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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Hard Work Pays Off!

Woooo, it's me - Dave, Guide Dog for the Color Blind. Many of you know just HOW hard I work in Mom's quilt studio (and other aspects of her life) - choosing things that are JUST the right color and shade for her projects. (I got to choose the ceramic tiles that are the Library/Media Room floor and the brick pavers for our cool pathway in the backyard, too!) Anyroo... here is a picture of me from last week, during a particularly exhausting work day!

See how hard I work? Woo. And ... you'll note I got my fluffy work space back from somepuppy who tried to claim it as her own before!!!

Anywoo, Mom had been working on a present for a friend of hers and it was two place mats that were folk-art type representations of the Texas state flag. I thought they looked really cool (I am from Texas, you know!), but Mom wasn't real happy with them and didn't want to send them to her friend. She said they didn't measure up in some intangible way. (?) Mom gets some weird ideas sometimes.

We went on a REAL long walk yesterday afternoon, then Zim and I did mega-zoomies downstairs - so I wasn't really paying attention to what Mom was working on. After dinner, I was guarding the bed from intruders - and guess what Mom brought me?!?!

Woo! It's the Texas flag place mats ... but sewn together and made into a pillow!

For me, Mom? Really?

Not only cool.... but VERY comfy. I couldn't believe it -- just for ME!

Thanks, Mom!

I love my new pillow! AND my mom!



  1. Dave that is SO cool, Mom's are the best! It sounds like you have an awesome Mom that makes you stuff like our Mom does! We love our Mom too!
    China & Madie

  2. Wow, Dave, that looks like a great pillow. We didn't know you were from Texas! Now we have even more in common!

  3. Awesome pillow! You and your mom are awfully crafty!

  4. Harrrr
    that pillow look mitey comfy. Harrr I heard mom and Lisa planing to go show in Texas this year. Harrrrrrrr

    Cap 'n Maverick the pirate

  5. China & Madie: I saw some of the really pretty things your mom makes on her blog - she is VERY talented! I think our moms would be good friends - they seem to have lots in common.
    I couldn't believe Mom made the pillow for me - it's almost as good as getting a hug!

    Steve & Kat: Yes, I'm originally from Texas. Maybe we're related! Wooooooo!

    Magnum: Thank woo from both of us! Hey... Mom finally is putting a box of collars and leashes together for MaPaw rescue. What is the best address to send it to? Or should she send them to Harley's mom?


  6. Maverick! Harrwooooo! It's very comfy and it's just for ME! I'm going to share it with Zim and Storm and Am, though. Mom and Dad, too!
    PS: Mom should make one for Zim with pirate stuff on it!

  7. Butchy & Snickers: We're so glad woo two are OK! It's almost 70 here right now - but we're under a winter storm watch and the bipeds say we could get 1-4 inches of snow after midnight. ??? We'll see what Amber says about that!
    I thought they looked good as place mats, but Mom can be funny sometimes. She made her friend a really cool bookmark instead. Maybe I can post a pic of it tomorrow.

  8. Dave - your Mom is soooooo cooooool! Making you that sweet sweet cushion (ooooops sorry pillow!) (that was the Scottish in me coming out there!!!!)

    You are so lucky to have such a lovely Mom, take care of her, please.

    Kind Moms are hard to come by but I guess all us Blogging Dogs have sweetheart Moms, otherwise we would not be here.

    hey, Jeannie wants to know if you are from Texas, do you wear a Stetson, (she watches toooooo many movies you know!) she dreams of a guy sweeping her off her feet in a ten gallon hat she tells me.

    Somehow I don't think it is going to happen! Ten Gallon Hats, I ask you!!

    Love and licks to my Texan Pal,

    Marvin xxxxxx

    ps sorry we have been quiet but our server has been so temperamental...

  9. Cool pillow Dave! Your mom is very talented! I have my own denim pillow but it's not as pretty as yours!


  10. That is ONE KEWL pillow...so patriotic...and just the right size for you!
    You have a great Mom!

  11. Yes Dave, the pillow is JUST for you, that is until the others see it.

    You poor dear


  12. Dave, that's such a great pillow. Eil went to somepart of Texas call Austin last time.

    Your mum is great to make that comfy pillow for you

    ~ fufu

  13. wow your mom is SOOO nice and talented!!!

  14. My Darling Dave,
    That pillow looks sooooo comfy!! I like pillows too. I have two on my couch that I like to lay on! Yours is even nicer than mine cuz your mom made it especially for YOU!


  15. Dave,
    Your pillow is SO cool! We're from Texas too.

    The Brat Pack

  16. Hi Dave
    You are a lucky pup! Pillows are one of life's little luxuries are they not? Your mum has made some very nice things. That last quilt that was hanging from the landing in one of your previous blogs was great.
    Jazz and Dixie

  17. Hi Pups,

    I was just wondering if your ma ever got the hint and delivered the yogurt?


  18. WOW Dave, that's a really nice pillow! My Mama is sewing challenged so she can't make me anything cool like that. She knows a lady with a fancy embroidery machine though, so she's gonna get me a cool personalized blankie.

  19. One of my people is from Texas just like you. She misses it sometimes, especially when there's still snow on the ground in April. It's good your mom pays you for your hard work


  20. Hey guys!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. That pillow is pretty sweet. I can't tell what's wrong with it but if you get to keep it that's pretty awesome!


  21. Marvin: A Stetson? No. Mom thinks I'd chew one up. She's probably right. And yes... I love my mom!!!

    Maggie: Thank woo! I'd love to see a picture of you with your pillow!

    Jasper: Isn't it great!?!? I can't believe Mom gave it to me!

    Chelsea: It's MINE! But I love to share. It's part of what Siberians are all about. We work well together, play well together. Team work! That's us!

    Fu Fu: Austin is the capital of Texas!

    Joey: Thanks. She's the bestest mom I've ever had!

    Hollybollyboo: This would look good on our couch. So would I. Sadly ... well, you know. "No Siberians on the couch". (sigh)

    Thrawn: I didn't realize woo are from Texas, too! Cool!

    Jazz and Dixie: Thanks for your kind words! And yes! I LOVE pillows! I'm a snuggly kind of guy!

    Charlie: No luck so far -- CATS! Maybe next trip to the store!

    Poseidon: Thank woo! Your own dog-onalized blanket sounds COOL!

    Pippin: Mom knows how hard I work - I'm sure that's why I got the pillow! I didn't know one of your bipeds was from Texas! That's cool!

    Wally: Thanks for visiting! I can't see anything wrong with it, either! I love my pillow!!!

    Luv to everypuppy,