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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Moo Cows and the Quest for Butter

Woo! Dave here! I was reading on our friends Roxie, Sammy and Andy's blog, Dachsies Rule, about their adventures with the giant cow dogs. That's pretty cool - and the Dachsies are brave to get anywhere CLOSE to those guys!

I told them how we have cow dogs here, too, and that I met them and asked if they'd like to see pictures! (That sentence is almost long enough to be one of Amber's! Woo. Oh... by the way... she said it was going to snow yesterday, so sure enough... it's snowing. Woo!) Anywoo, they said "yes!" so here's the story of me meeting the cow dogs - it's from a few years ago!

A bunch of Siberian friends of ours always rave about this wonderful treat they get called "butter" and even formed a club! Look here for their headquarters! Pretty cool, huh? Only notice anypups missing? That's right - the Army of Four! And do you know why? We've never HAD butter! I took it upon myself to go on a Butter Quest and took pictures along the way.

First, I saw Mom get something out of the magic cold box. I'd heard that's where butter is kept, so I went over to check it out. Hmm..."The flavor says, 'butter'!"

Seemed like I was heading in the right direction. I ran my finding past Tia - a bee-woo-tiful Siberian who is the Queen of the Universe. She said I'd discovered margarine and that it wasn't even CLOSE to butter. Cats! I thought I had something there.

Zim found a little jar of "Butter Buds" in the kitchen and let me check those out. We thought we could plant some in the yard and grow a butter tree, but that didn't pan out.

Stormy told us that moo cows (our term for the cow dogs!) are the ones who make butter. She said if I look for them, I could find that golden treat!

I looked all over the house for moo cows and finally found this tin with a moo cow on it.

Unfortunately, no butter to be found. Then I had a vet appointment. As we drove past the outer buildings to campus, I saw something remarkable! Check out the sign behind me!

That's right - it reads "Purebred Beef Teaching Center"! I just knew that's where cows go to learn how to make butter! Woo! We couldn't gain access to the area, but when we drove past the park on the way home, I smelled moo cows! "Please, Mom! Please pull over so I can talk to the moo cows and find out how they make butter!"

She did pull over. We saw horses first, and I went over to say "woo" to them. Just to be friendly.

I don't know how they knew I was looking for the moo cows, but it was mighty neighborly of them to point me in the right direction!

Mom and I took off to find them. I couldn't wait to meet them and learn all about the ways of butter! It never occurred to me I might not speak cow.

I asked Stormy about the whole thing later, and she said those don't look like the kind of moo cows who make butter anyway. She considered teaching CowSpeak at the Stormy Zoluschka Kryschtal School of Siberian Studies, but she said we have more important things to focus on. Like cats. Stormy's so smart -- the C(un)IA is trying to band together against us, but I have as yet to see any moo cows trying it! Woo.

I hope you enjoyed my Butter Quest photos!



  1. My Darling Dave,

    First, let me say once again how very adorable you are! I love the picture of you with the Butter Buds. I would have started to chew on it, just to give what was inside a taste test.

    What a wonderful adventure you must have had with the horses and moo cows. Too bad they don't speak Woo, or you might have gotten the information needed about the butter. Better luck next time. Maybe you could take a picture with you and show them so they know what you are looking for!

    Your devoted Malagal

  2. Wow, what an exciting day! Purebred Beef Teaching Center! Wow! I would love to dig under their fence!

  3. Cool cowdog pictures! Oh, uh, moo cow pictures. You sure have had an exciting life. We don't get to look out of the window when we drive around ... and, come to think of it, we have never had butter. We need to speak to Mom about the oversight.

    Roxie, Sammy & Andy

  4. You look pretty calm for someone who's going to the vet.

    Then again, you were on a quest.


  5. Sometimes Mama calls me a Tub of Butter, but I am pretty sure I am not butter. I hope you can find it so I can show her the difference.

  6. I really enjoyed the story of your adventure! Butter is awesome! We get to lick the butter paper when the moms open a new stick!

  7. Dave, you so did not look impressed with the butter tin (probably cause no butter was in it)! We've never had butter either, it must be wonderful if you were looking for it that hard. And who knew cows don't speak Woo, sounds so close to Moo, hu, good thing to know!
    Face Licks, M&M

  8. Woo! Did Blogger give anyone else fits yesterday?

    Holly: Thank woo. :) Next time I see a moo cow, I'll make sure it's the kind that knows the secrets of the butter world!

    Indy: Yeah... I think there are all KINDS of ways a Sibe could amuse himself in the Purebred Beef Teaching Center!

    Dachsies: We still haven't had butter, either. My seatbelt/harness lets me look out the window so I can help drive!

    Chelsea: I love to go to the vet's! I always get hugs and "he's so cute!"s and tons of cookies! I have no idea what else goes on there.

    Magnum: As soon as we locate a tub of butter, we'll post a picture. Something tells me you don't look like one at ALL!

    Cubby: ooooh! Maybe we could lick the paper! Mom's doing some baking today ... I better hang out in the kitchen!

    M & M: Maybe this will inspire Stormy to teach us a little Cow Speak!