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Monday, January 08, 2007

Dave & Storm Detective Service!

For some reason - oh, sorry. Woo. It's me - Dave! For some reason, our bipeds can only walk two of us each at a time -- so if the four of us want to go on a walk together, both bipeds have to go. That usually works out OK - except for the morning run. Dad's a MUCH better runner than Mom, and lately he's been running the redheads. Storms and I feel slightly left out, except that we play this great game! We give them a head start, then we go try to find them!

Here's how it went a few days ago:

Here we are, heading down our street. No sign of them here, but it's fairly easy to tell where "Sir Marksalot" has been. Woo.

No redheads sighted as we headed down the cross-street either, so we turned toward the park. As we neared the crest of the hill, we thought we saw something!

There! Striking a pose on that chunk of limestone! "Storm! Who is that? Nanette of the Mid-West?"

Woo. Who is that beautiful Siberian over there?

"No, Dave! It's Amber! We found them! It's Am, Zim and Dad!" Storms knew right away it was them! She must have taught Am that pose!

We're always able to find them. And I'm sure it has nothing to do with Dad telling Mom which route they're taking - it's 'cuz of our great detective skills!


PS: Arwen: Did Stormy tell you I am available to be your Lab assistant!??! But I'm not a Lab, you know. Honest!


  1. It looks like you have a nice walking path! Great detecting job!

  2. Wow Dave! I'm so impressed with your detective skill!

    But, I would like to know, why are your tails straight up? Aren't they suppose to curl? Are they defective like my Samoyed brother Monty's? His doesn't curl either and it's suppose to.

    It is a very pretty tail anyway!!


  3. Wow, smart, smart, smart!

    Murph the Dog

  4. I think you are really a Lab in Sibe clothing Dave! Because you seem to be loyal, kind and funny, just like me! I am half lab, but never sure which half is lab, and which is collie!

    love and licks, Marvin xxxxx

    ps your pavements all look so very clean.....like they are polished! Or do you call them sidewalks...?

  5. I wish I could find beautiful red-headed Siberians when out for a walk. I do not find anything but my stinky, lop-sided sister.

  6. Harrr, that be some great 'tecting Mateys.

    Cap'n Maverick the Pirate

  7. good skills and a good walk! it looks like fun!

    Dave, I need you to come help me find out what is under my shed!!

  8. Cubby: We have some cool routes to take - mostly sidewalks!

    Holly: Thank woo. :) I think it's the angle you're seeing our tails. When we walk or jog, they get relaxed. They curl when we're at attention - or like Stormy in that picture of her on top of the redheads' bunkhouse. 'Course... Storm says mine doesn't loop as much as everysibe else's and makes that really not-too-funny joke about "Labra-dave"... Woo.

    Murph: Stormy is VERY smart. I'm trying to learn from her.

    Marvin: Please don't say that Lab thing around Stormy. She's suspicious enough already!
    Oh... and yes! Sidewalks! I think it's the sun shining on them!

    Magnum! You should walk over here on our side of the park. Maybe you could run into Amber!

    Mav: Thanks, matey!

    Joe Stains: I'll be right over. Woo.


  9. You guys make great detectives!

    Columbo eat your heart out!


  10. Oh.. Dave & Stormy, you guys are so great to find your way. I'm so impressed

    ~ fufu

  11. Hey Chelsea: Instead of a rumpled trench coat, Dave's wearing a Sibe suit. Ha roo roo roo!

    Fu Fu: We always get our man.

    Tail wags,

  12. I have a short attention span, I would make a lousy detective!

    Bussie Kissies

  13. Buster: Then you'll have to call on us for your detective jobs! Woo.

  14. Anonymous4:42 PM

    Hey Dave,

    Sorry I haven't posted sooner, but we're having a visit from Ol' Man Winter, or least he's blowing our way--the air is crisp and cold. I'm loving it! After the spectacle with the cats, I've been outside digging some new holes, just the right size for kitties. It makes for a good visual!

    By the way, Dave, I'd love to have you as my sibe assistance. We won't say lab.I'll get back with you on the details of the snow blowing machine. Gotta run and check out Macie and Malechai's blog. I can't believe there are other C(un)IA divisons around the country.

    Huskies unite!