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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Supper-Dupper Bins

Ha ROO! It's me - Drill SGT Zim. Once again, we were inspired by something we saw on the Dachsies' blog. They posted an EXTREMELY scary picture of their supper-dupper bins. The scary part? Sammy and Roxie's was almost EMPTY! Fortunately, there was a happy ending to the tale (tail?), as there was a back-up bag on stand-by. WHEW!

Anyroo, our set up looks quite similar to theirs, so we thought we'd show you! It comes out of the pantry, a magical room full of all kinds of treats! (The pantry is behind that door Mom's purse is hanging on.)

Here's our container. The flap that keeps our dinner sealed in nice and fresh is up -- that can only mean it's Supper-Dupper time! Uh... I mean Chow Time. Sound Mess Call!

I'm not sure if Sammy, Andy and Roxie's container is on wheels or not. Ours is. Stormy said when Mom rolls it out of the pantry, it's like a Room Service cart being wheeled out for us. Ha roo.

We all eat the same chow, so there's only one container. We each get different amounts, though. Mom fills a baggie for each of us with the prescribed amount the night before - then she (or Dad) serve us from that for each meal. (We eat three squares a day, so they just scoop from our baggie and only have to really measure once!) Here is a peak at our baggies and all.

Everypuppy has the same size bowl except for Dave. His is bigger. We have a spare one the size of mine, Am's and Storm's..... but Dave needs a little more space around his mouth when he eats. I'm not going to accuse him of anything ... but he's not quite as fastidious as the rest of us are at chow time. The bigger bowl helps with that.

This whole post is making me hungry. I gotta see if I can con Mom out of a snack.

Play bows,


  1. Wow! That's what our food holder looks like too only we have a tan top on ours. No wheels either but I think that's because Dad didn't put them on. We keep ours in the laundry room, but the treats are kept in the pantry, so we try to get in there all the time. Mom says, "No puppies in the pantry!" and she thinks that's so cute. Mom's are silly.

    Steve & Kat

  2. No container for us, just the plain ol' Nutro bag. We kinda get 3 squares a day, the lady makes us breakfast & when she leaves for that stupid work place she gives us our dry outside & then when she comes home at night she makes us dinner. She used to laugh at her Granparents about "cooking" for their poodle, well guess what, she's not laughing now (only Husky approved foods though). Funny how things change for humans once they're blessed with us, Haroo!
    Face Licks, M&M

  3. It looks like your container in nice and full. Good thing too, we don't want any hungry huskies running around! No wheels for us. Mom just pulls it out and pushes it back. If it ever breaks, though, she says she might go for the rolling version. Ours clicks closed like your too. We like the click when it opens but the rest of the time we can't even smell our goodies in the bin. Mom even has a couple of smaller bins for the treats. "CLICK" and we come running!!

    Roxie, Sammy & Andy

  4. Ziiiimmers!

    We have a pull out drawer where the magic bins are! Up until recently we had 3 seperate bins, as we all ate different foods! Of course I eat puppy food, but I am now 1/2 & 1/2 pup food and Frankie grown up up food. Our other bin used to be for our senior brother. My mom adored this post she said. Such insight on the important things! Our don't have wheels like yours!

    Maddie the chocolate bunny

  5. that is quite the elaborate system you have there! Mom has neglected our fiberous meals for one day, I might not talk to her for the rest of the night.

  6. It's nice you guys can see your food container Zim. Our people keep the big container hidden in the bathroom downstairs and they have another, smaller container that they keep on top of the fridge. They're going to have to figure out something else though because with 6 of us, that smaller container doesn't hold as many meals as it used to. When it was just Renzo and me, they only had to fill it once or twice a week. Now, it's about every two days.

    I bet your people feed you enough food. Ours don't. They starve us--really, you can see our ribs. Somedog should report them.

    See ya

  7. Steve & Kat: "No puppies in the pantry"!?!? That sounds like something OUR mom would say!

    M & M: You should get one of these room service carts! They're cool!

    Dachsies: Yes, it was "New Bag of Dog Food Day". I love that day!

    Maddie: You're already on half and half? WOWzers, you're getting to be so grown up! I ate puppy food when I first got here, 'cuz I needed more calories and nutrients. Now I just eat grown up food. Before you know it, you and Frankie will eat the same stuff! Ha roo!

    Joe: Yes, you need to make your mama pay for this!

    Pippin: The downstairs bathroom? I like to take naps in our downstairs bathroom! Your people need to feed you LOTS more!

    Play bows,

  8. Hey Zim,

    I'm pretty sure that we have the same exact food container but I can't be completely certain since Dad keeps it in the basement and I never go down there, it is scary.


  9. Althea: That's cool that we might have the same bins! I forgot that your basement is scary. We don't have scary places here. Unless the water is running in the shower and mom uses that sickly sweet voice and says, "Zimmie!!!" and tries to get me to go in there. THAT'S scary!
    Play bows,