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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Phase Three of the Infiltration Plan

Woo! Dave here. Stormy's plan to have Zim infiltrate the Cat (Un)intelligence Agency, or C(un)IA, is going great so far! Did you catch the line Am dropped yesterday? Bowie (or "Commander" Bowie, as he likes to call himself) had commented the other day that he thinks the cats will be able to smell Zimmie coming "fifty yards away." Am urged our readers to "stay tuna-ed" (ha woo woo woo!) to see Stormy's brilliant plan to overcome the C(un)IA members' sense of smell. Storm refers to it as their "olfactory system". She's so smart!

Anywoo... she said that even though a cat's sense of smell is about 14 times stronger than that of a human, a dog's sense of smell is "a hundred thousand to a million times more sensitive than a human's." Whoa! That means we smell lots better than cats -- you can take that any way you'd like to! Woo. (Marvin... we thought you and Jeannie would like that!) Stormy assures us that if this disguises Zim's scent to us, the cat's will NEVER know he's coming at them.

Sooo.... we know this is going to work. We just know it. We let Zim slip off his cat suit briefly to implement this phase of the plan.

They'll never smell him coming.


PS: For the record, I am NOT a Lab in a Sibe suit..... regardless of what somepuppy might say!


  1. Oh boy, Aof4--you have definitely taken things farther than I would ever dare. One word of caution with the whole tuna thing, though. Some cats (and probably the ones in CUIA since they are the more unintelligent of the species) will actually *lick* dog fur (even dog fur disguised as cat fur). This unbarkable action occurs daily at my house--you won't be surprised to hear that Fox is the worst culprit--but the others have been documented doing it too. Just be VERY careful.

    Hamish sends a hearty salute to Amber--he's write himself, but he's been involved in some top secret mission--I hope it involves cat removal.

    See you

  2. It's fine with us if you want to post a link to our blog on yours!

    Steve and Kat

  3. I have not had much experience with cats, lots with bunnies. Are cat's good? I do love fish.

  4. Hey Dave,

    I think instead of rubbing that tuna on Zim and making him all stinky, you should probably just eat it.

    And don't worry there is nothing wrong with being a Lab. I have a cousin who is a Lab and he is very cool.


  5. Maybe you should roll in kitty litter since dumb cats stink like that stuff.

  6. Pippin: We're proceding cautiously. I gave Zim a heads up on the "licking" thing and he's a tad grossed out. Thanks for the warning. Wow.... I wonder what Hamish is up to! Amber said she'll be worried about him until he checks in. Hope he's picked up some of your smarts!

    Steve and Kat: Thanks! Gotcha added!

    Jackie: We have lots of bunnies here, too. Cats are quiet like them... but sneakier. They always look like they're up to something!

    Althea: Great idea. We love tuna! And yeah... Dave's OK. I just wish he'd ADMIT he's a Lab! Ha roo roo roo.

    Tail wags, all!

  7. Magnum: Zim is game for that, but we don't have access to a cat box. We figured "eau de tuna" would be a good cover.
    Tail wags,

  8. My darling Dave,

    Not Tuna!!! Cats LOVE that stuff! They will come running and soon Zim will be surrounded by those nasty creatures.

    I'll send some kitty litter your way. I can even send some of the "kitty treats" that come in the litter. Samuel thinks they are very tasty!


  9. Gee, you guys just never cease to amaze me. What brilliance!


  10. Are you going to eat that tuna or what?? Droool....

  11. zim's disguise is flawless – but has he learned meowtalk?


  12. Zim, good luck with your mission. You are so brave.

    ~ fufu

  13. You will be the belle of the cat ball! They'll be all over you! Be careful with that stuff.

  14. Woo, Holly! Are those treats anything like the bunny nuggets the bunnies leave for us in the yard?

    Chelsea: It's Stormy's plan. She's so SMART!

    T-man: We're on a mission! We must concentrate on our job! Mmm... tuna...

    Fee: Yes! Stormy speaks Cat and is teaching Zim catspeak at the Stormy Zoluschka Kryschtal School of Siberian Studies!

    Fu Fu: Zim said to say "thank roo". He's deep under cover now. Incommunicado!

    Cubby: You don't think all the girl cats are going to go nuts over him, do you?

    Luv to all,

  15. You're so dedicated Zim, we're affraid we would have to eat this disguise, harooooo!