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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Sunday Salute - Princess Brynne!

This week, our Sunday Salute goes out to our friend (and princess!) Brynne, of Ohio!

We've been planning this Salute since December, when we read an email Brynne sent out to Siberian pals all over the world. The subject line was "Aroooo all Sibes I killed the Dyson beast!" and we knew right there it was going to be a great and important email! Her email read as follows:

What silly human said these beasts were Sibe proof! I killed ours today by eating its heart! I watched intently as Grandpa was doing something to the nasty beast. He took something out of its guts and washed it out in the sink. He then sat the yellow heart outside on the step railing to dry. When no one was watching I retrieved the monster's yellow heart and proceeded to eat it till Grandma saw me out of the window and took it away from me. Grandpa was not happy to say the least but the beast will not be running me out of my favorite spots any more. Harooooooo! A victory for Sibes everywhere!
She signed it Princess Brynne and encouraged her grandpa to "add Dyson Beast Slayer" to her titles. Ha ROOO!

We immediately dispatched a congratulatory email to her. She replied, "I knew my pals in the Ao4 would be proud of me! I just thought to myself 'what would Sgt Zim do in this situation?' and it came to me how to kill the beast. My Grandpa must not be too mad he tells me I am at the top of his list." Wowzers. Our own Zim inspiring royalty to such bold, brave acts. Ha ROO!

Zim told Brynne, "Oooh, are you on a 'special' list? 'Cuz I think I'm at the top of that one, too! Wow, it's great to be in such good company!" Mom assures Zim daily he's at the top of her list, so Zim wasn't just exaggerating to impress Brynne! He went on to ask her if she had any pictures of the destruction. She did! Check these pix out!

Side view of the Dyson beast's "heart" ... And another view below.

What success! Unfortunately, her grandpa brought the Beast back to life, but Brynne's actions are to be commended! Such bravery! Way to go, Brynne! Brynne is very humble and down-played her accomplishment. She said she did not do enough damage and she advises other Sibes to chew the soft part of the heart up first and make sure you eat the instructions on how to bring it back to life. This is where she failed, she says. No... it's a rousing success in our book!

Battling the Evil Dyson is not all our royal friend does! Here she is in her vehicle, helping navigate, no doubt. Looks like a great way to ride.

Pull in at the PetsMart, my good man!

She also keeps a close eye on Ezri, the "bad Cat and chief tormentor" as she calls him.

Watch him closely, Brynne. He could be a member of the C(un)IA.

One of her biggest accomplishments is that Brynne went through a lot of training and has earned not only her CGC (Canine Good Citizen) credentials but is also a certified Therapy Dog through TDIA -- ! Here she is, in action!

That's her grandpa with her. From what we understand, she helps small bipeds learn to read. How nice is THAT?!?! We encourage all our readers to look into a program like this - maybe you can get involved in your area!

Brynne, for all you do - from eating the evil Dyson Beast's heart out to helping teach little bipeds to read - and everything in between, we Salute you!

The Army of Four


  1. What a pretty dog she is!! And smart too to destroy that evil vaccuum monster!


  2. Vrrrmmmm vrmrm vvvvv!!!!!!

  3. Princess Brynne! (by way of Army of Four)

    You ate the yellow heart! I think there is a special recognition for that isn't there? You are so couragous to tackle that monster!
    My Mom says she has read alot about you throughout the years and she thinks you are a beauty!
    She has always admired that picture of you in the car, ah...going to Petsmart!

    Good Princess Brynne, Maddie and Me Salute you with the Sunday Salute!

    Frankie Girl and Maddie

  4. Brynne is amazing!

  5. Boy she sure is pretty!!

    She sure gave that evil dyson a good try. Those darn humans are way too resourceful and can fix things.

    Maybe we could have the dyson suck up Bowie, and then it would break?


  6. Congrats Brynne! Maybe you can come here and teach us how to destroy the yellow beast! We hate it too.

    Princess Casey

  7. T-man: She's incredible, isn't she?!!?

    D. Animal: Vrrrrmmmm vorrry.

    Frankie: Two all-white Siber-girl salutes in a row! How COOL!

    Cubby: She is, isn't she? What a GIRL!

    Holly: Ooooh... is THAT an interesting idea! Dave SAID you are bee-woo-tiful; I didn't know you were really, really smart, too!

    Princess Casey: She should give lessons, huh?!?

    Play bows,

  8. oh I think I have fallen in love yet again.....Princess Brynne....oh what a sweetheart! So Classy and So Sassy!

    Princess Brynne be mine!

    ooooh and she can kill the evil Dyson too! she is some cool chick - Marvin xxxxxx signing off with the hots for Princess B!