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Friday, February 16, 2007

Lazy Day

Woo, everypup. Dave here.

Amber and Mom were at the vet's all DAY yesterday for Am's first "Senior Care" check up. I know ... it's hard for all of us to think of little Ammy as a "senior", but she IS 8 years old now. She was poked and prodded and x-rayed and all kinds of stuff. She was a little vocal about having to hold still and all (except for me, most Sibes have a hard time holding still) but she was really a good girl, according to Mom. She got to see lots of the nice people there - all the bipeds who work there are always really nice to us and I (dogonally speaking) make it a point to give every ONE of them a hug when I go. Am's not the "give a hug" type, but she IS sweet. Her vet student wrote, "Amber was a joy to work with!" on her record. Woo.

She's sleeping right now, but here's a cool picture of her:

We think Hamish and Indy and Tin Tin might especially like it. Woo.

It was a hard day for me, Storm and Zim, too, though not as hard as Am's! Dad was here with us, but we were worried about Am the whole time - where did she go? We sniffed her over REAL good when she got back and knew where she'd been. Woo. We cut her some slack and let her nap - after the three of us put on a show for her, doing zoomies through the living room and bedroom. It was our little way of saying, "Welcome home; we missed woo!" Mom seemed to appreciate it, too, 'cuz she was all excited during our performance.

We were all very sleepy last night and hit the sack early. That would have been a swell plan, except that the smoke detector/alarm thing right by the bedroom door started going CRAZY at about 2230 and oh, it hurt our ears! Mom! Dad! Please make it STOP! It was horrible! Dad fixed it (we aren't sure what set it off, but the house is fine) but we got ALL worried! So this morning is a slow morning.

I'm here by the computer, if you need me.



  1. Note Dave said "Sibes have a hard time holding still" and that he doesn't. Further proof that he's a Lab in a Sibe suit! Or a Great Dane, like the vet said! HA roo roo roo!
    Tail wags,

  2. Dave the LAb,

    Please tell Amber she was a good girl yesterday from us and she gets a paws up from me and Frankie.
    Mom was just thinking this morning before your post how beautiful Amber is! She is just a goregous red head Mom said.She can't be 8!
    Well tell her she is " A 10" in all our books.

    Love Frankie Girl and Maddie the Chocolate Bunny

  3. Love that picture of you Dave (sigh, drool). You have bedroom eyes. The kind that makes a girl want to just fall into them. Makes me wish I was Husky.


  4. Hi Dave
    We hope Ammy is o.k. Give her a big sloppy lick from Opy and Me.
    Luv Chuckles

  5. sorry you guys had a bad day. Not too good here either. Jeannie not well and we had some "odd" news which rather upset her even more.

    So hence the silence on our blog.

    Hope Ammy is ok, I am eight too, not had a senior care check yet though!

    Am snuggling up to Jeannie as she is feeling a bit blue tonight, just "things" as she says.

    love and quiet licks to you guys! Marvin xxxxxxx

  6. Hi Dave - I need a nap, too. The moms were hogging the bed last night!

    I'm glad Amber is fine!

  7. Hey A04,

    You have been nominated for "Awesome Blog Award" over at the DWB BoneZone, head on over and cast your vote :-)


  8. AW You are a good brother to be worried about Amber I am sure even though she was poked and prodded she enjoyed all the biped attention.


  9. Glad Ammy is doing so well! She is still young in my book after having Shula live to be 16!!

    And Dave, my darling, I do not believe you are a Lab. You are just a very "special" Siberian!

    And, I loooovveeee that picture. You are so adorable!


  10. Stormy: Am NOT!

    Maddie: She's very beautiful, isn't she? And she's the best little sister a guy could ask for!

    Charlie K-C: Thank woo. :) You're very sweet. AND pretty!

    Butchy & Snickers: You're very generous! And Gussie must REALLY be sweet on Snickers to send that! Woo! The snow is great - we got MORE!

    Charlie the Big Dog: Thanks! And will do!

    Marvin: I hope things start looking up for woo guys!!! Give Jeannie a hug for us!

    Cubby: Nothin' can disturb a guy's sleep more than bipeds hogging the bed! Trust me, I know! Hope you got a good nap in!

    Opy: Woo! Thanks for the paws up!

    Chelsea: We were all worried about her! We're a very close pack!

    Hollybollyboo: Woo. I wish you'd convince Stormy I'm a real Siberian! And thanks - Mom thinks I look especially cuddly in that picture. Woo.