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Friday, January 12, 2007

Adopt-a-Dave Day 2007!

Wooooo! It's me - Dave! Guess what today is!?!? Yep - Adopt-a-Dave Day! It's the anniversary of my adoption! Five years ago today, the Army of Three became the Army of Four!!! Wooooo!

Here we all are, at one of my first Morning Formations.

Left to right, it's Ammy, Storm and me, with Drill SGT Zim in the front. He pushed me around with his nose and told me, "Sit! We don't get bananas until we all SIT!" He was a great help. I didn't want to get in trouble with Stormy, our Supreme Commander!

We posted the story of my adoption not that long ago; I was so happy to come home! I mean ... I had a sweet little sister, a very fun little brother, and Stormy - she's so smart and teaches us all cool stuff! And Mom and Dad .... who could ask for anything more?

Here I am in one of Mom's special pictures during the first snow we got. Cool, huh?

Did you see that our friend Maddie turned a year old yesterday? Please stop over and wish her a happy birthday! We should have a party together!!! Everypup head over to Maddie and Frankie's! Party time!

Woo and luv,


  1. Hey Dave, Happy Welcome Home day--nice of you to share your bananas with the others.

    Amber, Hamish said to tell you he's sorry about your brushing--Hamish himself got a bath on Christmas Day and we called him fluffy butt for several days afterwards. His hair gets all curly and fluffed up when he's had a bath--it makes the rest of us laugh.

    How are you doing with your kitty-work?

    See ya

  2. DAVE DAVE! Happy Adopt Day!!!!!
    Your Snow picture looks like a postcard! Its Grrrrrreat!

    I am so glad you found your forever home 4 years ago with the other 3 and Mom and Dad. It was where you were meant to be.

    So many Celebrations! I will turn 4 years old next week. Do I look a day over 3, I ask?! :-)
    What a great month of celebrations for us all! Lets do some zooooomies now!

    Happy Adopt Day Dave Dave,
    Frankie Girl and Maddie Chocolate Bunny

  3. Happy Adopt-a-Dave-Day anniversary!! You have a wonderful family (including he humans) and a great home!

    Aren't we lucky we are loved so much that these thoughtful humans decided to take us in? I don't think it could get any better. Well, we could get more food, and treats, but other than that, I guess we have it pretty good! Oh, and SNOW, we could get more SNOW!

    (which it looks like we just might!)

    Your Malagal,

  4. That IS a cool picture! Happy Adoption Day! You are the cutest!

  5. P.S

    My Mom said she wants to "Adopt-the-Dave".... he he
    When is that day? ;-)


  6. Pippin: Thank woo! I'm having a happy Dave-aversary so far! Amber said please not to laugh at Hamish (she's always concerned about everypuppy's feelings!) - and bets he looks cute all curly. (eye roll) No sign of cats lately - we may have scared them all off!

    Frankie and Maddie: Can woo believe I've been here 5 years already? Wooo! Please hug your mama for me, OK? She's as sweet as the two of you! OH ... and Frankie - no, you DON'T look a day over 3! We would have guessed 2 based just on looks. You are bee-woo-tiful!

    Hollybollyboo: Woo are so sweet, too. I felt at home here from the second I walked in the door. Mom and Dad say it's like I've always been part of the family. Woo.

    Cubby: Thank woo! It's one of my favorite pictures!

    Luv everypuppy!

  7. ooooooh we love you guys so so much! My Mama says when she reads your posts it makes her laugh and cry all the same time!

    But some how the "loving bananas" posts always makes her feel those salty wet things coming down her cheeks!

    take care and happy adoption day Dave!

    love and so many kind and salty licks

    Marvin and Jeannie xxxxxxx
    ps you look after your Mama, and Papa, they are such good peeeeeple!

  8. Harrr Dave, Happy joining the Army day. Me mom seems to remember that story from Sibernet.

    Cap'n Maverick the Pirate

  9. Hi Army of Four!
    Happy Adopt-a-Dave day for yesterday, Dave. I have been looking at all the snow pics on your blog and I have to say you all look so beautiful and right at home in the snow. No snow yet this winter in Tokyo. The last three years we have had snow which I got to go out and play in. My little sister Dixie hasn't seen snow yet so Im hoping it will snow here before the winter is out.

  10. Happy Adopt A Dave Day! We know all about adoption days and they are the absolute best! Mom loves the picture of you in the snow. You look so perfect. Glad to hear you are getting some cold weather. Hope your snow shows up soon and stays in Kansas!

    Roxie, Sammy & Andy

  11. Happy Dave-aversary, big guy! Woooo!

  12. Hey A04,

    You have been nominated for "Awesome Blog Award" - head over to the Bone Zone to cast your vote :-)


  13. Happy Anniversary Dave!! You look so happy in your home. I can't imagine you anywhere else :)


  14. Marvin: Thank woo for your kind words. Would you please hug your mama for me? And yes, my mom and dad are the BEST mom and dad I've ever HAD!

    Cap'n Mav: If it wasn't for a post to Sibernet, my mom might not have found me! Woo.

    Jazz & Dixie! Great to see you here and thank woo for the Dave-aversery wishes! I hope Dixie gets to learn about snow up close and dog-onal REAL soon!

    Dachsies: Thank woo! We had an ice storm, now it's snowing. Amber told mom it was going to snow, but she doesn't really do ice storms. I guess 'cuz it's frozen rain and not snow. She's such a great meteorologist!

    Tubey: Thanks, pal!

    Opy: Woo, what an honor! Thank woo!

    T-man: I am where I am supposed to be -- just like you! Mom says she didn't realize how much she needed a Dave until I got here. I love my mom.

    Luv everypup!