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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

New Cookies

Hi everypuppy! It's me, Ammy, today! Before I get down to the business at paw, I wanted to thank our friend Ben Benjamin for the Christmas card!

We learned the other day that there are even more benefits than we thought to Stormy and Dave taking Cosequin DS for their joint problems. There are the benefits we knew about - that their joints don't hurt as bad, that Dave's back legs are so springy he can reach stuff off the top of the magic cold box, and that they get a special crunchy treat in their breakfast bowls! But since Mom orders them through the mail... well, sometimes she'll order some toys for all of us! :) But this time... the company sent us some snacks! For free! And for all of us!

Here I am, checking out the package.

"Fat-free and all-natural." That means we can have them, doesn't it?

"Oooh, and it says they taste like roast turkey with SWEET POTATOES!"

I Yam what I Yam! :)

Everypuppy got to have one; isn't that great? Actually, we eventually got TWO!

There were cute hearts on the ends. You can see the hearts really well in this picture of Davy getting his treat!

They were yummy, but they didn't really taste like the turkey and sweet potatoes Mom makes. Hers aren't crunchy. Usually. :)



  1. Happy Anniversary! Glad you liked the snow. As long as it stays away from me! My mom is hating it too. We just aren't as fluffy as you guys are.


  2. I've never had sweet potatos. I bet Roo Roo would like them, though!

  3. Wow those look very tasty. I'm always up for a non beef treat. Bandit is allergic. Can your mom send The Mom the name?

  4. Hey cool Ao4--free snacks!! One of our kitties takes cosequin--it makes her much springier too (she's pretty old and sleeps a lot).

    Amber, I have to report that Hamish has broken my heart by signing an allegiance with the evil kitty at our house--perhaps you can talk some sense into him.


  5. My doofus brother takes glucosamine (it's cheaper than that cosequin stuff) cause he has some arthritis in his back legs. Without it he is much more grumpy and doesn't like to play with me. Don't get me wrong he is still grumpy when he takes it. I'm pretty sure he was born grumpy.

    When we get stuff from 1-800-pet-meds.com, it usually comes with a big doggie bone. But sometimes it comes with catnip, I don't get that stuff.


  6. Your faces in the pictures are soooooooo cooool! They make my Mama, Jeannie have those wet salty things on her cheeks.

    She is hoping "weeping" uses up some calories for her weight gain over Xmas!

    Otherwise we are pounding the streets once more in the pointless battle to lose some pounds...........

    Marvin aged 7 years and 10 months.....so old and yet so young but older than my Jeannie! heee heeee!

    pps she was in a bad mood today and nearly stopped blogging, things just got to her I guess, I was a good boy and persauded her it is all worth it in the end.

    She tells me getting good replies on my Blog spurs her on when she feels bad blogging vibes......;0(

  7. Jeannie here! No probs with the Blog, it is just blogger -v- Firefox is a nightmare, keeps logging me out and saying "illegal operation"!

    Got over my deleting blog crisis - my New Year Resolution is to "laugh at adversity" - the only way!

    J x and Marvin x

  8. Hey Ammy!

    Boy, those treats look yummy! And that is a very nice close-up of you. But Dave, boy, he just makes my heart swoon every time I see that adorable face with those cute little freckles! Aaahhhhh.....

    Oh, where was I! Oh yes, Abby and I get glucosamine for our problems too. Mom gets us some really great inexpensive stuff from a place called KV Vet. They're in Nebraska City! You can check out their website at www.kvvet.com. They have LOTS of arthritis stuff. I get Inflamasaver and Missing Link plus glucosamine, and Abby gets Inflamasaver and Missing Link plus glucosamine. PLUS, if you order over $50 it's FREE SHIPPING! They're prices are very low so mom really likes them.

    Our snow has started to melt today. Soon it will be back to the nasty old brown grass again. :(

    HEHD Holly

  9. My mama just heard about Cosequin from Rickee's mama. She couldn't remember the name for researching it, so it's a good thing you mentioned it on your blog. Cookies are so yummy.

  10. what yummy treats! I loove sweet potatoes!

  11. Anonymous6:24 PM

    hey AO4! one time copper's mom ordered him something (i think it was his collar he blogged about recently) and the company sent him one of their best selling treats...bull boy parts! i don't remember if copper got to eat them or not, i'll have to ask him....

  12. Wow! Free treats. Did you save any to share with your favorite blogging buddies? Of course not ... but neither would have we. Gosh, already two days into the new year. Time is really flying by.

    Roxie, Sammy & Andy

  13. Free treats Rock, Dudes.

    Eddie and the rest of the D'Azul Siberians

  14. I want mine in gravy, please!

    Bussie Kissies

  15. Dave has amazing powers of concentration. His look is hypnotizing!


  16. Oh.. those treats look very very yummy...

    ~ fufu

  17. C-K-C: Yeah, thanks for sending it our way!

    Tubey: They're good! You and all the pups at your house should try them!

    Dakota: They were yummy! We'll get the name to you!

    Pippin: Free snacks are always welcome! :) Oh...no! Not Hamish, too! I'll see what I can do!

    Althea: Cosequin DS has glucosamine in it - and chondroitin and something else, too. We'll check with your source!

    Marvin: Would you lick Jeannie on the nose for me? And hug her for Dave ... and let her scratch your ears for Stormy ... then yell "ha roo", poke her in the fanny and run off and play bow at her for Zim? :)

    Holly: We all know who your favorite member of the Ao4 is! :) The place Mom orders the Cosequin DS from is in OMAHA! How funny is that? Sorry your snow is melting. Maybe C-K-C will send us more!

    Magnum: It works great for Storm and Dave!

    Joey! You'd love these!

    Hershey: I think my mom is too squeemish to let us have something like that! :/

    Roxie, Sammy and Andy: Um... well... uh, that is to say ... oh, cats. No, we ate them all! SORRY! But they were GOOD!

    Eddie: Yes, they certainly DO!

    Buster: Mmm, gravy.

    T-man: Hee hee hee. Maybe he was trying to hypnotise mom into giving him more cookies!

    Fu Fu: Yummy, yummy!

    Love to everypuppy!