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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Sunday Salute - Frankie and Maddie!

This week, our Sunday Salute goes to our friends Frankie and Maddie of Southern California!

Fans of Dave's Haik-woo, may remember #14, which features Frankie.

Oh, sure. It may look like she leads a life of pure leisure, but we assure you - she is one VERY hard-working Siberian!

Look at the picture above! She's holding up the walls of her house! As we do that around here, too, we understand completely what an incredible work ethic she has! Don't overdo it, Frankie!

We intercepted an email between Frankie's mom and our mom. In part, it read, "...She (Frankie) is just too sweet and gets away with anything really. Too cute for me to say no to...." That's the plan, ma'am! :) Ha roooo! Great work, Franks!

Frankie got to have a Dental Chew in honor of Dave's honorary birthday last week! She sent Davy this next picture, telling him, "...I am enjoying it here very much. Maddie does not get these, as she does them too fast..."

Look at her focus! The concentration! The look is priceless! She is one very hard working Sibergirl!

Frankie and Maddie's mom and dad know that Maddie is a SUPER CHEWER and has to be supervised with chew toys! Safety first! As it happens, Thursday was Frankie's 4th birthday! (Happy birthday to woo, dear Frankie!) Guess what she got? A blue dinosaur bone, just like what Santa brought Zim! How cool is that!?!? She even shared it with Maddie - she's very nice, isn't she!?!? Even though the bones stand up to "The Jaws of Steel", Maddie was able to leave teeth marks in hers! Isn't that amazing!? Only one year old, and she's got incredible chew-power! Way to go, Maddie! In a fit of excitement, Dave accidentally deleted the picture of the bone with chew marks, but here are some pix of Maddie working - and she has the bone with her.

Here's Maddie, taking a quick break from her duties. There's her dinosaur bone! She knew she had work to do, helping her mom clean the pool, so she picked it up and went about her work.

You two are amazingly hard working! Holding up the house, cleaning the pool, sharing toys (and that CHEW-power!) .... it's no wonder you need some "down time":

An exhausted Frankie above - and Maddie taking a rest below.

For all you do, Frankie and Maddie - we salute you!
The Army of Four


  1. I love the Sunday Salute! Those two are great!

  2. Anonymous6:09 PM

    i love the haiku-woo! you should publish a book or have dramatic readings of them at coffee shops! i would come!

  3. Frankie and Maddy are my heros.
    This is the same life I lead.
    It really is a dog's life!


  4. Those are two beautiful dogs, and I love their house with the pool.


  5. Wow, they sure are hard working doggies, cleaning pools, and holding up walls!

    They are both very pretty too!

    Great salute guys!


  6. Good choices! How do you obtain a sibe-tini? Or would it be an aussie-tini?

  7. hey! What cool dudes Frankie and Maddy are! So elegant and lounge lizard like poses..........

    Love the Haiku-woo, brilliant!

    You are so talented, I agree with Hershey, I would come to a coffee shop reading of them if the shop let me in of course!

    love and many licks Marvin xxxx

  8. Cubby: They're very nice girls! And hard-working!

    Hershey: Zim likes your coffee shop idea. Actually, I think he just wants the coffee, forget the poetry reading. Woo.

    Chelsea: You work THAT hard??!? Wow!

    T-man: They ARE bee-woo-tiful, aren't they?

    Holly: Thank woo. They are very special friends!

    Bruce: We'll have to ask Frankie for her recipe! Maybe she'll post it on her and Maddie's blog!

    Marvin: Thank woo! Coming from a poet like you, I feel highly complimented!


  9. Hey Every-pup!

    Frankie and Maddie here. Thank you for the nice things you wrote here. You are all very nice!
    Thank you and bunches of licks to the Army of Four for the lovely salute to us two! You guys are so awesome and thoughtful. Always.


    Frankie Girl and Maddie the Chocolate Labbie

  10. Franks and Maddie: Glad you like the salute! We are happy to honor hard-working pups such as yourselves -- it's only fair you get the recognition you deserve!