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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Help From Us Redheads!

Ha roo, everypup! It's me, Zim! Dave shared some great pix yesterday to show you how helpful he is as Mom's Guide Dog for the Color Blind. Granted, the rest of us don't have the color sense he does, but we work in the Quilt Studio, too! Stormy supervises, as Dave showed you. Ha roo roo roo. She's in charge wherever she goes!

Amber heads up the Security Detail. She always positions herself to where she can keep an eye on everyone - pup and biped alike! In this picture from Friday...

it looks like she has also chosen a good spot for Mom to lay out the quilt blocks. Here's the start of the process:
Amber was still watching over all of us, AND was guarding the quilt blocks! Mom told her not to bother moving, so she didn't. Ha roo roo roo!

On Saturday, Am positioned herself near the stairs, where she could guard Mom and the entrance to the Library. I came in, plopped myself down, and tried to see what Mom was working on. I like to think of myself as the Quality Control Officer or something. Nothing gets past me!

Whatcha got, Mom? Is that what Dave's helping you pull fabrics for? Ohh, I like that camo one! What else do you have over there?

Then I walked around to the other side of the room to check everything out.

I found this cool snowman quilt she finished piecing a week ago. It's bright, bold colors - not what Mom and Dave usually choose! I like this! It's kind of wild - like me! Ha roo! She took the top to the Bernina Shoppe the other day to find just the right quilting thread. A nice lady helped her choose; Dave doesn't go there because a Lab works there and he and Dave have never met. Mom doesn't think the shop is the right place to introduce them. Dave's cool with that and said Moseley is probably the one who chose the thread and he (Dave) approved the selection.

Yeah... I really like this one, Mom. Is it for me?

She said she'd think about it. Cool!

And here's how far we got with the blocks as of yesterday. They aren't sewn together yet, but the blocks themselves are done. Ha roo!

This isn't how they'll be laid out in the long run. Mom asked her quilt group if they liked it this way (sort of grouped by the fabrics on the outer edges of each block...) or if she should mix them up. Nikki's mom said she'd go for mixing the colors up more and asked what Dave thought. :) Dave wanted Mom to mix them up, too - so they're going to do more of a random layout. Nikki's mom is smart to seek advice from Dave! Ha roooo!

When the top is finally pieced, we'll post a picture.

Play bows, everypup!


  1. Who set up the organization of the CD collection?

  2. I agree with mixing the colors up more, and I can't wait to see the outcome! It is beautiful already!

  3. You dogs are so nice not to walk on the quilt blocks...i would have.

  4. I don't get it. How do you not walk or lay down on the quiltings? If it was me, I would be right there with Mom. My philosophy is; if your there, I'm there. Is there any other place to be?

    It's nice that you stay off though, very considerate of you all, especially you Zim!


  5. You guys are all so talented! Only thing I am especially good at is being bossy.

    I agree with mixing up the colors though. Makes it less lopsided looking.


  6. That is going to one beautiful quilt, mixed up or not! Great job you all!
    Face Licks, M&M

  7. Zim, you are very good with commentary. You should do the pet news or write short pet stories.

    Your mom's quilts are gorgeous.


  8. Hey Zim, I think you make a great Quality Control Officer. Good work on the quilt so far. And I agree with you, I like the camo one too. :)

    ~ fufu

  9. Oooh, pretty! I like them the way they are. But I bet they would be fun to shred!

  10. wow your mom is so good at that kind of stuff!!! I am very impressed!!!

  11. Tubey: I did. Gotta have everything neat and orderly! They're alphabetized. I AM a drill SGT, you know!

    Cubby: Thanks! Mom got started on it yesterday after reading everypuppy's comments!

    Bruce: We do sometimes... but usually only if the quilt's going to be for us.

    Rocky: Storm said it has something to do with taking us on a forced road march first. Hmm...

    Holly: Thank roo. Davy said to tell you "woo".

    M&M: Thank roo! We'll be sure to show everypuppy when we get it done.

    Chelsea: Hey, that'd be COOL! And Mom said to tell you thanks and sends you a smooch on the nose!

    Fu Fu: I love inspecting everything! Got to make sure everything is good to go!

    Indy: Thanks! But no shredding the quilts! Oooh, you should hear the squeals if I put my teeth on a quilt! Not pleasant! I love putting my teeth on the one that's draped across the ottoman in the living room then waiting for the squeal! Ha roo roo roo!

    Joe: She couldn't do it without us! She says that all the time!

    Play bows,

  12. Gorgeous dogs! And Rocky and Mati are beautiful too.

  13. Zim,
    Have I mentioned how cute you are lately? Well you are very cute. Your mom should definitely let you have that snowman quilt.

    I'm with Rocky, how do you manage to stay off the quilts. Lares and I always find the best (or worse as Mom & Dad say) place to lay down so that we can be closet to our parents.


  14. wo wo wo.......it super beautiful!! I wish mom can make 1 for me too...it must be very comfy to lay on....how come u guys never lay on it??

  15. Sophie: Why, thank roo! And we agree - Rocky and Mati are BEAUTIFUL!

    Althea: Ha ROO! and thank roo! I hope Mom lets me have that quilt! Maybe she will, now that you said she should!

    Butchy & Snickers: We helped Mom mix the squares all up and arranged them different. She's sewing them all together now!

    Ben Ben: Thank roo! We'll have to post pix of us laying on other quilts. We don't always stay off of them!

    Play bows,