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Sunday, February 04, 2007

Sunday Salute - Rocky's Dad Mike!

This week, our Sunday Salute goes out to our friend Rocky's dad, Mike! Oh, we know, we know - he's a biped. We promise to not make a habit out of this - but he's one biped worthy of a Salute! As frequent readers of the Ao4 Digest may remember, Rocky is a German Shepherd friend of ours in the DC area. He's about 10 years old and his dad has often considered getting him a brother or sister. Here is a picture of the two of them. Rocky is the one on the right. Ha roo roo roo.

Mike and Rocky

Mike (the biped) learned that a colleague of his at work wanted to re-home his husky-mix pup, Mati. Mati's story tugged at his heartstrings. He carefully considered all the pros and cons to the adoption, talked at length with her "owner", even wrote our bipeds about it! Most importantly, he thought about the Rockstar! How would the potential adoption affect Rocky? Would he still know he's the #1 pup in Mike's heart? Would he like having Mati as a sister?


This picture above isn't really from one of their adoption-discussions, but it could have been. Rocky is clearly a pup deep in thought. "A sister? What kind of sister?"

And that brings us to Mati. She's a 12 year old - that's right - 12 year old husky mix.


It's easy to see how she captured Mike's - and Rocky's hearts! Mati and Rocky met a week ago today; the rest, as they say, is history.

From everything we've heard, she and Rocky are doing great together. Mike knew our great sister Lucky; she taught him a little bit about what being a Siberian Husky is all about. And we got to meet him a while ago, and worked our charms on him. There is a lot to learn about the ways of the husky. :) We can be a bit ... trying.

You can follow Mike, Rocky and Mati's adventures on their blog, Rockstar and Company.

Rocky and Mati at home!

Mike, it takes a very special biped to adopt a 12 year old pupper. For all you already do for Rocky and for adopting this very special Mati girl .... we salute you!

The Army of Four


  1. Mike deserves this salute! Most adopters want young pups and he took a mature lady into his home. We would give him sweet dachsie kisses if he was here.

    Roxie, Sammy & Andy

  2. What a great human! Mati looks right at home with Rocky, we think they will all live happily ever after!

  3. HaRoooooo! Thank you for such a salute to the both of us! I really like having Mati here in our home. She is a good girl and Dad loves her too.

    That picture of Dad was not intended. Dad was talking with me while Robin the photographer was setting up. Then she just snapped the photo. Please visit www.pawprintsphotography.com to see her website. When we get our other portraits done, we will be sure to share!

    Thanks so much for visiting, kisses and paws back to all of you!

    :-) Rocky

  4. Harooo a rooo a rooo! Sundays Salute to Mike! What a great biped
    and loving dad to Rocky and Mati!
    Mati you are one adorable white puppers! She looks like a doll.
    Glad you found your new love filled home Mati! Look forward to hearing about your adventures with
    Rocky and your Dad!

    A GREAT Sunday Salute to Mike, Rocky and Mati!

    This is the type of news that should be in Newspapers and tv
    Happy Endings....the best news.

    Maddie and Frankie Girl

  5. Yeah Mike! You are the best!

  6. That is so incredible!!! I'm so glad Mike and Rocky decided to give Mati a wonderful and loving home! She is sure a very lucky girl to have found such a great family!!

    God bless them all!


  7. Wah a pretty girl Mati is. :)

  8. Dachsies: Isn't he GREAT?!?!?

    M & M: Rocky is SO sweet to accept her into his home, isn't he? They do look very much at home with each other!

    Rocky: We had our mom trick your dad a little. He thought we were going to salute you. :) We LOVE the picture of the two of you; you can really tell how much you love each other. Thank you to BOTH of you for adopting Mati!!!

    Chocolate Bunny and Frankie: Isn't this just the bestest story!?!?

    Cubby: He is, isn't he?!!?

    Holly: Mike is doing God's work, taking her in - isn't he?!?!

    Fu Fu: She's quite beautiful! Welcome back, Fu! We missed you!

    Love to everypuppy,

  9. What a great tribute to an incredible biped!

    Mama's getting all teary eyed again. Sheesh.

    Mati is a lucky girl...er, I mean older pup. She has a great new family

  10. Chelsea: Aren't Mike and Rocky WONDERFUL!!?!? And Mati is so sweet! I love fur-ever home stories!!!

  11. (Bow)wow,

    great lookin' paws. And the biped ain't bad either.

    Chow for now,

    Tin Tin xo

  12. Tin Tin: Rocky is as handsome as a certain Australian dalmatian-blue-heeler-labrador cross I know. :) And Mati is VERY pretty! Both Zim and Dave think so! And their biped is the BESTEST for adopting them!!!

  13. HaRoooooo Everyone! Mati here. I love my new home. Dad isn't bad either. Dad told me he was surprised that he was Sunday's Salute! He said it was nothing! (I know better!) He lets me snuggle next to him on the sofa AND he lets me sleep on the bed!! Rocky lets me sleep on the bed too. Rocky slept on the bed every night, but now when I get on the bed - Rocky waits a minute and then gets on the floor - even though we are not touching or anything! Rocky is a great brother to have. He's smart too. He showed me the magic cold box and told me he can open it. Dad opened it and I ran over to it and stuck my head inside. Rocky said I did it all wrong. I guess I was supposed to pretend like I didn't care about it, but oh well. Rocky will teach me what I need to know. Thanks for all your Love everyone. xo Mati

  14. Mati: If Rocky teaches you how to open the magic cold box, PLEASE share the secret with us!!! Please!?!?!