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Sunday, February 18, 2007

Sunday Salute - Joe Stains and Marvin!

Today's Sunday Salute is a surprise for our friends Joe Stains and Marvin! Ha roooo! Joe was the winner of the DWB Awesome Blog Award for this month - and Marvin won the Featured Blog!

Joe always has a cool adventure to tell us about or a funny story or a tale of something going on with him and the Doof--- uh, we mean with him and Tanner. Last week, Joe had to go stay at his grandparents' house for a few days and couldn't blog from there. We missed his stories very much! While he was gone, Mom got an email with pix of all kinds of cute pups in it and we saw this and thought of Joe and... Tanner! We were going to post it as a "we miss Joey Stains" post, but he came back early!!! YEA! He must have known we missed him. Anyroo, here it is now:

Do you think Joe is the one in the lower left-paw corner and he's putting his paw over Tanner's mouth? Ha roo roo roo! It was too adorable not to share! A cup of Boston ... Terriers!

And Marvin had computer problems and then Jeannie wasn't feeling good so he couldn't post for quite a while and we missed him terribly! Marvin writes such wonderful, profound poetry, shares beautiful pictures of his adventures in Scotland, and always makes us feel good after we read his blog! This is one of our favorite pictures of him:

We think that tartan is the "clan Marvin" design. Ha roo!

Joey and Marvin - thanks for all the work you put into your blogs! We love reading about your adventures! We salute you!

The Army of Four


  1. oooooh you Four and your Mama! You are just the very best! Thank you so, so much for your wonderful Sunday Salute for Joe and me, Marvin! You are too kind!

    Jeannie says she has just got her "normal" eyes back after her cold, now they have gone all watery again reading your lovely words!!

    Blub, blub! Sniff! Sniff!

    Happy tears though she says!

    love and so many Scottish Licks to all of you from Marvin and Jeannie
    ps the picture of me is one of Jeannie's favourites too!

  2. THANK YOU for the honor. Mom just loves that picture of all those Bostons!!! I certainly wish I could stick my paw in the doofus's mouth to shut him up!!! We got in trouble this morning for being loud mouths. :(

  3. A cuppa Joe!

    Bussie Kissies

  4. Marvin is indeed talented! I have seen some of his work!


  5. Hee, hee, a boston tea party...

  6. Great Salute for 2 very deserving dogs!

  7. hey, that is such a cute picture of the puppies in the cup!

    I have put my exciting news in the comments on my last post!

    thank you again for the honour of sharing the Sunday Salute with Joe.

    I am blushing! love and licks to you all, Marvin xxxxxxxxxxxx

  8. Marvin and Joey:
    You two deserve a Salute! We always enjoy reading your blogs!! We know you work hard writing them!

    Buster: Ha! Good one!

    Chelsea: He should be made THE poet of Scotland, don't you think?

    Bruce: Ha roo roo roo! That's funny!!!

    Holly: Thanx! They DO deserve it!

    Marvin: That's VERY exciting news! We wish you and Jeannie MUCH success in your new venture!!!

    Play bows,