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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Sunday Salute - The Bernina Boys!

Today, our Sunday Salute goes out to Moseley and Bristol!

Remember a few days ago Zim mentioned a Lab who works at the Bernina Shoppe? He helped Mom pick out the cool thread to quilt the wild snowman quilt? Yeah - that's the guy! Sadly, he lost his brother not too long ago. He had been carrying on, helping his mom, Lisa, in the shop all by himself when some people were trying to find a home for a little Labrapuppy!

The pup in question was three months old and already on his third home, the way we heard it. He really needed a good home! Then someone thought... Let's ask Lisa! No, she wasn't looking for a little brother for Moseley - but hey, some of us around this place have heard that one before, too. Ha roo roo roo. (Yes... that's two hyperlinks there....) She was concerned about all kinds of stuff - to include Moseley's feelings and how he'd respond to the babe, but decided to give this little fella a home! Interestingly enough, Lisa was mulling over adopting the Lab puppy at the same time Mike in DC was considering adopting Mati! They both knew what an important decision it is to adopt a pup of any age - with tons of short- and long-term considerations. How cool that they both chose to adopt! They've both found great fur-ever homes!

Mom just "had" to stop by the Bernina Shoppe the other day. (right...) And guess who she met? Introducing Bristol!


Yeah... doesn't he just go over the top of the Cute Meter? Wow! We smelled him and Moseley all OVER Mom. We don't mind, though. Those guys work SO hard at the shop; we're glad Mom showed them some appreciation. Check out these pix Mom took of them during a work break:

Moseley is obviously showing Bristol the ropes. (Amber made us write that ... you know ... the rope toy... showing him the ropes... sigh......)

They're a great asset to the shop - we have no doubt! Lisa works real hard with her boys - they are very well-behaved, respectful, and mannerly. They are both so adorable - and we are totally impressed at what a good big brother Moseley is! Lisa is a wonderful doggie mom; she should be very proud of her boys. (And we're sure she IS!) The boys are great Customer Relations workers!

Moseley and Bristol, for all you do, helping run the Bernina Shoppe (and Moseley for helping to train your little brother!) - we salute you!

The Army of Four


  1. I hadn't realized that Labradors were part of the working group!

  2. Wow, what a cutie! I can see why he stole Lisa's heart. What a wonderful person she is to have adopted him. Those other people who had him before, and weren't smart enough to keep him, sure don't know what they've lost! But, that's good for Bristol, cuz he was obviously meant to be with Lisa and Mosley!


  3. Tubey: I'll ask the Labra-Dave. Ha roo roo roo.

    Holly: Exactly - Bristol is where he was meant to be!

    Tail wags,

  4. Wooo Mosley & Bristol, you're both very cute! And what hard working dogs too! Not bad for not being HUskies & all! Haroooo, M&M

  5. oh my that dog is SO cute! they look like good workers, and I liked the rope joke!

  6. They are both so adorable and how lucky for him to be adopted by a loving home!

    I love the photo where they are playing tug or war. How cute.


  7. What a cuttie doggie and a hardworking one to help out in the shop. :)

    ~ fufu

  8. Ropes! Hee, hee...so glad the puppy has a good teacher.

  9. That is just cute overload. Does he have a licence...to be that cute?

    Chow for now,

    Tin Tin xo

  10. aaaaaw! What a lovely "tail" your Sunday Salute is! (not proper grammar there, but after all I am only a Dog!)

    They are lovely pics - Jeannie loves Bristol, she says what a cutey pie name. She used to live near Bristol in England! Why did they choose that name it is very unusual!

    We will be quiet today because Jeannie is not well, she has terrible sore throat, cough and cold, so much for sunny holidays and fireworks in cocktails!

    Speak more tomorrow, love and licks to my best Four! Marvin xxxxx
    and poor Jeannie xxxxxxx

  11. Mx2: Aren't they totally cute?

    Joe: Amber is the princess of puns! Ha roo!

    Chelsea: Lisa is a VERY good doggie mom! We've met her and she's VERY nice!

    Fu Fu: They work VERY hard!

    Bruce: Mosley looks like a great teacher, doesn't he?

    Tin Tin: I hear ya, pal!

    Marvin: A great "tail"? Ha roo, you're killin' me! Hope Jeannie feels better soon. Cuddle up with her and keep her warm!

    Play bows, all!

  12. We are so happy to see Mosley and Bristol have found true brother- some together! What a happy ending Lisa has made come true for Bristol.

    Awesome! We salute All of you!

    Aroooooooooo and a Woof

    Frankie Girl and Maddie