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Friday, January 19, 2007

Cats Got Our ... Modem?

Storm & fish

Me (Stormy) and my fishy

Well, well, well. Isn't this just interesting. It would seem our computer cannot connect to the internet today. Everything looks normal, but we have no internet connectivity. If I was the suspicious type, I'd suspect agents from the C(un)IA have hacked into our computer and cut our modem off. Hmm. But there is no stopping the Army of Four. We borrowed Dad's computer and logged onto our account that way. Nice try, C(un)IA.


The Ao4 Stands United

Zim has gone deep under cover. We hope to have a report for all of you tomorrow.

Tail wags,


  1. Cats are so stupid!

    Is Amber forecasting snow for you this weekend?

  2. Stormy,

    I didn't realize how bad things have gotten with this whole C(un)IA thingy. If they got to your modem, that means they must be in your house. You better make sure they don't have a master of disguise (like Zim) who is impresonating one of the Ao4. You better check on the others and make sure they are really huskies. This is crazy, I'm even suspicious of you, I mean the photo shows you with a fish, everyone knows that cats love fish.

    This is just too much. I need to take a nap.


  3. oh my dog! althea cud be rite! i wunder if the Ao4 has been infiltrated?

    even worse... i wunder if skwerrels can be masters of digizes too? is it possible that sandy is not reelly sandy but an evil skwerrel in disgize? *gasp*!

  4. if you want sum help to figure out this mystery i happen to know a dog who knows a dog who knows a super hero... super ivy who of corse is no relation to me has x-ray vishun and can spot a imposter husky from a mile away!

  5. I'm here for you guys!!! Let me know if you need me to come down there and look for those nasty cats. I can squish them!

    I see we're both gonna get some more snow! Ha woooooo!!


  6. Hi Guys,
    This is a real case of "Cats and Dogs"!! Better watch out for those sneeky cats! Sure you can add us to your friends list.
    Jazz and Dixie

  7. Oh dear, I am so anxious. I could really use a bagel to help me relax.

  8. I must remind you guys that a lot of times computers get attacked by TROJAN viruses, maybe they put a cat inside the internets somehow?!?!!!!

  9. Marvin says "this is CATastrophic".

  10. Computer problems byte, don't they, Aof4? Aren't Siberian huskies suppose to have cyberior computer skills? Not.

    Here again, this latest incident proves huskies have fluff for brains.

    Mwa!Ha! Ha!

    Commander Bowie of the CIA

  11. Tubey: YES! She told us this morning. It's coming down like CRAZY now!

    Althea: It's Dave. You made a lot of sense. Please see today's post. I'm going to test everypup.

    Ivy: Wow! You know somepuppy who knows somepuppy who knows Super Ivy? That is incredible! I may need her super-hero help! I'll keep you posted. That video of her is AWESOME!

    Holly: We're getting pounded by snow now! Woo!

    Jazz & Dixie! We added you to our cool friends - thanx!

    Magnum: Did you get the bagel? Hope so!

    Cubby: Will do! We are ARMY STRONG!

    Joey: Trojan horse strategy, trojan viruses... too similar to be a coincidence!

    Marvin: As long as we stay woo-nited, we'll be OK! (Amber liked your pun, by the way! Woo.)

    Bowie, of the C(un)IA: What did you do with Arwen? Where is she? And HA! Our computer is all better - uniting pups all through SIBER-space to rise up against you and your cat-like cause. Nice try!

    Luv (except to Bowie),

  12. WOW, now that's weird, that happened to us on Thursday!!! Our lady had to use her puter at work & of course, we didn't get to go. Maybe the stupid cats have united in some way.....