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Thursday, January 04, 2007


Harr, Zim the Pirate here! I was reading my matey Captain Maverick's blog and spotted his very cool life raft that he has. Shiver me timbers, but that's a great-looking place to hide out!

It reminded me of the hard-sider we have at the bottom of our (well.... the bipeds') bed. Stormy thought up a great way to get more use out of it than just hanging out in it. Here she is, showing me how!

Strike a pose, boys!

Look at how closely I'm studying her! She's so SMART! How does she come up with these ideas? Dave watched her in amazement, as he used to HATE the "carrier". Mom decided since we're SO trustworthy now ("Trust us... we're Siberian Huskies!") that no one has to be crated when they're out anyway ... so she could just take the door off. Hmm. Once she did that, I decided that not only is it a good place to strike a pose, it was like BUNK BEDS for us red-heads!

That's me on top and Ammy inside. Isn't this COOL?!?

And of course, it IS a good place to do cute poses. It's a good look-out, too, Cap'n Mav! Look! I can see out of the windows on both sides of the room! Harr!

I'm on look-out duty!

I also take a dinosaur bone up there sometimes. See? I have it tucked under my tummy. Just in case there isn't anything to watch out the windows.

And once Mom took the door off... guess who decided the carrier wasn't such a bad place after all?


We all take turns in there. It's such a cool hang out!

Play bows (and harrr!),


  1. Hey Zim,

    You sure are lucky to have such a smart sister like Stormy. I wish I had a smart older sister like her. Instead I have a doofus older brother.

    I think I'm going to run this bunk bed idea past my Mom & Dad. They are always complaining about our beds taking up too much room. Dad says that the one bed is big enough for both me and Lares but the doofus doesn't like it if anyone is touching him when he sleeps. So bunk beds would be great, they would take up less room. I would get the top of course.

    You look very cute in the pictures (you always do) with legs out like a froggy.


  2. its like your own den! I like the bunk beds idea too!!

  3. I didn't know they had husky bunk beds...in your house you could use a couple more eh?


  4. Hi Zim, That's so clever of Storm to think of the idea. And it looks fun. Wish I could go and hang out with you guys. :)

    ~ fufu

  5. We LOVE the bunk bed picture! Mom just laughs at the thought of us doing something like that. The only thing we like to lay on top of is ... MOM!

    Roxie, Sammy & Andy

  6. I was laughing my big fluffy butt off when I saw the "all-out-sprawl" on top of the crate! That is the funniest picture I think I have ever seen!

    You guys are a riot!

    HEHD Holly

  7. Stormy is so smart. Rocky and Buck like to hang out in their crates, but I just go in occasionally to see if they have hidden bagels in there.

  8. Bunk Beds for Redheads! I can almost feel a poem coming on!

    love your pictures, you sleep in the same position as I do sometimes too!

    Many wooooooos to you all!

    love and licks Marv x

    ps thanks for the good wishes, and Jeannie says thank you to your Mom for her French encouragement! Tres Bien! (I think this means "Trays Bend" in Dog French!!

  9. Althea: Stormy is the COOLEST, SMARTEST Sibergirl on EARTH! She knows such great stuff! I love laying like a froggy-doggy. :)

    Joe Stains: You should try this for you and Tanner!

    Chelsea: Storm said we should have wall-to-wall mattresses and then we wouldn't need bunk beds. Ha ROO!

    Fu Fu: You'd love it here! There's always some fun there for the taking!

    Dachsies: Thank roo! Dave likes to lay on top of our mom, too. Good think you three don't each weigh 60 pounds like he does!

    Holly: That's my "I have no bones in my body" pose. Pretty cool, huh?

    Magnum: She's the SMARTEST! She generally only goes in there to check for cookie crumbs now, but she used to nap in there from time to time.

    Marvin: A poem!??! That'd be COOL!

    Play bows, all!

  10. Harr Mateys, bunks be great. Like bunks on a Pirate Ship. Harr, I like it!!. Nice that you have matching quilt with your humans too. Great photos mateys.

    Cap'n Maverick the Pirate