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Monday, February 12, 2007

More Entertainment From the Balcony

Ha roo, it's me - the Z-man! Everypup seemed to appreciate my That's Entertainment post from the other day. Hiding up there isn't just a great way to get the bipeds all excited, it's fun to mess with Amber and Dave, too. They used to not know about my secret look-out up there and I'd go hide from them. Check this out:
Can you see me? (Hint: check the lower left-paw corner.) I'm just sure they were wondering where I was - ha roo roo roo! Here's a shot where you can see me looking right at them:

Ha rooo! Up here, you guys!

I just never get tired of that game. I also go up there just to daydream. Um... I mean to think profound thoughts.
What does everypup think I'm thinking about?
Mom also likes to display quilts up there sometimes. Guess what?!!? The Super Bowl quilt top is finished! (She still has to quilt it, but at least all the blocks are together!) Here's a shot of it:
It will measure 70 x 70 inches and will be a "snuggle up to watch TV quilt" for Dad! Cool!

Have a great day, everypup. The weather bipeds say we're going to get snow. I can't wait to see what Amber says!

Play bows,


  1. Hey Zim,

    Looks like you have a good perch to watch everything from. We only have one floor on our house, so I have to have my hidey spot be my crate.

    Will you get to snuggle on the quilt too? It's very lovely.


  2. Wow, that quilt looks huge!! I think it would be a perfect fit for the 4 of you!

    I like your lookout. An excellent way to keep an eye on things.


  3. That's a great lookout for surveying what the rest of your army is doing!! All I get to do is sleep on the coffee table! Not nearly as good.


  4. We think your thinking about SNOW (or maybe watermelon)! The quilt is bewootiful! Tell Dave great color choices! And we're dying to know Amber's predictions, we're supposed to get 3-8 inches tonight, keep your paws crossed.
    Face Licks, M&M

  5. You could use this advantage spot to catch that measley cat!

    What happened to your catch the feline operation? Did you all abandon it?


  6. That's a beautiful quilt! Oh, I've answered your comment a few minutes ago.

    Tierre (TY-ree)
    (the human)

  7. Zim, looks like you found a great place to keep you eye on stuff. I bet you're thinking about cuppacino there.

    That's a great quilt your mum did. Are you guys gonna snuggle in there too.

    ~ fufu

  8. I really need a balcony so I can spy on the doofus!! that quilt looks GREAT!

  9. Zim - I love your perch! Wish I could have one just like it. Our stairs go up through the middle of the house, so there is nowhere to have a "look out" like yours.

    You are a true Pirate though, almost like the Crows Nest on a ship.

    Your Mama's quilt, Jeannie says is just sooooooooooo beautiful!

    Check out my Blog today, a certain Lady Husky has a poem on there for your Dave...........(don't tell him I wrote it for her......!!)

    love and licks Marvin (between you and I - right!?)

  10. Ooooh, great hiding spot! You should spit on them from up there! Hee hee hee!

  11. Pippin: I like to hang out in my crate, too! Or on top of it.
    I asked Dad and he said we can snuggle on the quilt! COOL!

    Holly: Thanks! And yeah, we can see EVERYTHING up there!

    Steve: ON the coffee table? Cool. When I first got here, I thought the dining room table was a hill and I could go up there and ... well... what IS a centerpiece really for, anyway? Mom saw me and you should have SEEN her expression! Stormy grabbed me and threw me down before Mom could do anything - and Storm told me to never, ever do that again. So I didn't. I could tell there would be you-know-what to pay if I did.

    M & M: Snow! Definitely on the list! Dave says thank woo; he really knows color!

    Chelsea: No! We'll not abandon our mission! The cats have gone into hiding, but we're still keeping watch for them!

    Tierre: Thanks! On both counts!

    Fu Fu: Ah, yes! A nice frothy, foamy cup of cappuccino. Mmm... I could go for one now! And Dad says he'll share his quilt!

    Joey: Thanks, pal! And yeah, it's a great spy-place! You could see EVERYTHING Tanner is doing!

    Marvin: Yeah! Like a crow's nest! Exactly - harrr!

    Indy: I like to stare at Amber or Mom and see how long it takes for them to look up and see me. It's a gas!!!!

    Butchy and Snickers: Thanks! Coming from quilter's pups like you, that's a great compliment! Mom keeps saying "bring on Spring", too. I don't know why. It was 4 below this morning -- really nice out!

    Play bows, puppers! (And Tierre!)