eyes. Mom said it looks like our eyes are about to pop out of our heads!

  13. Ooh, that's my ALL TIME favorite snack! When I can steal it from Mom, that is!


  14. Hey guys, I LOVE yogurt too...
    Those pic are good to hint to your mom that you all should get yogurt treats always. :)

    ~ fufu