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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Spay Day!

Ha roo, everypup! It's me - Zim!
Did you read our pal Indy's blog the other day? He reminded all of us that today is Spay Day! He pointed out some of the health benefits to spaying or neutering your pets - please surf on over and read his post! You'll also see, in the comments, a great little poem Holly wrote. Our resident poet, Dave, really liked it, so here it is:

To spay is the way, and to Neuter is to be cuter!!
Ha roo roo roo!
The website Just One Litter reminds us of some pretty scary stats. It's not just for our health, it's for pet over-population:

In six years one female dog and her offspring can be the source of 67,000 puppies.
In just seven years, one female cat and her young can produce 420,000 kittens.
There is theoretically no limit to the number of offspring male dogs and cats can produce.
Every day in the United States, tens of thousands of puppies and kittens are born. Compare this to the 11,000 human births each day, and you can see that there can never be enough homes for all these pets.
Makes you think, doesn't it? Please encourage your owners and others to spay and neuter their pets!

Play bows,

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  1. WOW!! I feel so honored you used my poem (lame as it was)!!

    Excellent advice. We are all "fixed" at our house. Goodness knows we don't need any more. Well, I'm sure the human woman wants more, but she prefers to rescue and save a life, rather than purchase a new one.


  2. Spaying and neutering rocks! I'm not spayed...yet. My human plans on giving me that as a "championship gift", since the AKC doesn't allow spayed & neutered dogs to compete in conformation (like cat shows do). I have to remain intact until I become an AKC champion. Then I get to be spayed! My human enjoys showing dogs but not breeding them. She says its very important to find the perfect homes for the babies, and after placing many rescued Siberians and other breeds in adoptive homes, she'd rather that I not have any babies (I couldn't care less for having puppies) because she'd worry to death about whether or not she placed them in the right homes. Bullmastiffs, like Siberians, are not for everyone. My human will leave the breeding of excellent quality Siberians to good humans like Cecile & Lisa of D'Azul Siberians, because they care about each and every baby they bring into the world.
    SPAY & NEUTER!!! Great poem, Holly!
    Miss Stella
    ps- I get to compete in obedience after I become a champion! I CAN be spayed for that! :-)

  3. wow, some interesting facts there!

    I will check on the details later, we are having slooooooooooooooooow internet problems today and yesterday, hence our silences.

    We have high speed broadband Jeannie says, but it is just too slow to comment much. Try again tomorrow - hopefully improved by then. love and many licks Marv xxxxx

    jeannie too xxxxx

  4. Excellent post! Everyone here is fixed, except Jasper who will be as soon as he is healthy enough for surgery. MaPaw ensures every dog they adopt out is fixed.

  5. Holly: Dave says it's an excellent poem and he KNOWS poems! We're all fixed here, too. I didn't know I was even broken, but I sure feel great now! Dave and Stormy came here already fixed! How about that!?!

    Miss Stella: I wish the AKC would reconsider the whole "not allowing spayed or neutered pups to be shown" thing but I'm sure they have reasons that are beyond my comprehension for it. It's great that you will still be able to do obedience after you're spayed - that's COOL!

    Marvin: Sorry your server is being so slow! When does the spotty dog come to stay with you?

    Magnum: You guys ROCK, to use Miss Stella's phrase! Ha ROO!

    Play bows!

  6. nice poem holly!

  7. WOW!! That's alot of puppies and kittens if they are not spay and neuter.

    ~ fufu

  8. What a great message! Tanner and I both had that not fun surgery but it was worth it!!! could you imagine if the doofus REPRODUCED! the thought gives me a chill.

  9. I am spayed!

    Mama won't admits it but I think she regrets it since she probably would love tons of mini me running around.

    too bad for her.


  10. Hi Zim - Spotty Dog arrives tomorrow evening after tea. Jeannie is getting a bit nervous now.....it will be ok, I will guide him in the household rules!!

    He is 19 months old and still quite a puppy, but seems a good Puppy!

    love and licks Marv xxxx
    ps internet has speeded up a bit today so we are making "hay while the sunshines" and getting all our comments on while we can! Jeannie xxxxx

  11. Interesting facts, thanks for sharing!

  12. I'm getting neutered next week! ON MY BIRTHDAY! Humans. Grrrrr...

  13. Ivy: Holly is very talented, isn't she?

    Fu Fu: EXACTLY! That's why spaying and neutering is such a good idea!

    Joey: Ha roo roo roo! You crack me up. You really do like Tanner, don't you?

    Chelsea: Even though a bunch of "you"s running around would be a beautiful sight to behold... well, you know. (Cats! I lost my train of thought thinking about a bunch of Chelseas!)

    Marvin: Amber wants to know if you saw her comment about the Cocker in the comment section of her "vet trip pix" post. Glad your internet is being more cooperative!

    Jasper: Sure thing! And thanks for visiting!!

    Nanook: When is your birthday!?!? And don't worry about the neutering thing. I didn't even notice! (But you can really play up the sympathy card with your mom!)

    Play bows,

  14. Oooh--I didn't know it was spay day! My v-e-t has a big picture with a graphic representation of the exponential growth if we don't fix our friends. It's pretty cool.

    I only got tutored four years ago when I got adopted by my current apes. It's a running joke that I may some day have baby mawma drama when the pups I fathered while on the streets show up.

    My sis got spayed TWICE because they opened her up at the shelter and found she'd already been snipped---ha! But I keep the boys away from her just in case.


  15. Wally: For me, getting neutered wasn't a big deal. I don't miss anything, you know?
    Dave and I keep a close watch on our sisters, too, even though they're spayed. A guy's gotta protect his sisters! It's only right!
    Play bows,