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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Lab Test?

The mom of our friends K and Kali in Mexico sent this to our mom. Maybe it's some kind of Lab test; maybe it's an example of humans who need a visit from the HULA Hoop. You decide.

In light of Zim's post from yesterday, I'm holding up the Ottoman. You can never be too careful.

Tail wags,


  1. Hey Storm,

    We have a crane that likes to fish in the creek that flows behind our dogpen(which Mom calls the Wilderness Wolfie Lodge). We like to watch him.

    Tolkien gets cranky and barks at the crane, and it flies away. The other night we had three deer watching us. It was sort of a Bambi moment. Have you seen Bambi? You should watch it if you haven't. There's a sad part. Cover your eyes with your paws when it comes on. I do! I like the rest of the movie, but not the sad part.

    I asked the deer if they were from the North Pole, and if so, would they ask Santa to send some snow to Georgia, and I ask them to tell Santa to send some snow to the Aof4, too. Before the deer could answer, Sir Barksalot(Tolkien) had to bark an announcement that he was Lord and Ruler of his domain and they ran away.

    I'm still having problems with those cats. They've found an ally in the "boy", and I think he's letting them use the computer upstairs. I will monitor the situation and report back to you.

    The evil cat known as Agent Ryker got into trouble today for sharpening his claws on the couch. I laughed at him!

    Yours in tail wags,


  2. Wow he made out like a doggie bandito! 36 hammies!

    Bussie Kissies

  3. at least they let the dog eat them after they tortured him! and I thought I had it bad!

  4. The lab test looked cruel for the doggie. Stormy, you need to hold up items while you sleep?

    ~ fufu

  5. Cool digest, Ao4! Storm, you are doing a great job holding up that ottoman!

  6. Ok, first of all, I would have never let the stupid human even put that treat on my nose. It would have been in my mouth well before it got ANYWHERE near just sitting on my nose, let alone the top of my head!

    Second, to then let the stupid humans continue to pile on treats...yeah, NOT gonna happen. I would have had to take off a finger or two to get at those treats.

    Oh the humiliation these humans put some doggies through for their own sick amusement! It's absolutely shameful!


    btw, wonderful job of keeping that ottoman in place Stormy!!

  7. Without you there the house would fall down. Talk about earning your keep.

    Simba xx

  8. Hey Arwen! I've heard about Bambi - when we adopted Amber, she was all legs (and ears) like Bambi. I'll ask if we can watch it sometime - thanks for the paws up about the sad part!
    Thanks for asking the deer about snow! The weather bipeds say we'll get some this weekend, but I'll ask Amber to get the REAL scoop!
    And ... too bad about Ryker getting in trouble. (Ha roo roo roo.)

    Buster: But look at what he had to put up with!

    Joe: Well, yeah. Good point that he got to eat them.

    FuFu: I'm not sure we HAVE to hold stuff up while we sleep, but we didn't want the cats making off with the house or the ottoman!

    Cyber-Sibes (Star and Sherman): Thanks, and great to see you guys!

    Holly: How do bipeds come UP with these stunts? Just cruel. No way I would have done that, either. I don't even think Dave would put up with balancing treats on his nose!

    Cubby: Thanks, pal!

    Simba: I'm glad you understand how invaluable my work is!

    Tail wags, all!

  9. Hi Storm! We think the video was the funniest ever! Jeannie liked it because the Lab looked very much like me!

    Except when my Pa tries to balance a meaty strip on my nose, it doesn't stay there very long at all!!

    Jeannie is still giggling over the video!!!!!!!

    love and giggly licks from Marv xxxxx

    and Jeannie xxxxx

  10. Marvin: I don't think there would be much time to balance around here! Ha roo!
    Tail wags,

  11. Ooh, that's a lot of work you're doing! You'd better take a nap afterwards to rest up.


  12. T-man: Excellent advice. I like the way you think!