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Monday, February 05, 2007

Busy Quilting Weekend

Woo. Dave here, Guide Dog for the Color Blind. Mom's on-line quilt group does a "Super Bowl Sunday" quilt every year - this year, Mango's mom posted directions and they all worked independently, encouraging each other through email and sending pictures. I got all excited the first year, 'cuz I thought they said "Supper Bowl" ... pup, was I wrong! Woo. What a cruel hoax!
Since I'm Mom's GDFTCB, it's a big weekend for me. I front-loaded some Z-time, so I'd be ready. Here's an action shot of that:

Me. Front-loading Z-time. It's part of my job.

When I got downstairs to the Studio, guess who was on MY comfy Guide Dog for the Color Blind spot? Stormy! Can you believe it!?!? And check out the look she shot me.

Yeah... this is comfy. Ha roo roo roo. I think I'll stay here.

Hrmph! I wasn't happy, but had to get down to business. I checked over the blocks Mom had made so far and chose a few more fabrics for her to add.

Needs somethin', Mom.

Needs more of this. Honest!

I chose this one first. By the time I made my second selection, Storm had moved off my working place, so I took my other fabric over there. Um... to study it and reflect on the colors.

Yeah. I like this one, too.

Here's Saturday's progress, below. I left my Nylabone there as a marker, so I wouldn't forget our place.

Saturday's progress, above. And Sunday's, below.

And here's how far we got yesterday, above. We're almost there. We'll post pix tomorrow and in the following days so you can see how the redheads helped and how the top comes out!



  1. Wow! You are supper! oops, I mean super Dave! Ahhh, you ARE Super Dave aren't you? I always wondered what happened to him - and now I know! Super Dave was a Quadruped pretending to be a Biped! (Ok, I won't tell anyone!) And to help out choosing fabric and sharing your nylabone as a marker, that's great. I try do that with Dad, I leave my nylabones all over the house so he knows where I've been. He keeps putting them back in my basket when that evil machine comes out - almost every day... but as soon as he's done, I take them out again! Good job Dave! Hi Paw! Rocky.

  2. Wow, cool Dave--you did some really important work with your Mom and it was very thoughtful of you to leave your Nylabone in place so she didn't forget where you were in your work. I didn't notice Stormy helping so much even from the soft perch. Why was that?

    See ya

  3. Wow, Dave, you and your mom are fast! My mom said that when she was in college she made a quilt and it took her ALL summer. I guess she needed a guide dog like you!


  4. Good job, Dave! I bet Stormy would not lie there if she understood the responsibility that goes along with that position.

  5. (Bow)wow Dave,

    handsome AND an expert quilt assistant.

    As I say, a quilty sibe's better than a guilty one.

    Aagh. I'll stop now.

    Chow for now,

    Tin Tin xo

  6. Woo! Rocky: See? I was confused by the whole "supper" vs. "super" thing, too! Our mom keeps putting our toys back in the toy box, too. How's a guy supposed to keep his place?

    Pippin: Thank woo. We're a working breed, too, you know! Storm says she's a supervisor and was doing a LOT of work. It just didn't look like it. Hmm...

    Kat: Mom couldn't choose the right colors without me - that's for sure! So I speed that part up a LOT! woo.

    Magnum: That spot is supposed to be for color study, not for supervising! I tried to tell her that, but she wouldn't budge. Until she wanted to.

    Tin Tin: You are so clever with words! I AM quilty, not guilty! ...except for a few times I was caught red-pawed with half a bunch of bananas that had been on top of the magic cold box ... and the bag of powdered sugar ... and uh, maybe a trash bag in the middle of the living room before Meeshka's mom told Mom about the $200 trash can ... and uh... well, maybe I'm quilty and guilty. But I'm a nice guy. Just ask my mom!


  7. My dearest Dave,

    You are not only the cutest, most adorable husky, you are also the most talented!

    What I am most impressed with, is your ability NOT to mess up the pieces all over the floor! How do you do it??!!

    Your Malagal,

  8. wow that looks super! my mom's boss is a quilting lady and her sewing machine has a COMPUTER inside it. I love the camo!

  9. Hey Dave, the quilt looks great. And good thing you helped out. :)

    ~ fufu

  10. Hey Dave, good job. can you make 1 for me too?

  11. Holly: Woo! You are a very nice puppy! Thank woo for your kind words. I don't mix the blocks up unless we need to change the layout. It has something to do with Mom and Dad taking us on a long walk before we hit the Studio.

    Joe: Thanks, pal! We like that camo, too!
    Wow... if Mom's sewing machine had a computer in it, she'd have to get Stormy to help her with it!

    Fu Fu: Thanks! Mom always says she doesn't know how she'd do it without me! Woo.

    Ben Ben: I only choose the fabrics. I'll ask Mom about making one for you!


  12. Wooo Dave! You really are quite the color picker, what a great job you do! Your Mom sure is lucky to have such an assistant!
    Face Licks, M&M

  13. Oh Dave, you are soooooo good for not shredding that quilt square! You have more willpower than I do!

  14. M&M: Thank woo. I work very hard around here!

    Indy: We're not allowed to shred things like this. Besides, we've got lots of fun toys to play with.